Vocal technique, consonants, false vowels & better singing teaching

Expert vocal trainers chat about consonants, false vowels and putting the new 5 Days to Better Singing Teaching course online for the first time.

All that’s in our latest This Is A Voice podcast season 6 episode 8, Premiering on YouTube 23rd October 2022 at 5pm UK time.

This Is A Voice podcast Season 6 Episode 8

Jeremy shows you an incredibly simple vocal technique to create more resonating space for awkward consonants. This allows you to match vocal resonance more easily while singing words (20.25)

You can find out why Gillyanne and Jeremy think there isn’t one way to breathe. PLUS the thing you shouldn’t do when practising breathing for singing (5.02)

You can check out the process for vocal diagnosis that Gillyanne and Jeremy have been using for years but have only this year shared with their teachers. It’s a sneak preview of the 5 Days to Better Singing Teaching course (8.48)

Understand why G&J think academia and singing teaching don’t really mix (10.23)

Vocal Process has a specific definition of nasality in singing, and why singers, teachers and armchair critics confuse it with “forward tone” (28.15). If you’re interested in this topic, or you think it’s contentious, check out the full set of online videos on voice techniques for nasality and how to control it, on the Learning Lounge here.

And why the Creep Challenge in the This Is A Voice episode on ventriloquism (S6 Ep6) sparked an interest in false vowels (and how to make them easier). A lot of singers are getting excited about the Creep Challenge and tagging @Vocalprocess on their videos. There are some surprisingly good ones too.

All the resources in the podcast

The 5 Days to Better Singing Teaching course online, with all these voice techniques and a LOT more, is here https://vocal-process-hub.teachable.com/p/5-days-to-better-singing-teaching

For more information on nasality check out the Vocal Process Learning Lounge – 16 years of vocal coaching resources (over 600 videos) for less than the price of one private singing lesson. Click and scroll down the page for the free previews https://vocal-process-hub.teachable.com/p/the-vocal-technique-learning-lounge

For real 1-1 attention on your own voice, book a voice coaching session in the singing studio with Jeremy or Gillyanne

If you want to discover if our singing teacher training programme works for YOU, message us for details of the process for joining Cohort23.


Remember, the new This Is A Voice podcast episode Premieres on YouTube Monday 24th (tomorrow) at 5pm. Gillyanne and Jeremy will be live in the chatbox to answer any of your questions about resonance, vowels, consonants or the 5 Days to Better Singing Teaching. So hit the “Premieres on YouTube” link above and smash the Notify Me button!

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PS Have you succeeded at the Creep Challenge yet? Click here to go straight to the Challenge

Or click here for instructions on how to finesse the vocal articulation techniques