The One Minute Voice Warmup App!

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” 

38% of your likeability is down to your tone of voice. Our vocal warm-up app contains One Minute Voice Warm Up exercises that actors, teachers, presenters and influential people use every day to find and keep an effective, flexible, strong voice.

Just tap the app

Tap the app for exercises that have the most impact on your speaking voice, helping you to communicate and your listeners to understand and stay interested in what you have to say.

If you don’t want to lose a third of your impact at work or when teaching, use this app to learn the most effective techniques for your voice and communication.

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What’s in the app?

Our app features the top vocal warm up techniques to help you exercise your voice and keep it in peak condition.

Simply tap to access video tutorials, step-by-step vocal exercises and combinations for clear tone, tongue flexibility, excellent diction, releasing tension, and keeping your listeners interested.

Choose a single 1-minute WarmUp just before an important meeting. Or build and save your own warm up sequences to improve your voice and keep it in great condition every day.

Each 1-minute exercise comes with a video tutorial showing you exactly how to do each technique and why it works.

What will I learn?

The exercises are divided into sections focusing on different techniques to make your speaking voice clear, strong, open and interesting.

Do you run out of breath or feel your voice doesn’t have enough “support”? The exercises in this section will show you:

  • The MOST efficient way to get breath in and out of your body
  • How to EXTEND your breath for a consistent, confident sound
  • How to SUPPORT your voice to the end of every sentence

Your body and throat can tighten up when you’re nervous or stressed, which is not ideal for public speaking, teaching, or even talking on the phone. The exercises in this section show you how to

  • Release tension in your jaw, lips and tongue
  • Loosen the tightness you get in your neck, head and shoulders
  • Combat the fight/flight mechanism that closes your throat up when you get nervous

If your tongue is stiff, inflexible or backed up in your mouth people may have difficulty understanding you. These exercises give you the best techniques for:

  • Stretching your tongue for easier voicing
  • Releasing tongue root tension to give you a more resonant voice
  • Giving your tongue a complete workout for gaining fine control

It doesn’t matter what your accent is, if you don’t have good diction your listeners will struggle to understand you or miss what you have to say. These exercises show you:

  • The most efficient way to shape your vowels, whatever accent or dialect you’re using
  • How to really coordinate your jaw, lips and tongue for the clearest diction
  • How to work your consonants without pushing for maximum clarity without volume or strain

You can have the best sound in the world but if you don’t use it properly you’ll lose your listeners’ interest. The techniques in this section show you exactly how to:

  • Vary your pace to help your listener understand and process what you’re saying
  • Find the right volume for the right situation
  • Extend and use your pitch range to keep your listeners interested

Every week you’ll receive a brand new WarmUp of the week, created by us.

How to get the One Minute Voice Warmup app

On your phone or tablet go to:

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