How Musical theater developed, a GCSE Article from Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher

Musical Theatre Development article

Written for Classroom Music Magazine, this extensive article covers everything you need to know for GCSE Music on Musical Theatre.

In the article West End vocal consultants Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher cover the Historical Roots and Influences, going back to 1927 and beyond

The range of Subject matter for musicals is vast and can be challenging. Racial issues, sexuality, disfunctional relationships, spiritual content, living with terminal illness, murder and social pressures are all featured in musicals, and the article gives several examples of each.

The article features information on  the Function of Song, Music and Text, Musical Style, and exploring Multi-character Songs

In the Vocal Styles section, Kayes and Fisher examine three duets from musicals: “I’ll know” (Guys and Dolls, male and female), “I’ll cover you” (Rent, male and male), and “In his eyes” (Jekyll and Hyde, female and female)

The article covers working the song in performance with exercises and suggestions, including three possible subtexts each for two songs “All That Jazz” from the musical Chicago, and “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” from the musical “Les Miserables”

Also included are exercises and classroom topics for the composition, performance and understanding of different Musical Theatre genres.

Resources are listed both in the article and on the accompanying Rhinegold website.

Click on this link to download the GCSE_musical_theatre PDF article

This article first appeared in the Music Teacher Magazine (Rhinegold Publishing)