About Vocal Process

Vocal Process is Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher, two of the UK’s leading multidisciplinary Voice Educators.

For over 22 years, they have been at the forefront of voice education and vocal pedagogy as thought leaders, mentors, researchers, speakers, consultants and teachers.

Voice educators

As voice educators, Vocal Process have created online and in-person courses for professional singing teachers and performers to teach techniques and explore concepts about the human voice – spoken, sung and health-related.

This includes the Vocal Process Teacher Pathway  that enables singing teachers to be recognised as some of the most informed and inspiring teachers in the UK, Europe and globally.

All Vocal Process consultations, lessons and mentoring sessions are validated and accredited by the CPD Standards Office and are eligible for CPD points and certificates.

Voice Speakers and Presenters

As renowned thought leaders and vocal pedagogues, both Dr Gillyanne and Jeremy are dedicated to sharing the most practical, useful, accurate exercises and techniques inspired by the voice science community. In their capacity as the friendly face of voice science, they are much in demand as main-theme speakers at international voice conferences including:

  • British Voice Association
  • European Voice Teachers Association
  • Pan European Voice Conference
  • International Conference of Voice Teachers
  • Australian National Association of the Teachers of Singing
  • New Zealand Association of Teachers of Singing
  • Association of Theater in Higher Education
  • Association of Teachers of Singing
  • Netvotech
  • University of West London, London College of Music
Jeremy Fisher Gillyanne …presentation Utrecht

Jeremy Fisher Gillyanne …presentation Utrecht

Training the trainers

As experienced trainers and teachers themselves, they also deliver professional development to teachers, including:

  • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
  • Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
  • Napier University Edinburgh
  • Griffith University, Queensland Conservatorium Brisbane
  • Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA)
  • Winchester University
  • Oklahoma University
  • Tulsa University
  • Kansas University
  • Kungliga Musikhogskolan Stockholm
  • Dansforum Gothenburg
  • Gothenburg University
  • Balletakademien Gothenburg
  • Stockholm MusikPedagogiksa Institut
  • Rimon Academy Israel
  • Escola Superior de Musica di Catalunya, Barcelona
  • Set D’Accio Barcelona
  • New College Lanarkshire
  • London Studio Centre

Media appearances

As enthusiastic and informed experts, Gillyanne and Jeremy have made numerous appearances on radio and in the media.

They are also the hosts of their own long-running podcast “This is a Voice”, and the authors of many best-selling books.

  • Gillyanne’s book “Singing and the Actor” is an established textbook used by music conservatoires, drama colleges and degree courses worldwide.
  • “Looking at a Voice” was the UK’s first endoscopy video ebook, and was featured on the BBC’s “Leading Edge” science programme.

Media appearances include:

  • BBC Radio 6 Voice gurus on the Cerys Matthews show (x2)
  • BBC Radio 4 ‘Word of Mouth’ with Michael Rosen
  • BBC Radio 4 ‘Add to Playlist’ with Cerys Matthews and Jeffrey Boakye
  • Science Museum of London, “So How Does Your Voice Work?”
  • The Wellcome Foundation “This Is A Voice”
  • The Guardian Science Podcast – How Do Human Voices Work?
  • Podcast appearances including “In A Manner of Speaking”, “A Voice and Beyond”, “Dr Dan, The Naked Vocalist”
  • Reddit’s Science “Ask Me Anything”
  • The Financial Times Magazine – “FT Masterclass”
  • Jeremy’s vocal folds have appeared on Channel 4 as part of World Voice Day!
Jeremy Fisher Gillyanne Kayes Michael Rosen

Jeremy Fisher Gillyanne Kayes Michael Rose

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