I have a superpower, what’s yours?

An article arrived in my inbox from psychologist and author Emma Kavanagh and I discovered I have a superpower. I’ve always known something about it but it’s never been described as a superpower before. First of all, when we have nothing pressing to do “the midline of our brain lights up with activity. This is the area [...]

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Can you have a voice family?

I read another thought-provoking blog from Zapier this morning (https://zapier.com/blog/a-company-is-not-a-family/), and it got me thinking. Singing teachers and singers are social beings, and social beings like being part of a "family" - for some it even defines who they are. So we have facebookgroupies, twitterfiends, instamates and a whole host of “family” replacement titles. What's the [...]