Do you know enough? Singers, vocal trainers & overwhelm

You know a lot about voice. Do you know enough?

We’ve seen so many singing teachers and vocal trainers this year running between trainings, zoom calls and social media posts, fighting the overwhelm and trying to top up on the things they don’t know.

But is the problem that you just don’t know enough?
Is it that you don’t understand what others are talking about?
Is it that you’re feeling left behind in the singing teaching knowledge game?

Consider this

The problem might be that you don’t always know how to apply the knowledge you’ve learned into your own studio, your own students, your own life.

If you are unsure of the knowledge you have already, you’ll ALWAYS be looking to other people to fill your head with more “knowledge” so you can feel more accomplished. But you aren’t more accomplished, you’re just more stuffed with stuff.

And that can very quickly get out of control.

We see experts all around us online, on television, on TikTok. And we think we can learn what they do. Sometimes we can, but the problem is the same day we’ll see another expert that we want to emulate. And we are torn into pieces because we think we can reach the level of every expert in every corner of our chosen profession.

Step back for a moment and just breathe

I want to share something with you.

Real confidence in your abilities comes from understanding how to use and apply the knowledge you already have.

Not only that, understanding and applying what you already know helps you to filter and prioritise new information. Do you really need that extra qualification or is it a bandwagon that you feel the need to jump on because everyone else is doing it?

If you can use what you already have, accurately, successfully and appropriately, you’ll be able to see for yourself the gaps in your understanding. That alone makes your personal growth path really clear. And if your path is clear, it’s easy to plan. AND it’s easier to decide you really don’t need that certificate/award/diploma because ultimately it won’t take you where you realise you want to go.

Is this your rainbow?

Don’t waste time chasing someone else’s rainbow, discover the rainbow you already have.

Watch Sam Chambers in her interview with us as a newly Registered Accredited Teacher. She started the course with a lot of uncertainty, a little overwhelm and a rather large dose of impostor syndrome. Now she’s finished the Accreditation programme? She understands what she’s doing, what her niche is and how to share what she already has with others. Her studio is full with a waiting list. She’s glowing.

We’ve been helping people find their own rainbow for more than 25 years. Because WE are clear in our path, it means we are able to advise you on what works for you, and that might include helping you realise that some of our pathways and resources might overwhelm you or just aren’t right for you.

We can even point you towards the resources with other people that would fit your particular rainbow better.

It’s one of the main reasons our Accreditation Pathway is by invitation only. We’ve had people wanting to come on it that we have mentored towards a different path, one that suits them better.

Make no mistake, our online courses and the Learning Lounge will help you clarify and sort your current knowledge – you’ll learn how to apply what you already know in ways you might not have considered.

You can take all our courses right up to the Accreditation Gateway and discover a lot about yourself and your way of working.

But we’re not going to let you take a course that doesn’t work for you. Because that can’t work for us. Either we have too much integrity to let that happen, or we’re too lazy to fight you fighting us because we don’t fit your ideas/beliefs about singing, teaching and education.

So if you know about us through our , expand your horizons and sign up for a month on the .

If you’re already there, start brushing up your skills on

If you want to know exactly what we think would work for you personally, click here now to (we only have 3 slots available each month).

Everyone has a rainbow, a dream life that feels easy, fulfilling and practical. Do you need help finding yours?


Jeremy and Dr Gillyanne