The Accreditation Program

The culmination of the Vocal Process Teacher Pathway, this high level and practical 24-month program includes technique training, performance coaching, pedagogy practicum days for lesson analysis, personal values and career mentoring.

All successful graduates attain Registered Accredited Teacher status with Vocal Process Ltd, internationally renowned as a voice education provider and vocal pedagogy influencers for over two decades.

What you’ll learn

The 24-month Accreditation Program is a fully hands-on interactive vocational course in two phases.

International voice educators and vocal pedagogy thought leaders Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher will personally guide you throughout the Accreditation, giving you access to multiple resources and advising you on your knowledge gaps. Each intake cohort will enjoy its own bespoke elements as well as following the core curriculum.

Phase one, the deep study, lasts for 12 months and is organised into 4 trimesters.

Each 3-month trimester comprises a variety of units covering:

  • Understanding and application of key aspects of vocal function
  • Client profiling and gathering of case histories
  • Diagnostics, skill acquisition and appropriate interventions
  • Performance coaching
  • Teaching of different genres
  • Your personal values and how to reflect these in your teaching
  • Career mentoring and advice

Phase two, the New Teacher phase, include further 1-1 mentoring, group meetings, career advice, and community support to help you refine and put into practice what you have learned

What you will achieve

This final stage of the Vocal Process Teacher Pathway stage consists of high-level, comprehensive training to take your singing teaching, coaching and leadership to a highly professional and informed level. Through taking this program, you will learn to expand and trust in your abilities, and believe in your skills. You can then help your students achieve their potential in every lesson and in their career too.

On successful completion of the 12-month learning trimesters, you will become a Vocal Process Registered Accredited Teacher. As a Vocal Process Registered Accredited Teacher, you will become one of an elite, highly respected community of Vocal Process Registered Teachers who offer exceptional levels of teaching in all genres.

Every week, singers and performers looking for exceptional teachers to help them advance their careers consult our Register to find the right ‘match’ for them.

Equally, fellow professionals in music colleges, private practice consult this Register to discover quality-assured, talented singing teachers and speakers for conferences, lectures, masterclasses and seminar with students.

Your first-year membership fee as a Vocal Process Registered Teacher is included in the Accreditation Programme fee. As a Vocal Process Registered Teacher, you’ll receive priority regular training updates, and join a community of like-minded teachers.

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“A recent conference was eye opening as to how well rounded the accreditation has been for me in developing and nurturing my personal awareness of so many different things within singing and teaching singing across genres”

Grace Allwood, Cohort 18 UK

“Just a quick note to let you know all of my students passed their exams with distinction- again! My highest grade this time was grade 7 and she got 98%!!! 

I’m so grateful to you and Jeremy – you have changed my life and in turn I am changing children’s lives. So happy right now”

Kimberly Holden, Cohort 21 UK

“Thank you for all that you’ve given to us in the way of information and helping guide me to ask questions and think about how things really work and what’s going on with the voice rather than a prescribed same exercise for everyone. It’s been such a wonderful experience to work with everyone, especially the buddies who have made the journey real and helped me to learn by discussing ideas across the globe!”

Naomi Lewandoski, Cohort 21 Australia