While Gillyanne and I are on lockdown in beautiful sunny Presteigne I thought I’d add to my new book’s capabilities.

So I’ve built myself this voiceover booth and I’ve just recorded the whole book “Why Do I Need A Vocal Coach? Stories, tips and hacks from the studio of a voice expert”.

I’ve got some editing to do before I can release it, but here’s a sneaky peek of a tiny section of the audiobook version. This comes from the fourth chapter: The Singing Audition – Eavesdropping on Coaching Sessions, and describes one of my favourite things to do in a coaching session: morphing a client’s existing song to fit a completely different character and musical.

Click here to listen to this 6-minute excerpt of my voiceover from Chapter 4 – Eavesdropping on coaching sessions

Let me know what you think!


PS If you haven’t yet ordered the ebook or paperback, you can get them from your local Amazon store – here are a few links in different countries:

Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com Amazon.com.au Amazon.ca Amazon.de Amazon.fr Amazon.es Amazon.co.jp Amazon.com.br