What you are saying about us

Gillyanne and Jeremy have been hosting courses together since 1997. Here are some of the comments on our Vocal Process courses and ethos from some of the international trainers, writers, researchers and clients we have worked with over the past few years:

INSETs and Masterclasses

“Practical exercises that address the issues – I have simple things to remember”.
“Understanding how the voice works and how we are more in control of breathing than we think we are.”
“Practical, physical guidance and ‘on the fly’ personalization”
“I really liked the relaxed, interactive style and the individual feedback.”
What do you think could be improved?
“I really can’t think of anything! Excellent course.”
Microsoft Training The Trainers voice day at the Microsoft Headquarters in Reading.

“The elegant way in which they present their information (the courses are relevant, concise and excellent value for money) has placed them in a class of their own.”
Art and Soul Magazine on Vocal Process

“Vocal Process, Gillyanne and Jeremy completely changed my professional life. My Kentwood Show Choir and students have all now progressed in all aspects of vocal technique – especially the open throat, singing with less effort, and connection with our own bodies.”
Sheila Harrod, voice coach, Kentwood voice studio and founder of the award-winning Kentwood Show Choir

“We’re so appreciative of the contribution in knowledge, insight and inspiration your work has provided to the vocal artistic and pedagogic branch around the world over the past decade. The results of your workshops in Stockholm the other month continually make itself present as I pass the corridors of the college and hear the singers practicing their belting techniques and opening their minds as much as their voices. Thank you for the hard work and the ongoing commitment – see you in Sweden again soon!”
Ian Plaude, Rektor of Stockholm’s University College of Music Education

“I came away elated and optimistic that Jeremy could help me move towards where I want to be. His combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises impressed me, combined with obvious musical ability – well, who could ask for anything more? I’ve come away with a lot to think about, practical things I can do to improve my performing, not just theories. My brain is humming, and so am I.”
Opera singer “K”, The Singer magazine

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Education and Research

“Tom and I have been delighted to be involved with Vocal Process over the last few years both as co-researchers with Gillyanne and also as teachers on the Vocal Anatomy and Physiology courses. We appreciate the way in which Vocal Process not only provides excellent practical courses for singers and singing teachers to improve their skills and to learn about their instrument, but also the way in which they provide practical resources, such as their ebooks and for their willingness to respond to questions from the public who are in vocal distress.”
Sara Harris, Former President of the British Voice Association, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and contributor to the Voice Clinic Handbook

“It has been a great pleasure to be associated with the growth of such a valuable training and resource organization for Voice. Looking forwards to another decade of your achievements.”
David Carey, Voice Practitioner and co-author of The Vocal Arts Workbook and DVD

“It has been a joy to watch the evolution of Vocal Process over the past ten years. Gillyanne and Jeremy offer a valuable service to education and performance in the vocal arts.”
Meribeth Dayme, holistic vocal trainer and author of Dynamics of the Singing Voice, and The Singing Voice

“It is so important that science and art come together towards a better understanding of singing performance and Vocal Process have been at the heart of such work in such a practical way for a WHOLE DECADE! Very well done – here’s to your next decade when I hope we see an increase in such activities!”
Professor David M Howard, Dept of Electronics, Royal Holloway University of London, co-author of The Voice Clinic Handbook, and Voice Science, Acoustics and Recording

“As the name suggests, the importance of this institute is judged by its dynamics and keeping up to date with the latest cutting edge knowledge of many disciplines and more important, integrating that knowledge into a consolidated teaching programme for healthy voices.
Thanks to Gillyanne and Jeremy for their quest for knowledge and their enthusiasm and integrity in applying knowledge in their own studies, research and pedagogic approach in teaching voice. Let’s wish them a happy anniversary and many years of developing and progressing their programme.”
Jacob Lieberman DO, MA, Reg. Osteopath and Psychotherapist and Specialist in Voice Disorders

“Vocal Process is of great value – as they have ambition to put various vocal techniques through the narrow eye of vocal science!”
Daniel Zangger Borch PhD, singer, trainer and voice researcher and author of Ultimate Vocal Voyage

