Apr 222019
A great singing lesson has Feedback

Giving Feedback You have the Form of your lesson planned, you’re Focusing on your student in exercises and in songs, you’re analysing what energetic state they are in today, but your lesson will still not be great unless you perfect the art of Feedback. Feedback is… Feedback is the life energy of the lesson… Continue reading

Apr 162019
Interpreting stroboscopy - what do you see?

Interpreting stroboscopy – what you see isn’t always the truth. How do you translate what you see as a singing teacher or vocal coach? A World Voice Day special Singing and speaking are the manifestations of sound – as a listener, we don’t have to see what’s happening to understand the sounds. After all, it’s possible… […]

Feb 202019
Teaching girls to sing through adolescence

Teaching girls to sing through voice change If you’re teaching adolescent girls to sing, you already know that there can be some vocal challenges. The singing voice of a teenage girl will change quite substantially between the ages of 10 and 16. The changes can be subtle, but they are usually sequential. Here’s what you […]