Accreditation Gateway

The Accreditation Gateway advanced training is ideal for those wishing to take their personal and professional skills, knowledge and expertise to another level. 

For serious singing professionals, teachers and coaches, this training is a hybrid learning experience.

  • Three days’ worth of online self-guided learning via video, lesson observation and discussion
  • Two live online sessions on your lessons with international voice educators Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher. (Runs three times a year, dates TBC.)

What you’ll learn

What you will achieve

By the end of this Accreditation Gateway training you will be able to:

  • Understand more about your values as a teacher and the context in which you work
  • Improve your communication skills and adapt them to individual students
  • Devise targeted strategies, exercises and sequences to help your students grow
  • Identify your own strengths as a voice trainer and musician
  • Gain confidence from watching other teachers, discussing teaching challenges and sharing your practice with like-minded colleagues

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“Increase joy in your teaching! A very good place to investigate, feel secure and safe. You feel not alone – a sharing environment with good people!

Fred, jazz singer/teacher, France

“Reaffirming and reframing at the same time. Well led, thoughtful, safe, extremely informative, fun!”

Chris, singer/teacher, Scotland

“Transformative, fundamental, invaluable, an absolute must for any teacher who is really looking to offer a high level of vocal and technical training. A terrific course in a super format.”

Stefanie, opera singer/teacher, England


Standard Course

£349plus VAT
  • More than 20 detailed videos with subtitles and transcripts
  • Eavesdrop on real singing lessons with analysis and comments from Gillyanne and Jeremy
  • Membership of The Circle, a unique discussion space for course participants, for 12 months
  • 24/7 access for a year to all videos and materials
  • 10 CPD points
  • Extracts from the #1 bestselling books “This Is A Voice” and “Singing and the Actor”
  • Exclusive “live” fly on the wall videos of Jeremy and Gillyanne using their methodology
  • Get personalised feedback on your lessons or rehearsals in the live sessions
  • Study the self-guided units in your own time and at your own pace
  • 3-month payment plan available – get all of the resources, videos and transcripts immediately and pay over 3 months

Pro Programme

£444plus VAT
  • All from Standard Course PLUS
  • A personalised 1-1 Guidance session with either Dr Gillyanne Kayes or Jeremy Fisher
  • Use this session like a tutorial to discuss your progress, ask questions and feedback on any teaching or performance issues.
  •  Option to upload a video (no more than 10 minutes) of a student lesson for us to discuss.
  • 3-month payment plan available – get all of the resources, videos and transcripts immediately and pay over 3 months 

Standard Edition

  • Three full units of education, information and lessons online for self-guided study.
  • Two online live sessions with Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher analysing your singing lesson videos and those of fellow students.
  • Over 10 hours of video with subtitles and transcripts
  • Tools to apply in your own teaching on a daily basis, to put your knowledge into practice.
  • Instructions on how to video record your own lessons for analysis and feedback, including student or guardian permissions.
  • Membership of The Circle, a learning space for course participants for 12 months.
  • Ongoing membership of Gillyanne’s private Singing and the Actor FaceBook group.
  • 24/7 access for a year to all videos and materials.
  • 10 CPD points.

Pro Edition

All of the above PLUS

  • Personalised feedback on your submitted lesson – A 1 to 1 live online tutorial with either Gillyanne or Jeremy to discuss your progress, answer your questions and offer advice on moving forward.

During your Accreditation Gateway training, we will upgrade you to the Accreditation Gateway Circle community. Here you will be able to share insights and ask questions along with your personal cohort members and others who have taken the course recently. The group is moderated by Vocal Process teachers, so you can be sure of a good community experience.

You will also continue your membership of Gillyanne’s Singing and the Actor FaceBook group, with numerous learning resources for you to access, plus amazing practical tips shared by the group members.

This hybrid training course includes self-guided elements and live online classes led by Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher. Join the 2-day live session and study the self-guided elements at your own pace.

During the classes we will watch and discuss videos of your own lessons and rehearsals. For this training course we recommend that you have at least 3 years’ experience as a singing teacher, vocal coach or choir leader.

The Accreditation Gateway training requires a time commitment from you for:

  • Self-guided video learning and reflection to be completed before the live events
  • Lesson knowledge integration
  • Live online training sessions
  • Preparation of your own lesson or rehearsal video
  • A live element with Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher.

Video learning: The training includes a total of 6 hours of video footage for self-guided learning. This footage is broken up into small chunks for easy learning with subtitles and transcripts. There are study reflection questions after each topic, so factor in time for these too.

Lesson Integration: It is important for you to integrate the knowledge and skills acquired into your everyday singing studio lessons or choir rehearsals. You should allow time to prepare your lesson plans and integrate your new knowledge into live lessons with students where appropriate. Not all methods and techniques will be suitable for every student.

Live online training sessions:

You will also need to attend in person the two live online training sessions with Gillyanne and Jeremy. We set dates and times to suit each cohort depending on continent and timezone.

Lesson or rehearsal video: For the in-person part of the Accreditation Gateway training you should submit a 10-15 minute video of your own teaching, coaching or a choral rehearsal. We will expect you to give background information about the person or group you are working with using the Vocal Process client profiling template, including any challenges you experience as a teacher.

Depending on your teaching space and technical experience in recording, you may need time to practice “pressing the buttons” and checking the results before submitting a live lesson video to us.

Just as passing an exam doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a good singer, standardised teaching tests don’t demonstrate your abilities as a teacher. This is because each teacher works in a different context.

The Accreditation Gateway training is a unique way of learning that breaks down the barriers between you and the success of your teaching. With no formal tests at the end, this process gives you an opportunity for self-reflection both during and after the course. When training, you begin to see the different situations in which you can apply what you have been learning.

You will also be working with us live for two units of the course, so you will be able to ask questions as you go along. It’s a fantastic way to reflect on your understanding, and a great confidence booster.

You can also access The Circle community and ask questions like “What did I do? Why did it work then but not later?”

At the end of your training, you simply fill in your online feedback form to confirm the benefits you’ve gained from the course. This will earn you an additional 10 CPD points and your Gateway Certificate.

Is the “Accreditation Gateway” the right course for me?

Read the feedback from past students here who also asked the same question! You can listen to one or two of our podcasts to watch the enjoyable and dynamic way we teach, or contact us for more information:

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