Teacher Accreditation

Reignite your passion for teaching with the Vocal Process Teacher Pathway, a set of unique training courses for professional singing teachers, choir leaders and Musical Directors.

Introducing the Vocal Process Teacher Pathway

Your journey to becoming an inspirational Vocal Process Registered Accredited Teacher begins with online training. Study in your own time and at your own pace. 

Then take a deep dive into voice science-informed knowledge and best practice from the voice community. 

  • Expand your teaching skills,
  • Build the confidence to help your students fulfil their potential
  • Find your place in the national and international teaching community.

The Vocal Process Teacher Pathway draws on the latest research and vocal pedagogy from around the world. Acquire the latest information and practical applications to integrate into your existing teaching and coaching practice.

This professional teacher training pathway consists of four key stages:

  • 12 Hours to Better Singing Teaching
    open to all
  • 12 More Hours to Better Singing Teaching
    open to all
  • The Accreditation Gateway
    open to all (recommended minimum 3 years teaching or choir leading)
  • The Accreditation Programme
    by application only

Learning isn’t linear. So our Teacher Pathway enables you to step into any of the first three stages. 

These stages combined prepare you for the more challenging and in-depth developments of the professional Accreditation Programme.

Follow the pathway…


Follow our ground-breaking pathway, from the first CPD-validated online “12 Hours to Better Singing Teaching” courses through to the full 24-month Accreditation Programme.

Or just take a course to improve your skills, and then decide how you’d like to proceed. The choice is yours!

12 Hours

to Better Singing Teaching

12 Hours

Gain real confidence in your own teaching, through understanding what exercises actually do. Discover how to target breathing, resonance and range problems with your students.

  • Flexible online video course
  • 12+ hours of top-level training videos
  • Full online access for 12 months
  • 12 CPD credits
  • 3-month payment plan available
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12 More Hours

to Better Singing Teaching

12 More Hours

Understand each of your clients better through specific techniques including singing across the lifespan, lifting the song off the page, unpacking formants and sound shaping. The 12 More Hours course also includes a masterclass in coaching.

  • Flexible online video course
  • 12+ hours of top-level training videos
  • Full online access for 12 months
  • 12 CPD credits
  • 3-month payment plan available
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The Accreditation Gateway

The advanced Accreditation Gateway Training

The Accreditation Gateway

The advanced Accreditation Gateway training lifts your learning onto a higher level. Study this detailed course on its own, or as preparation for the Accreditation Programme. 

Discover how to organise your thoughts with the braindump, focus on the “one-thing” rule with filtering, and plan future lessons with progress tracking. Includes two days of brainstorming your real-life lessons

  • 3 days of advanced practice video training
  • 2 days live online with Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher
  • 10 CPD credits
  • 3-month payment plan available
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The Accreditation Programme

A High Level and Practical 24-month Programme

The Accreditation Programme

A high-level, high-touch practical 24-month programme that puts YOU and your practice at its heart. It is non-academic in the sense that there are no ‘tests’ or ‘essays’. You will get ongoing guidance to grow your knowledge, analytic skills and strategic thinking. You’ll also learn how to put these into practice week-by-week in your teaching or coaching environment.

  • 66 contact hours of live online training
  • Select classes of max 16 participants
  • Unlimited access to Learning Lounge resources
  • Exclusive “pop-up” training videos
  • Live 1 to 1 personal mentoring sessions
  • 65+ CPD credits
  • Various payment plans available up to 24 months
  • All successful graduates achieve Vocal Process Accredited Teacher status
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Why enrol in the Vocal Process Teacher Pathway

Created by Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher, two highly experienced international vocal educators, the ground-breaking Vocal Process Teacher Pathway modular training gives you the practical tools and knowledge to:

  • Preserve and improve vocal health for you and your students
  • Help students to grow, develop and enjoy their singing more by developing relevant goals for achievement
  • Identify and resolve  common singing voice problems across all ages and voice types using voice habilitation techniques
  • Gain the knowledge required to confidently teach the developing voice (child – adolescent – adult – senior)
  • Understand the core elements in voice production for opera, concert, MT, pop, rock, R&B, soul, jazz, cabaret and the many commercial music genres
  • Build a better understanding of vocal anatomy and physiology and how to apply that knowledge in a practical and engaging way

Who can apply?

12 Hours and 12 More Hours to Better Singing Teaching

Any teacher or vocal educator looking for exceptional quality professional development training options, to improve their knowledge and help their student achieve and exceed their vocal goals, including:

  • Singing teachers in all genres – classical, Musical Theatre (MT), CCM (contemporary commercial music), choral, etc.
  • Vocal coaches
  • Choral leaders
  • Singing leaders
  • Musical Directors
  • Experienced professional singers
  • Post graduate singers
  • Performer teachers
  • Community musicians

Both “12 Hours” courses are available online to study at your own pace for a full calendar year from registration.
Payment plans are available with immediate full access.

Accreditation Gateway and full 24-month Accreditation Programme

These Accreditation-level courses are for more experienced teachers or coaches working with singing voice, with at least 3 years of professional experience. Course work includes videos of your own lessons or rehearsals for discussion.

Not sure if the Vocal Process Teacher Pathway is right for you?

Check out the feedback from past students here, listen to our podcasts to discover how we teach, or contact us for more information:

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