Podcast Series 2 episode 1 What’s in your mug

In the first of a new series of the #ThisIsAVoice podcast, Gillyanne and Jeremy open 2021 with a chat about tea, purpose, happiness and coffins
They share more on their legacy and how to incorporate legacy into your life, why they stopped selling books, Konmari-ing Vocal Process and getting rid of 1900 dead people.
They also reveal plans for more podcasts and their guest wishlist

Also in this episode:
Gillyanne’s the Queen’s Blend tea comes from https://cupoftea.co.uk

The Voiceover Social podcast with Nic Redman and Leah Marks https://www.thevosocial.com/

The Doctor’s Kitchen with Dr Rupy Aujla (inc 2 episodes with Dr Ayan Panja) https://thedoctorskitchen.com/

BLA British Laryngological Association https://www.britishlaryngological.org/

A Clear Voice podcast https://www.buzzsprout.com/1459708

PERFORM study available on the AOTOS website https://aotos.org.uk/

The Speakeasy Cooperative with Michelle Markwart Deveaux

Free larynx template link https://vocalprocess.co.uk/build-your-own-tilting-larynx/ in the section called Free Stuff


Announcer  0:11
This is a Voice, a podcast with Dr. Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher.

Hello and welcome to This is a Voice, series 2 episode 1. I’m Jeremy Fisher.

Gillyanne Kayes  0:28
And I’m Dr. Gillyanne Kayes. Hello 2021.

Jeremy   0:32
Yeah, I can confidently announce the 2021 is going to be the best year since 2020. I think that’s pretty okay. Yeah,

Gillyanne Kayes  0:38
that’s definitely a given. We can rely on that for sure. Yeah.

Jeremy   0:43
What have we got?

Gillyanne Kayes  0:44
Do you know what? I want us to talk about what’s in our mugs

Jeremy   0:48
what’s in your mug Gillyanne?

Gillyanne Kayes  0:49
What is a mug? I tell you why. You know, I’m following some interesting medics who using social media to impact us on Instagram. And there was a lovely post recently about a mug and how this particular doctor found happiness in the mug and this guy, you know, who’s working in London, so he’s under serious pressure. And Jeremy and I had this conversation about mugs this morning,

Jeremy   1:18
we we’ve actually got to describe our mugs and what’s in them at the moment, I am holding a see through glass, very large glass mug, which has my tea in it. And I always drink the same tea. This is black tea is usually Ceylon, but at the moment, I’m on decaf with half a sugar in it. And I like weak black, slightly sweet. There you go.

Gillyanne Kayes  1:40
This is mine

Jeremy   1:40
Oh no hang on I’ve got some more. Before you do yours…

Gillyanne Kayes  1:43

Jeremy   1:44
because the funny thing is, I don’t always drink out of the same mug, I have a set of them. And it just depends on how I feel

Gillyanne Kayes  1:51
He is different than me,

Jeremy   1:52
I have and this one, this is beautiful. This is a Chinese mug, which was actually a present from a mutual client of ours. And I have had this for

Gillyanne Kayes  2:02
Oh longer than we’ve been married

Jeremy   2:04
more than 20 years. And it’s lovely. It’s got lots of red, little raised relief on it. And it’s got a lid, which is why I really love it because it’s big enough for my tea because I like to drink a lot of tea and the mug, the lid keeps everything hot in the mug,

Gillyanne Kayes  2:19
you take ages to drink the tea. That’s why you need that lid

Jeremy   2:22
actually depends how hot it is. I like it really hot, which is why I like the lid. Okay, and then the third one is a little mug with a picture of Lionel Richie on it. And hello, is it tea you’re looking for. And this was actually bought for me. After we… I’ll tell you the story about how Lionel came to be part of our courses

Gillyanne Kayes  2:42
We’ve got a card

Jeremy   2:44
we have the card. And I like I was looking for something that would give us feedback from people in the room. And this was when we were still doing live courses, which is Oh gosh, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15

Gillyanne Kayes  2:57
Oh, we’ve been doing live courses. For decades

Jeremy   2:59
We’ve actually been doing live courses for over 20 years

Gillyanne Kayes  3:01
But the Wow cards came in about 11 years ago,

Jeremy   3:04
right. So I wanted something that were the punters, the people that we were teaching, could give us some feedback without actually interrupting any thought processes. And I can’t Oh, I know I’ll do a wild card. So I printed them out a wire card, and it’s the word WOW with a big orange sun all around it. And this was great, because what we say to our people is if you suddenly have one of those aha moments where the penny drops, flash us the WOW card so that we know something important has happened for you.

