Thought spirals, impostor syndrome and an octopus

I want to share this article on impostor syndrome, thought spirals and an octopus on your face.

Jeremy with an octopus on his face (hand-knitted)

Welcome to the world of spin. Oh, and wildly overblown confidence for effect.

Many people in the entertainment and training industries suffer from impostor syndrome to a greater or lesser degree. They see others on social media proclaiming how much knowledge they’ve got, their latest “voice science” interpretations, and their stunning success in their chosen field, as if everything is just a breeze to achieve and clearly you haven’t been doing what they are doing.

So how do you deal with a secret fear that you’re not good enough, not working hard enough, not keeping up?

I use Zapier to automate some of my processes (this is not an advert by the way, I’m not being sponsored, I just find it useful), and Zapier creators write blogs to help you with your work flow.

This blog post from Zapier really struck a chord with me, and I loved the octopus on your face scenario. Go and check it out, it’s a 5 minute read. I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s to a confident, happy, productive you


Jeremy and (Dr Gillyanne)

PS We’ve always supported singing teachers and singers who want to have more confidence in their own abilities. We attract some lovely people who want to do what they do and do it better, more consistently and with more fun. So if you’re aware of imposter syndrome as a singing teacher, check out the 12 Hours To Better Singing Teaching online course here, or our Learning Lounge here. You get to ask us questions live throughout each course, and remember, there are no stupid questions, just things you want to clarify.

PPS Yes, I did knit that Octopus – my first attempt at 5 needles and a lot of stabbed fingers later…