OnlineMasterclass1Want us to work with your students? Hosting an online masterclass couldn’t be easier. At Vocal Process we’ve been giving coaching sessions over the internet to singers, teachers and groups around the world for many years. We are highly experienced at coaching online and can visit your site virtually, anywhere in the world

“Really excellent feedback this end. All really positive. They felt it was perfect size of group. There was a comment that you were excellent at putting everyone at their ease, but also that in some ways the Skype environment was less intimidating. A definite fantastic addition to their work. Thank you”

Here’s a list of typical questions we’ve answered about our online coaching sessions:

What equipment do we need?

Something to send and receive the signal: You’ll need a computer and a good speed of broadband. We’ve had success with home broadband or university linkups across the world, so most broadband signals will be good enough.
Something to show your faces: You’ll need a webcam (this can be built into your laptop, a separate camera or the full HD experience).
Something to send your voices: A microphone of some kind. Most webcams have built in microphones that work well enough for a Skype session. Failing this, you can have a standard mic plugged in to your computer
Something to hear our voices: your computer speakers may be enough to hear us talk and demonstrate. For groups you might prefer speakers or a sound system that plugs into your computer

What kind of a room is best?

Any room will work, although it’s best not to have a lot of background noise as it will be picked up by the microphone. Avoid having the sun shining directly onto the webcam as this will cause your image to ‘flare’, and we won’t be able to pick up the detail of your actions and reactions

Do I need a pianist?

Only if you’re going to be working with extended songs. We’ve done online masterclasses with live pianist, backing tracks or a capella

Can we use backing tracks?

Yes, having backing tracks at your end works well. Make sure you practise with your volume levels beforehand

Can we record the session?

Yes, with permission.

Is there anything that doesn’t work?

It doesn’t work to have everyone speaking at once. For the popular Question and Answer session we do, it’s best if only one person at a time speaks, or the questions are fed through a designated person.
By the way, we recommend that you do an equipment check beforehand. Make sure your Skype setup works in the room (try calling someone else on the campus or at home)

Is there a minimum and maximum length for online masterclasses?

At the moment we recommend that the first session is an hour long as the concentration levels are high for this type of work. Once you are used to this type of work we can book longer sessions on request.

Can we have an online masterclass with you if we’re not in the UK?

Yes. We have clients as far away as Vietnam, Canada and Australia. We can mentor, coach or assess your students wherever you are in the world. Just be aware of the time differences between countries! Contact us for more details.

How do I get the most out of an online masterclass?

The best thing is to set a provisional agenda beforehand – this can be anything from a suggested repertoire list, a list of technical or performance issues to tackle, questions on working in the performing industry, or things to look out for as a teacher. We don’t always stick to this agenda as the masterclass is a live, interactive event, but it helps to have a kicking off point.

Here are some suggested online masterclass topics

  • Specific technique topics such as:

Legit singing
Chest voice mixes
Finding different vocal colours

  • Successful Singing Auditions
  • Style & performance techniques and insights
  • Singing and the Actor Training techniques
  • Professional development for your staff
  • Student assessments

Each online masterclass is bespoke. We enjoy creating new sessions based on your specific topics, so let us know what your students need and we’ll do the rest.

This is a cost-efficient way of having us join you ‘onsite’ as you won’t have to pay for travel and accommodation costs. The accountants will love you as all of the cost goes towards totally focussed face-to-face time that fits directly into your timetable. And it’s easier to plan a virtual visit from us within your existing curriculum.

An online masterclass can often be done at short notice – just check with us on availability.

Drop us an email or give us a call to chat through your options: info@vocalprocess.co.uk +44 (0)1544 267946