Flipped classroom, the Teacher Pathway & the Learning Lounge

What is a flipped classroom? And why are we moving the Learning Lounge AND the Teacher Pathway to a flipped classroom? 

A flipped classroom is a learning space where, rather than being taught in the classroom, the masterclasses and lesson contents are posted online to be watched at your own pace. Then you meet with the course leaders and other students regularly to discuss and experiment

Why do they work well for most people?


You’re more likely to engage with the course leaders (that’s us) if you can talk to us live.

You’re also more likely to stay engaged with courses that are chunked up into short videos. 95% of our Learning Lounge and Teacher Pathway videos are between 2 and 15 minutes (except Gillyanne’s AOTOS Keynote speech – After Estill, the conversation we need to have which runs without a break for 67 minutes)


Many of our videos are recordings of actual lessons, lectures and masterclasses but now in the flipped classroom you can ask us about them in real time. Or find out how you are doing and what you should be doing next. That’s easier to do in a live conversation than in a dry email exchange

Self-paced learning

You don’t have to do the course or absorb the material at the same rate as everyone else. You can watch and learn in your own time, at your own pace. My brother, for example, is a true night owl – his best times are midnight to 4am. Mine are 9am to 1pm. With a flipped classroom we’d both be able to learn when we want to, then join for the live online events together. And our feedback can help you move through tricky patches, or help you go deeper into the material to understand and apply better


Online static courses lack community and a sense of belonging – they’re often just a series of videos you have to “work through”. The flipped classroom helps you not only interact with the course leaders but also with your fellow students. You get to witness how they are doing, the questions they are asking and the thought processes they use to understand the materials and techniques.

More meaningful work

You can ask us on the spot how to apply the knowledge and techniques in the Learning Lounge or the Teacher Pathway to your singing or your students’ singing.

Better results

You are far more likely to continue and complete a flipped classroom course compared to a standalone video archive course, as the live events and discussions act as an “accountability” prompt to keep you on the path.

When is this happening?

The move to flipped classroom for the VocalProcess Learning Lounge has already happened! Check it out and get your membership sorted – there is so much in the Deep Dive that will improve your teaching straight away