Gillyanne Kayes  3:34
So it’s the light bulb moment, isn’t it?

Jeremy   3:37
Yeah. And if you’ve had, if you hear somebody else saying or doing something amazing, flash them the WOW card so that THEY know that something amazing has just happened. I was looking at the WOW card, I was thinking Well, there’s got to be something else as well. So I was looking at the possibility of somebody flashing us a card that would let us know that they didn’t get what we were talking about. So came up with Lionel and Lionel is there, and all you have to do is hold up the wild card and go “Hello”. That basically tells us that you’re not quite sure what’s going on. And then we will reword or we’ll rework to make sure that you do get it

Gillyanne Kayes  4:13
now we had no idea that these Lionel mugs existed. There are Lionel teapots and Lionel mugs

Jeremy   4:20
and in fact one of the groups that I was working with and bought me this our accredited trainer and

Gillyanne Kayes  4:25
She’s our associate trainer and bought me this one, which is beautiful little bone China mug with Lionel on it. And then one of the groups that we were working with clubbed together and got me that little teapot and the cup that stands on now the teapot stands on the cup. And that’s one as well. So I actually have two sets.

And this is custom made. And what’s interesting, actually about these WOW cards is that they have been used and used to use on our online courses. Yes, in fact, in more than one case, I think that they were probably used as an art project for home learning for some of the kids, so we have these amazing WOW cards being sort of flashed up. Yeah. It’s brilliant.

Jeremy   5:07
Gillyanne bill drinks strong builder’s tea. So very strong tea with a T

iny bit of milk.

And if you if you’re seeing any if you see any of our social media, you’ll probably see photographs of people on cars with the WOW card somewhere. Okay, Gillyanne, your turn – I’ve done mine

Gillyanne Kayes  5:16
So that’s what’s in my mug. Right. So mine is a posh mug. Yeah. And unlike Jeremy, if I’m having a brew, if I’m having a cup of tea, it goes in this. I don’t really like to have my tea in any other cup

Jeremy   5:34
That’s absolutely right.

Gillyanne Kayes  5:35
But then the irony of this, by the way, this is a Villeroy and Bosch cup that I bought

It’s the naif design.

Yeah, 35 years ago at a sale in Paris, and I was thrilled to bits. I bought four of them. I think it should have a saucer. I think this is a breakfast coffee cup. So I’m totally misusing it. But you know, I like a decent cup of tea. I like a good amount. For some reason. I prefer it without the saucer. Don’t ask me why.

Jeremy   6:07
So Gillyanne

Gillyanne Kayes  6:07
I do

Jeremy   6:08
Gillyanne drinks strong builder’s tea, very strong tea with a tiny bit of milk

Gillyanne Kayes  6:14
Excuse me. I only drink strong builder’s tea when I’m not at home. When I’m at home I drink posh tea. I drink leaf tea, because I consider that leaf tea is superior.

Jeremy   6:28
So what are you drinking at the moment?

Gillyanne Kayes  6:29
What I’m drinking at the moment is a blend called the Queen’s blend.

Jeremy   6:35
Of course it is. Of course it is.

Gillyanne Kayes  6:39
You didn’t know that I haven’t even told you, which is made by, it’s put together by CupofTea.co.uk. And we are not being sponsored by them

Jeremy   6:49
We’re not sponsored by them we’d love to be but we are absolutely not sponsored, we drink a lot!

Gillyanne Kayes  6:53
They’re a fabulous Tea Company. So it’s a blend of Assam and probably Darjeeling and other light teas. And it’s really delicious. Yeah, it’s a brilliant breakfast cuppa.

Jeremy   7:03
Now you have to tell me what came up in the conversation about this mug. Because this was news to me too.

