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  • More than just content? The evolution of voice education

    Are we at VocalProcess just "content providers"? It's a thought-provoking question. Our journey as voice educators We've been a cornerstone in the world of voice [...]

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  • Are you ready to step into your ZPD?

    The Zone of Proximal Development. It’s a thing in education, and it’s incredibly helpful. The Zone of Proximal Development is the area just outside your [...]

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  • How do you teach singing? Different teaching models for different occasions

    Here’s an interesting question: How do you teach? “Well I stand in a room and instruct my students to do it better”. Congratulations, you can [...]

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  • How coaching helped a singer produce top quality content

    Coaching a singer to realise how good a writer she is. So this is a blog post about a blog post about icebergs. But it [...]

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  • Are you a Musical Voicenerd?

    Are you a Musical Voicenerd? Welcome to our brand new Musical Theatre Voicenerd quiz. The following are all lines from Musical Theatre songs, but which [...]

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  • Musical Voice Nerd Answers

    Are you a Musical Voice Nerd - The Answers Here are the answers (in red) to our brand new Musical Theatre Voice Nerd quiz. The [...]

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  • But how do you feel? Working with the singer in the room

    How do you feel? As a singing teacher, you need to be able to deal with the singer in the room. That means listening, noticing [...]

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  • I sang so well in my bedroom – Practising & flexibility

    "I sang it so well in my bedroom" I've been thinking about practising and flexibility. The excellent Voice Monday newsletter arrived yesterday from Rayvox (if [...]

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  • Do you know enough? Singers, vocal trainers & overwhelm

    You know a lot about voice. Do you know enough? We've seen so many singing teachers and vocal trainers this year running between trainings, zoom [...]

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  • Perfectionism and me – singing & performing as a perfectionist

    Rayvox’s brand new Voice Monday email arrived earlier this week, and one of the featured articles in it made me pause what I was doing [...]

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