This Is A Voice – our new podcast

Our new This Is A Voice podcast launched on 1st July!

We chose the title “This Is A Voice” not just because of our #1 bestselling book but because there is so much that a voice can do. So “this” can be anything vocal, from classical singing to belting to beatboxing to performing to speechmaking, and even AI voices.

We had great fun doing the photoshoot for the podcast icon. The icon itself is in pop art cartoon style and was created for us by the excellent Dutch designer Makemebark

We had a new jingle created especially for the podcast by composer/MD Connagh Tonkinson – let us know what you think of it.

In every episode we tackle your AMAs. The AMA tag comes from Reddit (Ask Me Anything) and is a reminder of our AMA day as the Reddit Science experts a few years ago here

As of 23rd July 2020 we have four This Is A Voice podcast episodes out and already we’ve achieved 750 downloads. To put that into context, podcasts can normally expect about 50 downloads per episode, and anyone who achieves 136 downloads per month is already in the top 50% of podcasts worldwide.

We’re going to be uploading the transcript of each podcast in separate blog posts so you can read it at your leisure, or read while listening.

Our This Is A Voice podcast has its own website here

and is featured on the following podcast platforms:

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Remember to subscribe on whichever platform you use – there are plenty more episodes to come!