Gillyanne Kayes  7:11
Right? I decided that I wanted to have this in my coffin when I am cremated. And I said to Jeremy let’s have it in, you know, I can I can put my hands around it or something like that. Because this mug has already lasted 35 years. And the brilliant thing about it because it’s a very good quality porcelain mug (teacup) is that it will probably outlive me if I don’t drop it on the floor. And for some reason, it kind of represents something about the me-ness of me. And my legacy and actually was a really happy thought wasn’t it? It

Jeremy   7:54
It was I’ve just got to remember not to drop you on the floor.

Gillyanne Kayes  7:56
So happiness in a mug says something about me and what might be my legacy. And I don’t know if you want to go there yet

Jeremy   8:04
No, I’m fine to go that it’s just that’s that was quite a, it’s quite a jump from “Hello, what’s in your tea” to “let’s talk about death”. But it is so interesting

Gillyanne Kayes  8:13
Well we have just said goodbye to 2020

Jeremy   8:15
2020 has been so weird. And I’m sure lots and lots of people are saying this. But it is odd. I mean, it’s, it’s about what what 2020 actually gave us was the opportunity to stop and take stock however you do that. And it was certainly what… we were already doing it sort of the end of 2019 into 2020, we’d already started to take stock about what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go and how life had been so far and how we want to change it. And then the pandemic hit. And so it’s just it was more it was even more of that.

Gillyanne Kayes  8:48
And I think what’s interesting about 2021 is that as we know, it’s not over yet. But we’ve been contacted by a lot of people who are saying, I really need to reflect now on where I want to go next so that they’re reviewing if you like their purpose, and purpose is one of the things that brings us satisfaction and happiness. And that’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot. And when we talk about some of the podcasts that we listen to, I might back refer to that.

Jeremy   9:19
I think the whole business of purpose is – so purpose if you like – okay, we’re getting into the biggest question, which is why are we here? And we were we started talking about legacy

Gillyanne Kayes  9:28
To drink tea, evidently

Jeremy   9:29
To drink tea and put the cup in the coffin apparently. But we were talking about legacy and what legacy means to people. And also if you decide that you’re going to have a legacy because everybody does. One of the things that I think is so extraordinary. And I’ve read this somewhere, and somebody hopefully listening will be able to tell me where I read it, It’s not what you do, when you’ve gone it’s how you’ve made people feel. And therefore that’s the memory that you leave. Once you’ve gone that’s what you leave and we were talking about. There’s the whole business of legacy. And the idea that if you start with that idea, which is what am I going to leave with people, for people?

Gillyanne Kayes  10:07
How do I want to impact? How do I want to influence?

Jeremy   10:09
Yeah. And that then starts to change the way that you identify yourself, it starts the way you change, it starts to change the way that you lead your life.

Gillyanne Kayes  10:20
Yeah, also helps you manage your time because you look at the things that you really want to do that are in line with your purpose, and you go, some of those things I’m not going to be doing anymore. Which actually, I think brings us nicely to some of the things that we know we do want to do. And what what we’re doing at the moment, which is we are Konmari-ing our business.

Jeremy   10:41
We are definitely Konmari-ing our business if you haven’t come across Konmari before. And if you haven’t, have you been under a rock? Konmari-ing is a particular type of tidying or clearing or finding joy in the things that you own, and releasing the things that don’t give you joy. And we had a I mean, we’ve been Konmari-ing on and off for a few years. And the business has been really fascinating for us. So we decided to Konmari various bits of it. And I just want to say some of the things that we’ve done so far. One and actually some of them came up because there were outside influences that we went right, now is the time Yes. for 21 years, I have been packing parcels and packing up books and sending them from the office myself personally. And I started to get a bit tired of it. And I just thought well, what would happen if we stopped selling our books from our from our office? And we had a coaching session

Gillyanne Kayes  11:40
With Michelle

Jeremy   11:41
With Michelle Markwart Deveaux Yep, of

Gillyanne Kayes  11:45
The Speakeasy Cooperative

Jeremy   11:47
Hello Michelle

Gillyanne Kayes  11:48

Jeremy   11:49
Great coaching session with her

Gillyanne Kayes  11:51
Fabulous business mentor.

