The missing Mastering Musical Theatre masterclass

We’re actually quite excited (we’re British, that’s as ebullient as it gets).

When we uploaded the Mastering Musical Theatre workshop to the Learning Lounge earlier this year, we’d forgotten that there was an hour missing from the videos. At that time I had over 500 videos to upload, so please forgive me for the oversight!

One of our clients, Kimberly, is about to start the Vocal Process Accreditation programme. The Accreditation programme includes free access to the Learning Lounge, so she emailed me about it. She wanted to know where she could watch that powerful technique I do on moving into the past and future with my singers.

thought it was in the Mastering Musical Theatre workshop videos, but when I checked, of course it wasn’t there – that technique was in the missing footage.

So I went on an adventure, trawling through a large box of hard drives and all our online storage systems, and I finally found the missing videos.

There’s more than an HOUR of footage, including three of my performance energy techniques, and the videos are superb.

  • Timelines – to help singers and singing teacher physically embed the song, story and characterisations in their songs
  • Front Foot Back Foot – a terrifically powerful tool I use for phrasing, dynamic contrast, controlling performance energy, acting-through-song, characterisation, drama, nuance and a whole host of situations in many different music genres
  • Answers on a Postcard – a brilliant way of getting immediately into the song, enabling you to hit the ground running. It’s one of my most powerful song audition techniques, and I’ve been using versions of this for more than 20 years.
  • There’s also an extra masterclass where we take one young male singer through a song using the Postcards technique
  • And our final Q&A where we answer questions from the audience on Mastering Musical Theatre, vocal and performance techniques.

I’ve put up a snippet of one of the techniques on our YouTube channel here

And the rest of the videos are now live in their new home on the Vocal Process Learning Lounge.

Check out the Learning Lounge – there are over 500 voice training videos and resources for you to discover, for less than the price of a single singing lesson


I’m wondering now if I should see what else is on all those hard drives…