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What’s unique about our Accreditation Training?

Well, we think it’s YOU!

On the Accreditation Training, we don’t just pass on information. We work with your skills and your values, to help you be your best teacher self with the clients you love.

Can you feel the ...joy of these teachers (and others too!) through finding their best selves and then being that in their teaching?

That’s our ethos.

#vocalprocess #teacheraccreditation #singingteacher

Ohhhh you’ve got to join us for this conversation with @ruthroyallmusic!

Happening ON YouTube in just 90 minutes.

Come hang out with us and ask questions and share YOUR creative thoughts with us!

#thisisavoice #podcastlife #vocalprocess #singersongwriter

🎙️ Tune in this Tuesday at 6pm UK time for a new episode of ‘This Is A Voice’ podcast! Join Dr. Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher as they chat with singer-songwriter Ruth Royall (@ruthroyalmusic) about her diverse career, her pivot to the drum and bass genre during lockdown, and her ...personal songwriting process.

Discover the importance of collaboration in the music industry and hear the story behind her song “Help You Stay” with Technimatic.

Don’t miss this insightful discussion on creativity, vulnerability, and the communal nature of the drum and bass scene.

Subscribe and share your thoughts with us on social media!
#ThisIsAVoice #drumandbass #vocals #singersongwriter

Blown away by the response to my recent post on holding the ribs out!

🌟 Check the pinned posts to see amazing insights from various practitioners. It’s sparked a much-needed conversation about breathing for health, self-regulation, and vocal production.

🗣️🎶 Join the... discussion and share your thoughts—let’s explore this topic together!

#BreathingTechniques #VocalHealth #SingingTips #vocalprocess

🎙️ Don’t miss this Tuesday at 6 PM UK time on YouTube! 📚 Jeremy launches his new book “Just How Boring Are You?”

Discover how to be a captivating podcast guest and polish your vocal skills.

In this bonus episode, Jeremy is interviewed by the talented Karen Michaels ...(@socialbutterflygroup) and they chat all things podcast and the speaking voice.

Topics include overcoming shyness, music skills for speaking, common podcast mistakes, vocal warmups, and more!

Tune in for insightful tips and maybe even a few cheeky stories. 🌟

#Podcasting #NewBook #YouTubeLaunch #JeremyFisher #socialbutterflygroup #VocalSkills #PodcastGuest #justhowboringareyou #ʟɪɴᴋɪɴʙɪᴏ

🎙️ Join us this Tuesday for a bonus episode! 🎉

Why, you ask? Jeremy Fisher has written a new book! 📚

It’s NOT about singing this time; it’s about being a great podcast guest!

🗣️ Tune in as our social media manager, Karen, chats with Jeremy about ...“Just How Boring Are You?” We certainly hope you’re not! 😉

#thisisavoice #Podcast #NewBook #TuneInTuesday #BonusEpisode

We recently celebrated 25 years in business.

As part of the celebration we’re clearing out the old to bring in the new.

Literally BLOWN away by all the work and creativity that’s gone into the last 25 years.

Abundance comes in many forms...

How has YOUR ...business changed over the years? We’d love to hear!

#vocalprocess #25thanniversary

We need to sustain our outbreath as singers- but is the WAY we’re doing it, best for our respiratory health?

This was a question raised by Jacob Lieberman in the recent Hamburger Stimmsymposium and it really got us thinking.

We’d love to know YOUR thoughts. Do singers need ...a breathing reset?

Any thoughts from our brilliant colleagues?

Reminder that our next podcast episode of #thisisavoice comes out in just a few hours on YouTube and we’d LOVE to see you there!

#vocalprocess #breathing #singingteacher

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