Jeremy   11:52
I mean, there were basically two questions that I asked. And she immediately gave me two answers. And I went, yeah, okay, that works. So and this was one of them, which is all of these books are available on Amazon, we have 10 books now that are being sold with our stuff in it. And fat is more than that with our stuff in it, but 10 that we’ve written. And I thought well, do we need to actually send these things out because it is not giving me joy anymore? It really isn’t. And so we stopped, we had a big sale of all the stock that we had we sold out and it’s done! You will never be able to get a book from our website again!

Gillyanne Kayes  12:29
no more products.

Jeremy   12:30
No. And in fact, the DVDs as well. They’re not happening, either. Anything that I have to send out by post is not happening. And that was a big thing for me, having done it for so long.

Gillyanne Kayes  12:41
Well, since we’re talking about resources and products and merchandise, tell them about the plans for the Library.

Jeremy   12:51
This was another idea that came from Michelle, it was a sort of joint It was a joint idea, really. And we are going to put… Okay, let me tell you what the problem was. The problem was, we have so many resources that we have built and created and sold over the years that I didn’t know what to do with them. And I was constantly going well, this such good information in this but we haven’t talked about it for so long. But that’s because we’ve been talking about this one. And then in the end, I thought I don’t know how to deal with this. And so we’ve decided to put everything we have created everything Vocal Process has done

Gillyanne Kayes  13:28
everything that can be digitised

Jeremy   13:30
everything that Vocal Process has created since 2005. So it’s nearly 16 years worth of stuff is going into the Vocal Process Grand Library, and I’m building it at the moment, we are up to over 400 videos, and all of these things of vocal training, Vocal Coaching, performance coaching, lesson plans, databases, there’s all sorts of things that are in there that people can access, and we will give you more information when that goes live. I still have another 100 videos to put in.

Gillyanne Kayes  14:06
And what was so nice about this process was we began to realise what our legacy is,

Jeremy   14:13
yes, that was part of it.

Gillyanne Kayes  14:15
And that in a way, when you realise that then you can move on, which is well, where do I want to go next? You know, how do I re align my purpose? Yeah. So as Jeremy says, we’ll tell you more about it when the library is available. But I have to say we’re really excited about it, aren’t we?

Jeremy   14:30
To be honest, it was putting everything in one place and seeing not just how much we’ve done over the last 20 years, 15, 20 years. It was also seeing the whole line of development through everything that we’ve done from the very first video that I made in 2005 which is really bad quality actual video, but the information in it is so good. And that was that was New Year’s Day 2005.

Gillyanne Kayes  14:56
That’s right yes

Jeremy   14:58
So that’s been fascinating just to see everything in one place? There’s one other thing that we also decided to do, which is yes, cleaned our mailing list.

Gillyanne Kayes  15:07
We tidied oop.

Jeremy   15:09
Tidy oop.

Gillyanne Kayes  15:09

Jeremy   15:10
Name the song.

Gillyanne Kayes  15:12
And show

Jeremy   15:13
And the show. Actually, that line doesn’t come in the song, but it does come in the character

Gillyanne Kayes  15:17
Tidy oop.

Jeremy   15:18
Yep. And we removed 1900 people from our database, but don’t worry, they were dead. They’re classed as dead because they weren’t opening their their email. So if you’re not opening our emails, open one of our emails, so you’re not classed as dead

Gillyanne Kayes  15:35
Yeah, if you have one of these kind of, you know, email

Jeremy   15:38
preview panes

Gillyanne Kayes  15:39
preview panes, they they will tell you if they’re live or not. Yes, well, so. Yes, they weren’t live anymore. Maybe they’re listening to our podcast?

Jeremy   15:48
Maybe they are. Get back on our list right now. If you do want to come on our list, by the way, we’ll tell you how to do tell you how to do that at the very end.

Gillyanne Kayes  15:59
Oh, guest list.

Jeremy   16:01
Yeah. So the podcast is carrying on going obviously, we’re now in series two. And we’re going to do a mix of us sort of meandering round topics as we do

Gillyanne Kayes  16:10
nerding out.

Jeremy   16:11
Yes. And we’re also going to have a guest list. And we’re actually quite excited about the guest list. There’s some fun people coming up.

Gillyanne Kayes  16:18
Okay, our first two guests coming together. Ah, yes, Nic and Leah from the VoiceOver Social

Jeremy   16:26
VoiceOver Social.

