Look after yourself!

Do you look after yourself?

After writing the article “I have a superpower, what’s yours?” I read more about Dr Emma Kavanagh and I came across this article written for the Guardian in October 2021.

I read one line that summed up a particular worry: “the kettle does not go in the fridge, good grief.” You find yourself doing something quite bizarre, and wondering why that just happened?

Here’s why.

“Our prefrontal cortex, that sophisticated part, is losing out in the great brain battle. It shows less activity when we are under stress. And so we become more error-prone, find rational thinking harder, decisions too complicated to process. And so, when the limbic system is in charge, what is left is emotion.

And a woman, sitting on the bottom step, crying over a lost shoe.”


I recognise that.


Finding yourself about to pour the kettle into the tea caddy (Gillyanne likes strong tea but…). Or putting the spoon in the fridge for no reason.

Anyone reading this is a Pandemic survivor. And it’s not just about surviving, it’s also about keeping going, working, earning, sharing our life with our friends and family.

We’re in a weird time, full of loss and also full of growth. It’s not that we’re “waiting for the music to begin”, this IS the music today. Live it, take a break from it, then step back in and live it again.

So look after yourself.

Oh, and read the article. It’s reassuring to know that other people do bizarre things too.



You’ll find me in the Learning Lounge putting my tea in the wardrobe