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Pleased to have contributed to this article Good Vibrations by @jsillsmusic regular coulmn for Psychologies on the benefits of humming.

Need to feel calm and happy? Ever tried a hug-a-humathon? Seriously good fun and a great stress buster.

And yes, Jeremy and Gillyanne do this ...πŸ˜€

Teacher Pathway discussions and Q&As may just be one of our favourite things to do…

Listen through as Gillyanne shares the story of what happened.

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You absolutely don’t want to miss these Teacher Pathway Live Seminars.

Open discussion, sharing and curiosity are at the core of our ethos.

And we need this so badly, don't we as teachers?

Do join us, won’t you? We’d love to assist you in your growth and ...confidence.

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Rare visit to London for Podcast recording and a bit of teaching at @provoicecareldn studio.
What a pleasure to connect with @joampil.

Quick cheeky bagel before heading into the Piano Bar Soho to record a podcast episode for 5 Minute Call with @orenboder and Claire Underwood @showminds
And yup new barnett thanks to the fabulous Flavien.

Are you π•€π•¦π•“π•€π•”π•£π•šπ•“π•–π••? 🧐

We’ve got HOURS of podcasts and chats over there.

Our podcast 𝐓𝐑𝐒𝐬 𝐈𝐬 𝐀 π•π¨π’πœπž returns in March so tap the subscribe button ⏺️ so you don’t miss a moment!

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Happy Friday! Let’s discuss the Ng sound and sirens…
How important is it to do your siren on an Ng? Are replacement sounds just as good or should you persevere if you or your student don't get in with that version?

If YOU want to listen in and be a part of these discussions ...why not message us and we’ll help you find your Teacher Pathway.

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Trying out a new place in Ludlow, the excellent Marmalade Cafe. It specialises in French marmalades - all 27 flavours!
Now I know where my weekly shot is going to come from
FYI today I had number 2, Pineapple Coconut and Tonka Bean with an almond croissant and coffee. I’d show you a photo... but I ate it.

Gillyanne is chatting over her morning tea!

Anyonr else relate to this topic? Dinging exercises, Instagram stars and your students?

Gillyanne shares the advice we give to engage your students' interest and use the exercise purposefully.

These regular LIVE meetings... are now included in your Teacher Pathway membership.

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