Gillyanne Kayes  16:28
If you have not listened to their podcast,

Jeremy   16:30
Oh, go and listen

Gillyanne Kayes  16:31
Get there right away

Jeremy   16:33
It’s fab.

Gillyanne Kayes  16:34
There’s some brilliant stuff there. And I think you’ll really enjoy it. And we’re so looking forward to having a conversation with two people who work with spoken voice. And just finding out how they think how we interact. Because it’s all one thing, isn’t it? It’s all one voice.

Jeremy   16:52
I think what’s so interesting is about, having listened to lots of episodes, there’s so much similarity. Even though we’re working in a slightly different field, we’re still working in voice per se. But it is a different field nevertheless. And there’s so many similarities, not just in the language and the way that people using the focus. But actually, there’s a lot of similarities between the way that we interact with our participants and clients, and they interact with theirs. And that’s been so fascinating for me, listening. I mean, Nic has been saying things that I’m thinking that could have come out of my mouth. That’s extraordinary.

Gillyanne Kayes  17:25
Plus, there’s a lot of lovely badinage. As in banter between the two of them. I think people will especially enjoy it, our audience will enjoy it

Jeremy   17:35
We aren’t going to get a word in edgewise.

Gillyanne Kayes  17:36
No. I think they’re going to run rings around us.

Jeremy   17:40
That is in fact our next podcast that’ll be coming up very soon.

Gillyanne Kayes  17:43
That’ll be mid Feb, probably won’t it. Okay, and other people on my wish list is the wonderful Phoene Cave

Jeremy   17:50
Hi Phoene!

Gillyanne Kayes  17:51
of The Musical Breath, where I’d love her to talk about her journey of setting up the singing for lung health and where she’s gone since then, and also how she’s pivoted to online.

Jeremy   18:03

Gillyanne Kayes  18:05
I’d love to have chat with Marisa Naismith in Australia, who’s now look Dr. Marisa.

Jeremy   18:11
Dr Marisa, yeah.

Gillyanne Kayes  18:13
To talk about how singing teachers need to look after themselves and how we avoid burnout. And I think that would be very interesting. That’s an area that she’s moving into now. Yes. And maybe a bit about her new book, which I think should be out very, very soon. To which I wrote a Foreword, if I remember rightly, yes. And we have other business plans, which we’ll share with you when they come out, I think,

Jeremy   18:40
yes, I’m not sure which ones you’re talking about. I’m sure we’ll share them at some point, we usually do. Okay,

Gillyanne Kayes  18:45
I have a list. I always have a list. I’m one of those lists of people. I’m sure what else that wants to talk about. Because a lot of us are in Lockdown. Again at the moment. I wanted to share with you some of the podcasts that I listen to, podcasts that might you know, uplift you that will inform you, will make you laugh. So we’ve already talked about the voice over social and pods that I particularly liked from them are the ones where they talked about gender and the one where they talked about creating a character, do have a listen to those. They’re absolutely fabulous and really interesting.

Jeremy   19:27
I just this morning was listening to what I forgot what it’s called, but it’s like what goes on in the vocal coach’s mind. That was good, love that.

Gillyanne Kayes  19:37
So check them out because then you’ll you’ll know whether you want to hear us work with them or not. Yeah. Which I’m sure you will know the other podcast I’ve been listening to for a while. Now, the other podcast I’ve been listening to for a while is Doctor’s Kitchen. So this is Dr. Rupy – I hope I say the name right – Aujla, who is one of those doctors who is out there wanting to push for social change.

Jeremy   20:13
This is part of the health reset really isn’t it.

Gillyanne Kayes  20:14
It’s part of my health reset Yes, because Dr. Rupy had AF when he was just had just finished his training as a doctor,

Jeremy   20:23
if you don’t know what AF is, it’s atrial fibrillation,

Gillyanne Kayes  20:27
and he resolved that by changing his diet. So The Doctor’s Kitchen is all about wellness. But there’s lots and lots of riffing on different subjects. So I’ve been following him for a while. And I also follow another career GP called Dr. Ayan Panja on Instagram. And I love the podcast where those two get together, they were obviously colleagues. And they riff about what constitutes wellness and how we, what we can do to help ourselves towards wellness. It’s a bit like, you know, listening to us talk about the mechanics of the voice and having fun with it, while they’re talking about medicine and medical research. But they’re making it tangible for us, the public. I think this is a really important cultural change actually, seeing these medics out there on social media, giving us the information that we need to look after ourselves.

