Mar 252019
A great singing lesson has Focus

What makes a great singing lesson? Part 2 In the second of this three-part post, internationally renowned vocal coach and author Jeremy Fisher shares his top tips for a great singing lesson Whether you’re a singing teacher, a vocal coach or a singing student, a great singing lesson has three ingredients: Form, Focus and Feedback. […]

Jul 192018
Gillyanne and Jeremy's quickfire question round

What do you think about… Back in 2016 the Voice Council Magazine (now archived) asked us a quick-fire question or two about singing, performing, life, the universe and everything. Here are our answers! “Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher are eminent educators who run ‘Vocal Process’, a multi-genre and multi-media practice. Gillyanne Continue reading

Nov 172014
eZINE 69

  eZINE 69 – the November update Our November eZINE features a brand new free report on Six of the Best iOS Apps for singing teachers. We’re Continue reading

Mar 012014
The Dynamic Studio - book review for private music teachers

The Dynamic Studio A review of Philip Johnston’s book for singing teachers and music teachers setting up their own private studio By Jeremy Fisher A pinch of salt and a notebook When I read any book, I use different internal voices to distinguish italics (higher pitch) and bold (shouting). Philip Johnston’s writing style in The […]