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“Great education depends on great teaching”  Sir Ken Robinson, international leader in education

We love music – any music – and we want you to sing it better. We are Vocal Process (Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher), and we are Multidisciplinary, Multimedia Voice Educators

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We work regularly with singers, actors, teachers, clinicians and voice therapists to clarify techniques and concept about the voice – spoken, sung and health-related.
And we’re multi-genre teachers. The singers we work with come from the worlds of opera, concert, MT, pop, rock, R&B, soul, jazz, cabaret and other commercial music genres


We don’t just teach singing lessons in a room. We’re out there in print, online, on DVD, on CD as well as in person. We’ve created vocal technique DVDs, Professional Development voice training Webinars, vocal health CDs, and written books, articles and papers on singing.
And we don’t just deal with vocal technique. We deal with performance and the power of human achievement, and teaching practice


We’re dedicated to bringing the most practical, useful, accurate exercises and techniques inspired by the voice science community. Think of us as the friendly face of voice science. Our techniques aren’t one person’s opinion, they’re grounded in many years of research and vocal pedagogy from around the world
We’re main-theme speakers at international voice conferences including PEVOC and Netvotech, we’ve been the invited MasterTeachers for 2011 in Australia and New Zealand, given masterclasses on three continents and broadcast vocal technique and information to six continents. We do what we say we do
And we don’t just teach, we train the trainers. We’ve been called in to give professional development to teachers at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Stockholm Musikpedagogiska Institut, to Speech and Language Therapists in Northern Ireland, and to Music Services education teams in various counties around the UK. That means we know our stuff

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One size does not fit all, so our singers do not sound the same as us or each other
We teach principles of healthy vocal function within each genre, applied to your voice, your music and your skill level whether it’s classical music, opera, rock or world music

We don’t teach just a Musical Theatre ‘generic’ sound – our MT performers are able to match their vocal style to the story, the emotions and the style of the piece.
Our CCM singers all have their own identity, and our gigging singers have the technique and stamina to sing every day on tour


Well grounded in knowledge of vocal function
Cross genre
Understanding of developing voice (child – adolescent – adult)
Good communicators of vocal concepts
Able to diagnose quickly and develop relevant goals for achievement


No, of course not. Nobody can. But if you understand the principles underlying voice use, have an excellent diagnostic ear and are sensitive to the voice type and capabilities of the person you are working with, you can help them to sing better in their genre.
We are both highly trained as musicians: that means we can hear melodic and rhythmic patterns and timbres of different music genres. Contemporary music is changing all the time, so if we are unfamiliar with a genre, we will ask you about it and also go and research it. And we really do know our vocal anatomy and physiology and how to apply it in a practical way to help your voice make the sounds you need for your genre. We also know how to deconstruct those style features that are so important in different genres – how a classical singer sounds so smooth and even, whereas a rock singer attacks the sound and an R&B singer vibes it with little riffs and effects


When you are in the zone, whatever you are doing, you just appear to flow – something about your performance looks, sounds, appears easy. Flow happens when your skills are matched to the opportunity for action. We give you both.
And it’s not just about your voice – it’s how you put the song across and how much of yourself you put into it. We are expert at getting you to do that


Classical singing styles – Gillyanne has worked professionally as a song recitalist and choral singer; Jeremy has worked as a professional accompanist and vocal coach in every classical genre from Mediaeval to contemporary
Musical Theatre – Gillyanne is one of the world’s leading experts on singing for Musical Theatre and her book Singing and the Actor is a recommended text in training institutions all over the world; Jeremy has worked as a Musical Director, Pianist and vocal coach since 1988 in London’s West End and around the UK.


We have studios in London and Wales, and we give onsite training in many different countries. Here are some of the places we’ve worked:
Further and Higher Education:
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Central School of Speech and Drama
Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA)
Winchester University
Oklahoma University
Tulsa University
Kansas University
Kungliga Musikhogskolan Stockholm
Dansforum Gothenburg
Gothenburg University
Balletakademien Gothenburg
Stockholm MusikPedagogiksa Institut
Rimon Academy Israel
Escola Superior de Musica d Catalunya, Barcelona
Set D’Accio Barcelona
Motherwell College
London Studio Centre
Cumbria University
Blackpool and Fylde College


Voice and Laryngectomy SIG Northern Ireland
South West Voice SIG (Speech and language therapy / speech pathology group)

INSET training



British Voice Association
Pan European Voice Conference
Reading University


Kentwood Show Choir
Rhythm of Life community choir
British Association of Barbershop Singers – Harmony College
Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers

We’ve created downloads, DVDs and CDs for the worldwide voice community. Our resources have been seen and heard by more than 44,000,000 people worldwide (BBC figures). Published authors on healthy and efficient voice use, we have worked all over the world, personally teaching simple, profound techniques to thousands of speakers, singers and performers. Jeremy’s vocal folds are featured as the picture of healthy voice on the British Voice Association website and leaflet, and have appeared on Channel 4 as part of World Voice Day

We specialise in post-professional development for teachers, targeted technique and performance coaching for singers, and live training webinars for vocal practitioners. We provide training and resources for healthy voice use in any genre, including spoken and sung voice, Belting, Musical Theatre, Contemporary Commercial Music and Adolescent Voice. Our Belting courses have been running every year since 1997. We offer training courses and private tutorials and lessons for performers and teachers, INSET training for the education sector and coaching sessions for advanced performers. View our new live Private Coaching Calendar here

We offer free Tech Reports under our “Six of the Best…” title on Voice Analysis Apps for singing teachers and Vocal Anatomy Apps for singers

Belting Explained! is the first double dvd set from Gillyanne and Jeremy. Complete with 10 techniques for safe, healthy belting. Already in second pressing (1st pressing sold out in a week)

The 5 Minute Vocal Warmup is our latest CD containing the Four Core Skills you need to warm up your speaking voice. Released in 2011 this warmup is already in use in 19 countries.

The Twang! – The Techniques DVD is the third in the “techniques” series of DVDs, showing how to access Twang safely. This DVD sold out in 13 hours, and is now in its third pressing

The Constriction and Release DVD shows, for the first time ever on DVD, the complete process for opening your throat by controlling your false vocal folds. Now in its fifth pressing.

Nasality and the Soft Palate is the second in the “techniques” series of DVDs, showing techniques for controlling the soft palate and unwanted nasality. Now in its third pressing.

‘Voicebox Videos’DVD The DVD of the ‘Voicebox Videos’ is now in its third pressing and is in use in universities and SLT departments across Europe. Looking at a Voice was the UK’s first endoscopy video ebook, and was featured on the BBC’s Leading Edge science programme. The Voicebox Videos have been viewed in 42 countries around the world.


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