You’ve read “Singing and the Actor” and…

Questions on Singing and the Actor vocal techniques

Questions on Singing and the Actor vocal techniques

You’ve read Dr Gillyanne Kayes’ book Singing and the Actor and…

  • You understand the descriptions of the sounds featured in Gillyanne’s book but you’re not sure if you’re doing them correctly
  • You want to understand contemporary vocal techniques and how to use them or teach them
  • You want to know Gillyanne’s methods for maximising confidence in vocal range
  • You want to know what’s going to happen when you open your mouth to sing (but you’re not quite there yet)
  • You’d like expert guidance on how to create and apply different sounds to your own voice and your own repertoire

Books are great (and this one is one of the top vocal technique books on musical theatre or contemporary commercial music singing).

And yet sometimes you need something a bit more personal – just so you can check that what you’re doing is accurate and correct.
The Singing and the Actor Training Retreat was created with you in mind – it’s a powerful training Retreat where you can discover what you know and what you don’t know, and integrate your own knowledge of voice with cutting edge voice science and teaching techniques

Singing and the Actor book by Dr Gillyanne Kayes is a bestseller on healthy vocal technique

Singing and the Actor book by Dr Gillyanne Kayes is a bestseller on healthy vocal technique

On the Singing and the Actor Training Retreat you will learn:

  • The fundamental concepts of vocal function presented in a user-friendly and practical way
  • Why movements of the larynx change your sound and how they can give you access to more vocal range
  • Movements of the vocal folds – how you can make different on and offsets in singing and speaking for variety of expression and improved vocal control in your chosen genre
  • The relationship between the breath and vocal folds
  • How to control, and vary the vibrating ‘mass’ of your vocal folds to change volume levels, sound quality, and improve your vocal efficiency
  • The most effective way to get breath in and out of the body, and what really controls the breath when we sing
  • How the jaw, tongue and lips shape your resonance, and how to tune your resonance for different vocal styles
  • How to enhance your volume levels safely, and how to tone your voice down if it’s too bright

and much, much more

Gillyanne Kayes demonstrating the best vocal techniques on the Singing and the Actor Training Retreat

Gillyanne Kayes demonstrating the best vocal techniques on the Singing and the Actor Training Retreat

The finale of the course is practising your new-learned ability to create the voice qualities described in Gillyanne’s book. You will be amazed how easy this is once you’ve been through our process.

All this and personal attention from Gillyanne and Jeremy (there are usually only 8 people on our Singing and the Actor Retreats, so there’s no possibility of you being overlooked or ignored). Together with our accredited teacher Anne, we will ensure that you grasp the techniques and do them correctly. You will also be able to put the techniques into practice in songs during the performance masterclass sessions with Gillyanne and Jeremy.


A word of warning: If you’re looking for something, shall we say, cheap, stop reading right now and check out the millions of free YouTube videos on “how to sing”. Then come back to us for the highest level of vocal knowledge and practical insights into your voice.
If you hired us individually by the hour, the knowledge in this Retreat would literally cost you thousands. Of course we’re happy to do that if it works better for you, but we think this Retreat is the most cost-effective way to learn from us about how your voice works.

Here’s what people have said about the course:

“The company, theory in action, the location, the food, making sure that everyone could understand and practise the techniques… hard to see how you could squeeze anything more into the time allotted!” Joe, actor singer (UK)

“Before I was basing my singing on feelings and sensations. Now I KNOW what I’m doing, how to improve it” Maria T, actor singer & course leader, Spain

“True breakthrough moments. When the singing techniques were put into practice, the vocal quality shifted before our eyes and ears” Lisa Wilson, Past President VASTA, USA


The garden of our country venue for the Singing and the Actor Training Retreat

The garden of our country venue for the Singing and the Actor Training Retreat

Your fee includes:
Personal attention from Gillyanne and Jeremy
A copy of 2nd edition of SATA book and a highlighter
A choice of Vocal Process DVD or Webinar to keep
Delicious healthy lunches from award-winning artisan food companies
A relaxed and supportive atmosphere and a setting in one of the most beautiful regions of the UK.

We will send you our personally vetted travel and accommodation list on request, or as soon as you’ve booked. Accommodation in this area is far cheaper than a hotel in a big city (from £30 a night) and you’ll get an excellent breakfast as well.

All you need to bring is an open and enquiring mind, something to record your masterclass sessions, and 2-3 songs or speeches that you can use to experiment with.


What sort of people come on the Retreat?
Over the last few years we’ve had singers of all styles (we’ve had Musical Theatre, classical, Pop, jazz, Rock and world music recording artists), singing teachers or professional performers wanting to teach, actors, voice and text teachers, choir leaders and speech therapists

What level do I need to be?
As coaches and teachers we work with professionals at national and international level.
On this Retreat, if you are normally paid for working with your voice in some way (either as a performer or a teacher/leader), we can help you.
We don’t include under 18s as the work is high-level and the concentration required is fairly intense. Occasionally we include very talented amateurs – email us to check.
Please be aware that we don’t expect you to sit at the back – that won’t give you what you need. We expect you to think and we expect you to work!


Click this link to find out more and book your place now (there are only a few left for the Summer Singing and the Actor Training Retreat)