eZINE 83 – One Minute Voice Warmup


eZINE 83 –  The One Minute Voice WarmUp

GillyanneKayesJeremyFisher2The One Minute Voice WarmUp, our first app for healthy voice, has hit the Apple top 3 paid music apps list* and has been featured in the UK’s best-selling technology magazine as the only paid health-based app in their review worth getting!

In this eZINE you can find out what the app can do, how you can use it to create personalised voice warmups and how to share it with your students.

There’s also news of a special offer for eZINE subscribers on our Lesson Gift Vouchers (online and in person)


What they are saying

Image of Computeractive magazine's review of health apps featuring our Voice WarmUp app

Computeractive’s review of our app

Computeractive magazine (the bestselling technology magazine in the UK for almost two decades) reviewed our One Minute Voice WarmUp app in their top five health apps under the title “Download a Healthier You”. It was the only paid health app they reviewed, and they said “we think it’s worth it if you’re struggling to be heard”.

“The app features a number of one-minute exercises to make sure you don’t run out of breath mid-sentence (ensuring your voice doesn’t fade away toward the end), and open up your throat if you tend to suffer from nerves when speaking”

iPhone with our One Minute Voice Warmup app in a Christmas stocking

Digital stocking filler

We’ve also had great reviews online for the One Minute Voice Warmup app, with 5 stars on the Appstore and 4.5 stars on Google.

Fantastic great value app, easy to use, thorough, effective warm ups of whole voice apparatus. £€$ and voice saving!Great little app for on the go!!

Excellent app to warm your voice up! Very useful for teachers!

This is a great app for anyone interested in taking proactive steps to keep their voice healthy. Warm ups are engaging and easy, though I did get some funny looks while doing the exercises on the train!

The app is available here for Apple iPhones and iPads and here for Android phones and tablets.

Gift the app to your students

The Appstore allows you to send this app to all your students as a healthy voice Christmas gift! For just £2.99 you can buy a copy of the app and have it delivered straight to their phone or tablet. You can then help them create a targeted warmup that they can use every day when you’re not there!
Just sign into the Appstore and find the One Minute Voice WarmUp app, hit the “export” icon in the top right hand corner of the appstore listing and tap “Gift”. That’s truly a 2017 digital stocking filler (and more exciting than a tangerine…)


So what does the app do?

1 Minute Voice Warmup app

For this app we’ve collected and created the exercises that we think have the most impact on your speaking voice, helping you to communicate and your listeners to understand and stay interested in what you have to say.

If you want to see a practical video demonstration of how the app works, we’ve created a short how-to video that you can watch here

There are three main sections that appear when you open the app up: Start WarmUp, Your WarmUps and the 1 Minute Exercises. Let’s start with the 1 Minute Exercises

1 Minute Exercises

This is where the exercise videos live. We’ve focused on five areas we think are vital to healthy speaking voice:

  • Breath Control
  • Releasing Tension
  • Tongue Exercises
  • Clear Speech
  • Interesting Voice

Each section contains 1 minute exercises to improve your technique. To learn the techniques correctly, each exercise has a tutorial video that takes you step by step through the how and the why. You can access these video tutorials at any time by clicking on the “inspiration” icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Incidentally, we often give 8, 10 or even 12 hour teaching/presenting days on our Retreats. We might be sharing information, demonstrating sounds (the correct and horribly incorrect versions…) and guiding voice users through techniques. The exercises in this app (developed with speech therapist Sam Brady from Speechtools) are ones that we genuinely use ourselves when we’re presenting to keep our voices healthy and flexible.

An iphone showing the One Minute Voice Warmup app on the WarmUp of the Week page

WarmUp of the Week

Your WarmUps

This section of the app contains warmup sequences. The app gives you the ability to combine exercises to create and save personal warmup sequences. That means you can target particular problems or technical issues, or even repeat a single exercise up to five times to really embed the skill.

To get you started, we send a WarmUp of the Week every week to your phone or tablet. Each of these warmup sequences is targeted towards a specific aspect of voice use, including

  • Controlling breath support and volume
  • Finding a resonant, open sound
  • Clear articulation and engaging delivery
  • Reducing throat tension and warming up your range
  • A completely silent warmup for your throat and tongue

Start Warmup

A hand holding an Android phone with the One Minute Voice Warmup app on Start WarmUp page

Start WarmUp!

The Start WarmUp icon will take you straight to the newest WarmUp of the Week – the sequence of exercises will start playing immediately to get you started straight away. You can always pause the sequence or go to the Tutorials to check your practice.

If you’re doing an exercise for the first time, the app will prompt you to watch the tutorial. We want you to have the best and most efficient experience, so we think spending three minutes watching the tutorial is definitely worth it!

There has been media interest from some high-level companies including Fitpro.com, CallCentreHelper and CallCentreSummit (click the links to read the articles).

Get the app on the Appstore for iPhones and iPads and on Google Play for Android phones and tablets.


Christmas cheers!

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Jeremy and Dr Gillyanne

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* 29th November 2017, information courtesy of Apptopia