“I was happy and privileged to host several Vocal Process events in their early years. My mission was to bring expertise to the Midlands and who better to trailblaze this than Gillyanne and Jeremy! Their reputation of unfailing professionalism, foresight, energy and creativity is now spreading throughout the world due to their books, eZINE and resources.”
Lynne Wayman, the Lynne Wayman Voice Centre, Nottingham

Course Participants and interviewees

“I have just arrived back in Winchester and wanted to say a huge thank you for a truly inspiring weekend. I am just buzzing with all of the new ideas and information you explored with us, and have spent most of the journey back practicing speech quality and twang (yes, I did get a few strange looks!) I can honestly say that I have never had a learning experience that was so useful yet so enjoyable at the same time. Your ‘can do’ approach and focussed encouragement made the atmosphere so unthreatening, and as a result everyone was relaxed and willing to try things out with some astonishing results – it was just voice heaven!”
Amanda Smallbone, singer and singing teacher on the Singing and the Actor Training Retreat

“From actress and frustrated singer to actress and confident singer… and vocal coach working at 2 drama colleges.
You guys… thoughtful, provocative, intelligent, challenging, supportive, kind… bringing some amazing people together to run the courses alongside you. I’ll always remember how in my interview for the Integrated Voice programme you were able to, as Jeremy put it, “unpick” my vague ideas and make me sound focused.
It’s a privilege and a pleasure to know you and to work with you! Thanks for all the opportunities.”
Pamela Hall, actress, singing and spoken voice coach, and one of the first Integrated VoiceTM Modules 1 and 2

“Thank you both for the most wonderful weekend! I learned loads, met some wonderful new friends and I CAN TWANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Lorna Crosse, singer and singing teacher on the Singing and the Actor Training Retreat

“A success story going from strength to strength! The Integrated Voice course was invaluable. It was hard work – as well as being fun! Well worth considering if you want to improve your own singing or become a vocal coach!”
Sue Lampard, barbershop trainer and one of the first Integrated Voice™ Modules 1 and 2 participants

“It’s been a pleasure to work with you both over the years and to have the privilege to learn from you! Here’s to another 10 years. With love”
Donna Soto-Morettini, Edinburgh Napier University and author of Popular Singing

“I’m so appreciative of the support and collegial friendship I’ve shared with Gillyanne and Jeremy over the years.
This inspirational couple, along with their complimentary skills, can be utterly relied upon to provide impartial, evidence-based, relevant information about the voice in its various forms through their excellent variety of courses. Here’s to many more years of reliable, high quality vocal instruction delivered with a smile and a nice cup of tea!”
Kim Chandler, session singer, trainer and creator of the innovative Funky ‘n Fun CD series

“The warm up was amazing: my voice came out of me with ease and clarity… it felt as if someone else was singing! The open throat exercise did more of the same. I could feel the throat open and suddenly I had ‘resonance’. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to try out my new voice at my next choir meet!” How Your Voice Works choral day in Cambridge

And from a group of students on a musical theatre masterclass in Australia:

“What I enjoyed the most from the masterclass was their ability to explain technical elements in terms that I could easily comprehend. Because of the clarity of their explanations, things just seemed to ‘click’ as soon as they discussed them. It was fantastic.” Brittany

“Hearing the change that subtle modifications can bring to the voice was amazing.” Aaron

“They were there and sharing their knowledge because it felt like they genuinely wanted to help us, not because it was just another workshop. Definitely felt the benefits from this session.” Laura

“I love that they are walking evidence of ‘singing’ being so much more than just hitting the right notes.” Jacqueline

“I found that since we all got the opportunity to participate in the smaller activities/exercises we were able to see how their techniques relate to our individual voices. From this class I really felt that each vocalist was given their own individual insight into their own voice and how they work. I found their ability to detect problem areas so easily incredible and a great experience to be involved in.” Tamara