Jeremy   21:24
Yes. And it’s also it’s preventative, and its whole, its whole wellness.

Gillyanne Kayes  21:30
It’s very much holistic. There’s another one, that’s a great highlight for me on spontaneous healing, where Dr. Rupy interview someone who’s done research into that. And actually, although it’s sort of retrospective, have a listen to his bonus podcast for the end of 2020, where he talks about the need for social equality. And there’s a new series in 2021 on mental health, which might be very useful to people at the moment who are feeling they’ve got the glums because we’re back in Lockdown,

Jeremy   22:04
Well it’s not just that we’re in Lockdown, and there’s not that much sunlight in the UK at the moment. That makes it worse at least the first time we were in Lockdown there was sunlight. Yes,

Gillyanne Kayes  22:12
that’s true. That did help.

Jeremy   22:13
We have SADlamps, hurray. Hurray for SADlamps. I just want to go back to the Doctor’s Kitchen. Yes, because in terms of cooking and the cooking duties in this house, Gillyanne mainly does the main meals and I mainly do the baking and the cakes and the desserts and stuff like that. And it’s been really quite interesting because obviously Gillyanne’s been morphing the cooking.

Gillyanne Kayes  22:35
I’m trying this new recipe from the Doctor’s Kitchen!

Jeremy   22:38
Yeah, so I’ve been a guinea pig. And actually it’s been really, really nice. It’s been really delicious. So it’s working really well for me too.

Gillyanne Kayes  22:47
So check him out. Yeah. Now I would recommend there’s some lovely episodes on the BLA, British Laryngological Association “A Clear Voice” podcast which is hosted by ENT Natalie Watson. In that podcast, there are two members… In the BLA team, there are members of the PERFORM study, which lots of you will know about as voice people were they were looking at the spread of aerosol spray and the potential dangers of singing, compared with speaking loudly, shouting loudly. And if you haven’t checked out that PERFORM study, please head straight to the AOTOS website, because it’s available there and it’s well worth watching and listening to. There’s also a specific podcast that they did on COVID-19, which was a doctor’s experience as a patient with the rather wonderful Nicholas Gibbons, where he talks about his experience of catching COVID very early on in the pandemic and what it was like for him and how he got through it. It kind of takes away some of the fear but it also puts you in a place

Jeremy   24:04
Well it’s reality, isn’t it?

Gillyanne Kayes  24:05
In a place of reality. I felt that about both the PERFORM study and that particular podcast with the BLA. A lot of them are geared more towards medics. But you’ll find there two, three podcasts that are relevant to us as voice users.

Jeremy   24:21
And shout out to the BLA as well. It was the conference that we went to and we had the most fun on a conference it was I was just jumping from class to class going this is brilliant.

Gillyanne Kayes  24:32
Nearly four years ago.

Jeremy   24:33
Yeah, still remember it.

Gillyanne Kayes  24:35
It was wonderful.

Jeremy   24:37
Okay, so this is a fairly short, introductory Hello 2021

Gillyanne Kayes  24:43
Just bouncing into 2021. That’s the plan anyway.

Jeremy   24:47
So thank you for being with us in 2020. And thank you for being with us again in 2021. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the podcast on whatever podcast platform you’re on. We’re on Apple. We’re on Spotify. We’re on Google Play, we’re on all sorts of things

Gillyanne Kayes  25:03
And do, if you feel to, give us a review, we’ve had some fabulous reviews. But it’s always nice to have that little bit more

Jeremy   25:08
Please do and tell people about us as well, because we like doing this. And we’d like to carry on. Oh, we I mean, I don’t know whether we’ve ever talked about why we started the podcast, but part of it is because we get the opportunity to chat about things that aren’t in a formal course teaching context. And therefore we get, we get the chance to share stuff that maybe we will have shared at home, or maybe we don’t know about each other. And even that’s fun finding out stuff

Gillyanne Kayes  25:37
in a way that also –

Jeremy   25:38
Like coffins

Gillyanne Kayes  25:39
Yeah, in a way that also lines up with purpose. Because we know that we have things to share that we can explore simply by having conversations or conversations with other people that don’t necessarily fit that sort of formal environment of a training course. I have to say I have had got so much benefit from listening to good quality podcasts. They’re a fantastic way of learning. And if you do a good podcast, you have the potential to influence people. And I’m really happy that 2020 allowed us to start that

Jeremy   26:15
It is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages and we finally got the opportunity and the time, and we were at home

Gillyanne Kayes  26:21
This gives us a moment to segue to courses coming up for those of you who want to do some ongoing development.

