This Is A Voice podcast reviews

Just been reading some lovely reviews for our This Is A Voice podcast on Apple Podcasts – all 5-star ratings.

Tanya33 says

Really worth making time for

“For anybody who works with the voice. These podcasts are educational, entertaining and thought provoking. As a singer and singing teacher myself, I’d feel I’d missed out if I hadn’t found out about them.”

Thanks for that lovely review Tanya33, that’s what we aim for – educational and entertaining. Did you know that we were once criticised on our presentation for a national conference because the critic thought we were “too daytime television”? I actually took that as an amazing compliment – our personal brief is to take complex voice science and performance techniques and make them simple, straightforward and usable. Sorted.

Jess-sings says

What an amazing duo!

“You are so knowledgable, it blows my mind. I love how well you work together… and you make me laugh!”

Love this review Jess-sings, voice teachers and pedagogues can get so serious, as if people will only accept your knowledge if you frown at them!

HannahMarie84 says

What a fabulous podcast!

“This is such a fascinating area to chat about, and Gillyanne and Jeremy are so knowledgeable and interesting! Absolutely brilliant!”

Thank you HannahMarie84, Gillyanne and I have been chatting for more than 20 years over breakfast (lunch, dinner, tea, coffee…) about voices and how they work, and really this is the first time we’ve switched the microphone on. Glad you like it!

And geordiedench says

Voice Geek Heaven

“Amazing knowledge “topper upperer” and challenger. Loving getting my voice geek fix out here in Oman.”

Thank you for your great review geordiedench (great name). New knowledge can sometimes be challenging but oddly enough if the knowledge is clear enough, and if it’s presented without “side”, it’s usually easier to understand, absorb and use. Love that you are enjoying the podcast in Oman. I just discovered that we have listeners in 61 countries!

If you haven’t heard us yet and want to know what the fuss is about, you can find us on any good podcast platform – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Deezer, Player FM and so many more. Or you can listen to it on our own dedicated webpage