“They definitely know what they are talking about, every person who sang displayed a noticable change. If only they could have stayed for longer.” Liam


“I just wanted to write to say thank you for giving us such a fascinating and involving day last Tuesday. Feedback from my tutors has been excellent. Even staff who had known already a fair amount about the physiology of the voice were thoroughly stimulated by your training – it always helps to revisit things. I know we will all draw on the ideas / information you gave us in many different ways in our future teaching.I was very impressed by your teaching style / pace; with the way you explained things so lucidly; with the way you dealt with questions / issued raised – altogether a very professional and skilful session.It is something of a risk to pick someone from a website (however impressive that website might be!) and invite them to take responsibility for this single precious annual day’s training — I was not only not disappointed, I was overjoyed with my choice – so thank you so much for that. I feel very sure that we will want to invite you again at some future date, and of course I will have no hesitation in recommending you to any colleagues in other parts of the country who might want similar training.”
From Penny Dunscombe, Somerset Schools INSET.

“The techniques presented in all the sessions were accessible, immediately tangible and offered a deeper understanding of solid, healthy vocal technique both for singing and for speaking.”
From Rena Cook

“Voice coach Gillyanne Kayes has achieved excellent diction – vital if all the nuances of the text are to be conveyed to the audience.”
From The Times Educational Supplement, National Youth Music Theatre production of The Beggar’s Opera.

“An excellent guide to the whole horrible process. A positive, clear manner… stuffed full of real-life stories. What other book has to give advice to the classically trained ballet dancer and the hardened rock and roller? Thoroughly recommended.”
From William Relton, ‘The Singer’ Magazine

“Exceptional clarity. It’s an achievement unlike anything else I’ve yet met in the field. A must for all who teach musicals and music theatre, and a bit of lemon zest for any reader.”
From David Lennox, The Association of Teachers of Singing

“The multi-disciplinary voice training company Vocal Process has developed a unique approach to voice over the last five years.”
From ‘Opera Now’ Magazine

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“Filled with useful exercises. The general thrust of the book is excellent – I’d highly recommend it to anyone who teaches. Really worthwhile. It’s clear and well written, and provides sound exercises towards achieving other western timbres.”
From Barb Jungr, ‘The Singer Magazine’

“Having the ‘Singing and the Actor’ book will be most useful for reference (and interesting reading!) in the clinic.”
From Barbara Preston (SLT)

“It’s made my voice more marketable. I never expected to get it by the end of one day!”
From Amanda Leigh-Smith, West End singer

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“The time went very quickly! Having two facilitators who worked so well together was excellent. Gave me loads to think about and try out.”
From Sarah Jane Strachan, West End actress

Read more about ‘Belting Explained’

“I was very excited by this work and believe it to be an essential way forward in the evolution of voice. Rena says she will be back; don’t miss it when she returns ……. be open to the possibility of more from the voice, your teaching and your students…more life, more sound, more voice and authenticity!”
Felicity Cook, Singer and Singing Teacher on ‘Release Your Voice Through Movement’

“Huge amount of info! Masterclass helped pull it all together, hearing how tweaking styles made dramatic differences to voices. I loved the computer analysis! The almost instant feedback (and being able to hear the sound along with the graphics) made so much sense to my mind. I feel I now have a great toolkit.”
From Anne Murphy, choral animateur on ‘Voice Styles Intensive’

“An excellent course. Feedback at the SIG was fantastic. Everyone was most impressed.”
From Clare Stevenson, organiser Voice and Laryngectomy SIG in Northern Ireland on ‘Voice Styles Intensive’

“Helped me piece together lots of fragments and bits of conflicting information from many sources. Best value course I have done for a long time. I wish it was a three day course though!”
From Sally Brown on ‘Voice Lab’

“Excellent – one of the most interactive courses (other than pure sport) it’s possible to imagine.”
From John Roddam on ‘Voice Lab’

“Brilliant day thoroughly enjoyed it and came away quite confident that I’d grasped the basic concepts of phonetics”
From Sue Lampard, Choral Trainer