Jan 132014

Happy Birthday in four vocal sets

By Jeremy Fisher

An analysis a spectrogram of four different vocal sets:

Demonstrating a song in four different vocal sets. First, notice the red formants. In each quarter of the reading they “sit” higher or lower. Since all the formants are sitting high or low together, this reflects the relative height of my larynx. The first quarter is in Sob, with a lowered larynx, thyroid tilt and thinner vocal folds. The second quarter is in nasal twang, with a higher larynx, thinner folds and increased aryepiglottic constriction (Twang). The third quarter is in full opera quality – my vocal folds are thicker, my larynx is lowered, but I am maintaining the twang. The fourth quarter is in straight Speech quality, with thick folds, no laryngeal tilt and my neutral larynx height. It is interesting to note that my habitual larynx height is fairly high, despite the fact that I am a bass.

View the full spectrogram:


Click to view the full spectrogram: JPEG image file, 221KB (opens in a new window)

Listen to the recording:

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