This is a Voice – Golden Nuggets February 7th

Each week we’ll be tweeting about our #ResourceOfTheWeek (you’ll see the tweets below), but on this blog we’ll be sharing more “behind the scenes” details with you.

We’re mixing it up again this week with examples and excerpts from five different sources.

So the Theme of the Week for February 7th is… [long pause plus a close-up of a singing teacher hoping we’re going to choose a topic relevant to her students]

Female singing teacher with clasped hands hoping we will focus on coaching the singer in the room


Coaching the Singer in the Room

We did a whole podcast called The Singer In The Room back in 2020 – it’s one of our most popular episodes. Because it’s essential that whatever approaches you use, you customise them for that singer’s voice, their situation, their level, their energy and their goals.

So this week we’re putting our money where our mouths are, and sharing Case Histories and coaching advice with you, starting with Webinar 17, Troubleshooting Range

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The Singer In The Room

We delve into Case Histories in Webinar 17 – their story, their goals, our interventions.

Singer A needed more high notes & better tuning. What did Gillyanne do in 1 session that added a 6th to his range? Here’s an excerpt!

The full version is in the Learning Lounge

Gillyanne shares three case histories from her studio, 2 West End leads and one actor-musician. All three of these singers have had great careers since we recorded that Webinar in 2014.

All you Sherlockians out there, see if you can clock the changes in our language from then to now, in the way we describe vocal function!


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How important are customised vocal warmups?

You need to purpose them for the singer & the task they have to achieve that day.

Hear how we morph our warmups for the singer in the room needing high/low notes (Webinar 18) or belting (Belting Explained)


Watch Gillyanne guide a singer step by step through a bespoke belting warmup from speaking to calling to sustaining on C5 and above (Belting Explained video 2). TOP TIP, you don’t have to “make” belting loud.

And in Webinar 18 we talk in detail about how Gillyanne worked with a male client to create a warmup for Lippa’s “What Is It About Her”, which sits low AND high. No need for 20 minutes of up-and-down scales!

Screenshot from Webinar 18 with written music for the song "what is it about her"


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The intention BEHIND the sound is just as important as the sound itself Watch Jeremy’s masterclass in using “intention” to motivate the singer (and the audience) to get that standing ovation for I Don’t Know How To Love Him

Free preview on

Your singer sings well, they can hit the notes but something is lacking. What is it? You might want to check their motivation.

This mini-masterclass section of the Belting Explained online course highlights Jeremy’s ability to read the singer, discover their mindset and change it to something that works better for that individual. It’s a 4 minute 13 second piece of gold.

You can watch it by clicking on this Learning Lounge link and scrolling down to the Curriculum to the free preview of “Belting Explained 2 Motivational Coaching Session”

Jeremy coaching singer Jan in the motivation for belting


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Ever felt tempted to tell your singer there’s something wrong with their voice?

Listen to highly specialist SLT Carrie Garrett guide us through the dos & don’ts – we need to know our boundaries!

My Singer Has A Voice Problem course on the Learning Lounge.


Highly specialist speech and language therapist Carrie Garrett presenting on My Singer Has A Voice Problem course

Gillyanne has been invited to give a number of presentations on how she helps singers get back to work after having a voice problem. It’s something she feels passionately about having had a voice problem herself in her 20s. But can we really diagnose? Check out this entire 2-hour CPD-Accredited course on what we can and shouldn’t do in our studios. Plus important information about recognising and dealing with Long COVID

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Sometimes you just need to think out of the box, especially when your singer doesn’t connect with the song. Find out what makes them tick! Listen to Jeremy using dance language to transform one singer’s audition material from ok to stunning

Jeremy’s book is full of out-of-the-box coaching stories. Performance coaching is so individual to that person – the instruction or image that works for one singer probably won’t work for another. The skill (and the fun) is in finding the way in to someone’s understanding, beliefs and biases to help them unlock and share what’s inside. This story is a great example of connecting two distinct passions in someone to unleash a much more authentic performance.

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Jeremy and Dr Gillyanne

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