Jeremy   26:27
First of all, we are at the time of this recording. We are just about to start week two of the Online Singing Teacher Training. This will be the fifth run that we’ve done since July, which is astounding.

Gillyanne Kayes  26:42
No April,

Jeremy   26:43
it was – was it April? April was the first one. I know it is it’s the podcast w`e started in July, and the Online Singing Teacher Training we started in April.

Gillyanne Kayes  26:53
I am woman I have memory like elephant.

Jeremy   26:56
Yes. Never say anything because woman will remember.

Gillyanne Kayes  27:01
Like so gonna get kickback for that.

Jeremy   27:04
So we were gonna go on to.. We also, having done the Online Singing Teacher Training, we found that people really loved the two hour a day format. On the Online Singing Teacher Training we do two hours each day for five days for week one, and then again for week two. And again for week three, which for us is coming up in February.

Gillyanne Kayes  27:23
And there are gaps between so people can process

Jeremy   27:26

Gillyanne Kayes  27:26
And you can if once you’ve done week one you can jump into any week two, yes. Once you’ve done week two, you can jump into any week three, yes. It’s actually part of our new business model.

Jeremy   27:37
It is. So we’re doing lots of online courses

Gillyanne Kayes  27:39
And we’re loving it.

Jeremy   27:40
And because of that, we also set up one offs, which are the Popup master classes, master classes and workshops. So we’ve got at the moment five or six Popups coming up in the next three months.

Gillyanne Kayes  27:52
These are deep dives into specific topics. There’s a very strong bias towards practical Yes, in all of them.

Jeremy   28:01
Yes. Apart from maybe one or two, these are PowerPoint free. They’re practical. They’re chat, they’re experimentation. We go off into breakout rooms, we try things out, exercises, there’s all sorts of things that go on. So 28th of February is the first Popup that’s coming up and that’s SOVT1. This is a repeat of the masterclass workshop that we did with Oren Boder. And it was so good that that guy just know so much about SOVT is so good

Gillyanne Kayes  28:35

Jeremy   28:36
Yes, hello

Gillyanne Kayes  28:37
You know so much about SOVT. Hello,

Jeremy   28:40
Yeah, I told him that yesterday.

Gillyanne Kayes  28:40
What a guy

Jeremy   28:42
So SOVT1 Popup is coming up on the 28th of February. Please join us for that. That ended up being our biggest Popup masterclass we have the most people on that. Yeah. And then we’re doing M1/M2 Popup on the 5th of March. Now for those of you don’t know that terminology, ooh, they roughly translate to chest voice and some types of head voice. They roughly translate to modal and falsetto. But there’s a little more to it.

Gillyanne Kayes  29:10
And this time, we’re opening it up to the public. So it’s a two and a half hour so that there will be a bit of PowerPoint at the beginning to explain terminology just before we go into the sessions where we teach you how to find the sounds and purpose them in your teaching.

Jeremy   29:25
We’ve run this two or three times just with people who’ve worked for us for three days or more so that they’re already in the language that we use, but this time it’s open to everybody. 5th of March. SOVT2, The Return

Gillyanne Kayes  29:40
Now this is by popular request because what people wanted after the first one because there is quite a lot of science and theory behind SOVT people often are not aware of and we think you do need to know some of that to understand how to purpose SOVT for individual students. So the second one is much more about that practical application.

Jeremy   30:04
If again, if you haven’t come across, SOVT it’s semi occluded vocal tract. And SOVT is the big hit of 2020. For vocal exercises in both speaking and singing voice and for vocal health.

Gillyanne Kayes  30:19
In particular, with the SOVT workshop, we’re tending to talk focused mostly on straw phonation, and how the straw can help us

Jeremy   30:30
The science of the straw.

