Discover our Vocal Process consultancy services including career, audition and vocal habilitation mentoring with Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher

Vocal Process Consultancy and Mentoring

For over 22 years, Vocal Process have been at the forefront of voice education and vocal pedagogy as thought leaders, mentors, researchers, speakers, teachers and consultants.

As multidisciplinary Voice Educators, Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher work regularly with singers, actors, teachers, clinicians and voice therapists to clarify techniques and concept about the voice, whether spoken, sung or health-related.

With a wealth of professional, practical, hands-on industry experience to share, both Jeremy and Gillyanne are much in demand for live in-person sessions, workshops, consultations, and also as career and professional mentors.

All our consultations, lessons and mentoring sessions are validated and accredited by the CPD Standards Office and are eligible for CPD points and certificates.

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Gillyanne and Jeremy offer selected one-to-one consultation and mentoring sessions to help you improve your voice use and feel inspired in your performing and teaching. 

We deal with a range of issues from vocal troubleshooting and habilitation to finding your best performance and the most effective audition techniques.

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“I met Gillyanne a year into my contract as Galileo in the West End Show We Will Rock You. I was really struggling with my voice at the time. But after seeing Gillyanne 2-3 times, my life changed for the better, as I was no longer worried whether I could hit those high notes night after night! She is by far the best vocal coach I’ve ever come across, and I always recommend her as my first choice!!!” Peter Johansson

“Jeremy is VERY competent, always knows how to work around an issue, the exercises are always pertinent and challenging. It’s clear he’s done a lot of this” Daniel Steffen, Switzerland

All good teachers learn from other teachers. We offer one to one mentoring to exceptional teachers seeking professional supervision with high level advice and strategies personalised to their specific requirements.

Our extensive international teaching experience enables us to help teachers both at home and abroad advance their practice, grow their teaching studio and carve a successful career.

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“They’re not just incredibly informative and educative, they’re also kind in the way they teach – which is a rare combination” Medini Sriram, India

Teaching a room full of teachers is something we very much enjoy doing, and we’ve done so all over the world, from Brisbane to Birmingham!  We have delivered professional development seminars and workshops to:

  • Performers and pedagogues at Queensland Conservatorium, Australia
  • Teachers at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Stockholm Musikpedagogiska Institut and Sibelius Academy in Helsinki
  • Speech and Language Therapists in Northern Ireland, England and Wales
  • Voice associations across the globe including ANATS (Australia), NEWZATS (New Zealand), EVTA (Latvia), PEVOC (Estonia), SMI (Sweden), ESMUC (Spain) and Rimon Academy (Israel)
  • Music Services education teams in various counties around the UK 
  • Teacher training INSET days

If you would like your teaching staff or teaching association members to benefit from high-level and highly practical training, do get in contact.

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“We’re so appreciative of the contribution in knowledge, insight and inspiration your work has provided to the vocal artistic and pedagogic branch around the world over the past decade. The results of your workshops in Stockholm the other month continually make itself present as I pass the corridors of the college and hear the singers practicing their belting techniques and opening their minds as much as their voices.”

Ian Plaude, Rektor of Stockholm’s University College of Music Education

In these days of portfolio careers, the music profession still remains a complex one to navigate through, let alone plan a career strategy. 

  • We work with talented, dedicated and determined performers like you to help you set goals based on your current strengths and future potential. We devise practical and effective strategies to help you progress in a profession notorious for jealously guarding its secrets.
  • We also work with talented teachers like you to develop your practice in areas that interest you – and are commercially viable too! Our career mentoring identifies the unique strengths within each individual, to help you set achievable goals in a realistic timeframe, whether you are a graduate of our Vocal Process Teacher Accreditation training or not.
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Jeremy managed to unscramble my brain and streamline my goals so that I have a clear path to follow over the next year” Louisa Wilde, UK

Jeremy started out as a classical and musical theatre MD and coach, and has developed unique and innovative ways to prepare singers for specific role auditions. Often consulted at short notice, Jeremy specialises in preparing professional performers for major West End and international final auditions to ensure they present their very best 16 bars. 

Need help with a major audition?

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“I had a wonderful experience and am very grateful to how quickly I was able to get help for a time sensitive matter” Fallon Goodson, USA

If you are experiencing problems relating to your voice and vocal health, it can be very frustrating. At Vocal Process, we take a holistic viewpoint in one-to-one consultations, to discover how vocal issues may relate to technique and your physical and mental health. We can offer advice and practical exercises to help with the rehabilitation of voices affected by poor technique or inappropriate use.

We also have close ties with medical voice professionals and clinics for referrals if required.

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“Gillyanne is extremely knowledge and breaks the sometimes heavy jargon in to easy to understand practical work. Reassuring, felt safe to explore my voice and its issues” Cheryl Hadley, UK

Every time we stand up in front of people to talk or present information, we are performing – and that can be intimidating and vocally demanding. As part of our work with the speaking voice, we have helped employees and directors at major companies make the most of their voice and to ensure proper vocal health in everyday business interactions too.

We can create a bespoke workshop, half day course or session to your specific requirements, just as we did for the Premier Field Engineers at Microsoft UK Headquarters.

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“Jeremy has a way of positively reinforcing your learning to get great results. It’s a blast and instantly effective. Love it” Teena Jilka, Switzerland

Practical, informed and inspirational, our popular choir and choral masterclasses help you lead your performers to new levels of self-belief and confidence. We share techniques, tips and exercises to help you make the most of every session, rehearsal, and performance.

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Just four of our happy clients:

  • Rhythm of Life community choir
  • Choros and New Choir Oxford
  • Tameside Voices Hyde
  • Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers

“An immensely rewarding experience. Gillyanne and Jeremy worked as a team, offering simple yet efficient solutions to a variety of technical difficulties whilst maintaining a joyful atmosphere throughout the long but stimulating day. There was real organic development in the choir’s singing” Janet Lincé, UK

As established thought leaders and published authors, we have appeared as main-theme speakers and round-table coordinators at international voice conferences including PEVOC, EVTA and Netvotech. We are dedicated to bringing the most practical, useful, accurate exercises and techniques inspired by the voice science community. Think of us as the friendly face of voice science!

For more details or to discuss your conference speaker requirements, do contact us.

“The masterclass session on the final day was phenomenal. It really allowed me to get an insight into working with students and what to say to get the results that i wanted to get” Connagh Tonkinson, UK

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Contact us. We can create bespoke training, coaching, workshops, seminars and more tailored to your requirements. 

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