Vocal Process Coffee Break…

Welcome to our new additions to the Vocal Process Coffee Break page – a Musical Voicenerd quiz and three fun word puzzles based on key words in Singing and the Actor.
Do you know your musicals well enough to call yourself a Musicals Voicenerd? Check out the quiz link below (the answers are on a separate page so you can’t cheat!).

And if you have a spare few minutes and want to brush up your knowledge of Singing and the Actor phraseology, try your hand at the Crossword, Wordquiz or the Wordsearch. They are available to play live on the site as interactive Excel files or as downloadable Adobe pdf files to print and fill in. If you want to play online, hover your mouse over the small red triangles to reveal the clues, and type in or highlight your answers as you go.

Just the thing for a Vocal Process coffee break!

Musical Voicenerd Quiz

Click here for the musical lyrics quiz – we give you the first half of the line and you complete the lyric. And if you’re really nerdy you might even know the show and the character

And then click here for the answers (after all, only one person has got them all right so far…)


AcroDoc_iconDownload and print (requires Adobe Reader*)

SATA Crossword 1

SATA Word quiz 1

SATA Word search 1

ExcelDoc_iconPlay on-line (requires Microsoft Excel)


SATA Wordquiz 1

SATA Wordsearch 1

* PDF files which open with Adobe Reader