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What’s in the Learning Lounge

Created by and for professional singing teachers and vocal coaches, the Learning Lounge is a unique and highly cost-effective way to build your skills and knowledge to be a better teacher, coach, mentor, performer or public speaker.

Vocal Process have been thought leaders in vocal training for over 25 years. Now that wealth of teaching videos, webinars, videos, song databases and more are available in one place for you to tap into.

The Learning Lounge is ready and waiting online 24/7 for your personal and professional development. Study at your own pace, take a day to learn some new skills, dive in for an hour to top up your knowledge, or fact-check by watching a short video.

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The Learning Lounge is hosted at the worldwide education platform Teachable. So it’s available anywhere, anytime with an internet connection. Simply log in, and learn on your laptop, phone, tablet, or desktop.

What You Will Learn

Your Learning Lounge subscription unlocks a treasure trove of accessible, informative and focussed resources for the professional singer, singing teacher and coach, including:

  • Courses on Musical Theatre, Best Practice and more
  • Professional Development mini-course webinars
  • Vocal Process training videos including ‘Belting Explained’
  • Ground-breaking endoscopic videos of the vocal folds in action
  • Ready-to-roll singing class plans
  • How to diagnose voice problems
  • The original “Singing and the Actor” Audio Guide
  • Modern vocal technique, such as belting, nasality, and twang

NEW for 2024 – LIVE Q&As

The Learning Lounge now includes flipped classroom sessions includes regular LIVE Q&As with the lead tutors and Vocal Process founders Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher. Log in, join in and get answers to your burning questions immediately!


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Only £97.00 + tax per month


What Our Students Are Saying

“Lots of common issues diagnosed and workshopped. Fantastic!!”

Dave Holden, UK

“You are truly a remarkable team. The respect and admiration you have for one another along with the confidence in what you are doing is something to witness.”

Rennae van der Laan, Australia

“An amazing insight to how the humble straw can really impact the voice and how we can better control how we use our breath/voice.”

Christine Tarquinio, Australia

“A better understanding of how to diagnose certain problems around breath. Compulsory for all singers and teachers”

Emma Aspinall, UK

Subscription Options

What Is Included?

£97plus Tax Per Month
  • 22 years of Vocal Process voice training resources, for less than the price of one singing lesson. With 600+ hours of video, exclusive resources, focussed courses and books, plus new information and resources added regularly, there’s always something new to discover.
  • How Does Your Voice Work (with endoscopy and stroboscopy footage)
  • Build Your Own Tilting Larynx (template)
  • Mastering Musical Theatre course & bonus videos
  • Best Practice Update for singing teachers
  • My Singer Has A Voice Problem
  • 3 Song Databases with comprehensive notes
  • 18 x detailed mini-course Webinars
  • 5 x complete done-for-you Lesson Plans
  • Belting Explained video course
  • SOVT (semi-occluded vocal tract) Original and Advanced mini-courses
  • SOVT bonus voice science videos
  • The 5 Minute Vocal Warmup – audio files
  • Voicebox Videos
  • Constriction and Release
  • Nasality and the Soft Palate
  • Twang – the Techniques
  • The “Singing and the Actor” Audio Guide
  • Dr Gillyanne Kayes’ “After Estill” Keynote Speech for AOTOS
  • AND
  • LIVE Q&As with the lead tutors
  • 15% discount on the Vocal Process Teacher Pathway programme

The Learning Lounge access is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from your account management page at Teachable.