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eZINE 84 – Amazon #1 bestseller

eZINE 84 - Amazon #1 bestseller We excited to bring you the news from the last few months, including our Amazon #1 bestseller successes; updates on our current books; details of Gillyanne's new post as Visiting Professor at UWL's London College of Music; a conference on what it means to be a singing teacher; and a [...]

eZINE 83 – One Minute Voice Warmup

eZINE 83 -  The One Minute Voice WarmUp The One Minute Voice WarmUp, our first app for healthy voice, has hit the Apple top 3 paid music apps list* and has been featured in the UK's best-selling technology magazine as the only paid health-based app in their review worth getting! In this eZINE you can find [...]

eZINE 80 Vocal Process Accreditation

eZINE 80 - Vocal Process Accreditation When we started our eZINE we never thought we'd still be publishing at 80! In this special 80th edition we invite four graduates of the Vocal Process Accreditation programme to share their experience of our most advanced training for teachers. Ronni Bailey, Craig Faulkner and Kate Gavaghan talk about their professional lives before [...]

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Vocal Process eZINE 66

  eZINE 66 - The June Update Welcome to the June Update of our eZINE In this edition we announce our newest Singing Teacher's Retreat Gillyanne has a new singing voice research post We share more articles on singing, acting and learning And we end with thoughts on budget operas  ________________________________ Teaching singers - the [...]

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Email Whitelist Instructions

eZINE  and email Whitelist instructions Hello. Jeremy and Gillyanne here. Some of you may have had problems receiving our eZINE and emails recently. If you do not see an email from Vocal Process in your inbox, due to the overzealous filtering by ISPs our email may have mistakenly been sent to your spam folder. Please look [...]

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