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Singing and the Actor - the bestselling vocal technique book

Singing and the Actor voice technique book

Here are the top three Singing and the Actor reviews from vocal teachers working in the industry in three countries

“My favourite book on singing technique is Singing and the Actor by Gillyanne Kayes. This is a thorough and knowledgeable work which teaches how to produce a free and healthy singing voice in various styles from Broadway Belt to Opera with Pop and Rock in between.”

Jeannette Nelson Head of Voice at the National Theatre in London

“I witnessed dramatic, no pun intended, results in these actors, true breakthrough moments. When the singing techniques were put into practice, the vocal quality shifted before our eyes and ears. Our singing actors were hungry for this specialized knowledge in training the musical theatre voice. The other faculty present were very impressed by both Ms. Kayes knowledge and effective communication that led to these productive workshops and results.”

Lisa Wilson President Voice and Speech Trainers Association and Professor of Theatre, University of Tulsa

“I’ve read many many books on singing…what’s right, what’s wrong etc etc etc. I tried the exercises. Some worked, some seemed a complete waste of time and others were so scary that I immediately discarded even the thought of trying anything similar on a student! But mainly, what I was reading was masses of instructor ego and little concern about the performer and his problems.

Lady, you are great. After the introduction I was sure that this was a “first”. Someone who had “been there” and was truly concerned about the knowledge, abilities, secureness and health of the singer/performer!”

Jack Popell, teacher, Performing Arts Studios, Vienna

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