Gillyanne Kayes  30:32

Jeremy   30:33
so that’s 21st of March. And then 26th of March, only five days later, is teaching other gender. This is a two hour Popup. And this, again, is by request, really, because so many, and it’s really interesting, because we have far more women on the course than we do men, in general, any of our courses. And one of the questions that comes up, the most particularly aimed at me is how the male voices work. Because we have so many female singing teachers who are teaching men or adolescent boys, or teenagers, and they go, I don’t quite understand how their voice fits to mine. So I don’t quite understand how to demonstrate I don’t quite understand what’s going on physically, so that I can sort of teach them by ear, but I don’t really know what happens. So and a little less the other way, but it does happen, which is men go well, how does female head voice work? Because it’s not like mine.

Gillyanne Kayes  31:27
So actually this matters. If you’re a musical director. Yes. And you’re coaching singers. And it also matters if you’re a choral trainer.

Jeremy   31:34
Yes. And we’re also be going, we’ll be going into transgender voice use as well. And there’s, that’s quite an interesting topic, for a lot of reasons. So that’s 26th of March. And then finally, this one actually isn’t on the website yet. But it will be we are going to be doing a phonetics for singers and teachers. And Part one is on the 10th of April, and that’s with Anne Leatherland, our Associate trainer, and us. And that’s it for the moment. There’s more, but it’s enough. So we’re going up to the 10th of April, I think we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8 courses all together.

Gillyanne Kayes  32:13
And to be honest

Jeremy   32:14
that’s enough

Gillyanne Kayes  32:21
In 2021-land, we have to see where we want to go next

Jeremy   32:21
Absolutely. So stay with us. And by the time we get to April, see where we are then. And also, by the way, look out for the Grand Library. We mentioned the Grand Library earlier on. The Grand Library, and like I said, I’m still building it, it is massive. So we’re going to be putting that together in the next few weeks. Like I said, I had another 100 videos to upload. So it’s going to be closer to 500 videos by the time we finish.

Gillyanne Kayes  32:50
And Jeremy, can we just direct people if you want to have regular updates with us, for instance, if we put more courses on or if we have to change the date of a course for any particular reason. Do subscribe to us on our website to receive regular updates on things that we’re up to and also conversations sometimes that we like to share with you articles that we’d like to share with you by email

Jeremy   33:15
and offers as well. You can do that by going on pretty much any page on the Vocal Process website. By the way, can I apologise for the Vocal Process website, we are going to get it done

Gillyanne Kayes  33:25
that’s in the big business plan

Jeremy   33:28
It’s very old fashioned. So we’re gonna apologise before you get there. But go on to any page and there is a box on the right hand side where you can join the newsletter. Or funnily enough, the quickest way to do it is actually to download the Build Your Own Paper Larynx template, because your name goes onto our our mailing list, unless you tell us No, you get the choice whether it goes onto the mailing list or it doesn’t there are two buttons that you can press as to yes or no.

Gillyanne Kayes  33:51
Yes because we have to do those legals. Can you give us the URL of the website, I

Jeremy   33:55
can put that in the show notes.

Gillyanne Kayes  33:57

Jeremy   34:14
It’s in this section called Free Stuff.

Gillyanne Kayes  34:16
That’s the larynx

Jeremy   34:17
And the larynx is under Free Larynx. And you can just log in and send me your “send me your larynx and feed me more” or “send me your larynx and wave goodbye”

Gillyanne Kayes  34:28
actually says a great project for you if you’re working online at the moment. Yeah, and it’s good fun.

Jeremy   34:34
And in fact I haven’t actually released this officially yet. But we do have the instructions in both English and then we’ve got a instructions in German as well

Gillyanne Kayes  34:42
By request.

Jeremy   34:43
Yes. Our first one I think we’ve done a short, little less than half an hour thing but that’s okay. Because

Gillyanne Kayes  34:51
That’s unusual for us

Jeremy   34:53
It is, we normally talk more than that. But this is the Hello 2021 Yeah. So we’ll see See you soon and if you haven’t already, do so.

Announcer  35:16
This is a voice, a podcast with Dr. Gillyanne, Kayes and Jeremy Fisher