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What a wonderful find!

I was so delighted to stumble across this podcast. Having had a couple of lessons with Gillyanne, it’s been fascinating to get an insight in to what it’s like from the teacher’s perspective. I am bingeing my way through all episodes and will probably re-listen on repeat 😀.


Fantastic podcast

I’ve been really enjoying this podcast as a vocal coach myself, your ‘turning points’ episode in particular really resonated with me. Keep up the great work!


Fascinating and fun.

I’m a singer and singing teacher. I find this podcast to be an incredibly useful and inspiring resource. Jeremy and Gillyanne are very easy to listen to and yet they pack in an impressive amount of knowledge and wisdom in a clear and engaging way. I’ve found every episode fascinating..

The chap with the hair

Really worth making time for

For anybody who works with the voice. These podcasts are educational, entertaining and thought provoking. As a singer and singing teacher myself, I’d feel I’d missed out if I hadn’t found out about them.

tanya 33

What an amazing duo!

You are so knowledgable, it blows my mind. I love how well you work together… and you make me laugh!


Voice Geek Heaven

Amazing knowledge “topper upperer” and challenger. Loving getting my voice geek fix out here in Oman.


What a fabulous podcast!

This is such a fascinating area to chat about, and Gillyanne and Jeremy are so knowledgeable and interesting! Absolutely brilliant!


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