Apr 222014

buildyourownlarynxWhen Jeremy created the free tilting larynx template, he had no idea it would be downloaded at a rate of 15 a day for more than 10 years!

If you haven’t already seen the paper larynx, it’s one of the only larynx models that has a tilting thyroid and tilting/revolving arytenoids. It is as close to the real movements as you can get with paper and pins.

Jeremy has also created a silent movie to show you how to put it together. The process was filmed in one take, and he now knows how the Blue Peter presenters feel. The model had to be held and worked upside down and backwards to register properly on the film.

Jeremy recommends using scissors, glue and the type of paper fasteners that open out to make the arytenoid and cricothyroid movements as accurate as possible.

When you come to make the paper larynx, you will see that points B and C on the cricoid cartilage are marked as lines rather than points. If you cut along those lines to make small slits at B and C, the cricothyroid joint can pivot AND slide. This makes it much closer to the actual movements of the cartilages.

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    Hi Jeremy, I am using your tilting larynx model in a presentation for my Speech Science class. I was wondering how I should cite your awesome template in the paper that goes along with my presentation. I am using APA format! Thanks for providing students and teachers with such a great resource for free!


      HI Jada
      Thanks for your request, we’re happy for you to cite the larynx template in your paper. If you’re using APA format you’ll need certain info. We’ve been offering the template for at least 17 years, so I’ve added the creation date as 1st January 2001.
      Fisher, J, and G Kayes. “Build Your Own Tilting Larynx.” Vocal Process, Vocal Process Ltd, 1 Jan. 2001, vocalprocess.co.uk/build-your-own-tilting-larynx/.
      You’ll also probably need the date you downloaded it as it’s a web-based resource.
      Have fun with your presentation and let us know how it goes – if you’ve got photos that’s even better!
      cheers, Jeremy


    Hi everyone. Jeremy Fisher here. Once you’ve entered your name and email address, the link to the “Build Your Own Larynx Template” is sent direct to your email inbox. Make sure you put your correct email address in! If there are any problems just leave a comment or send me an email.

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