eZINE 78 – Voice special

GillyanneKayesJeremyFisher2In our 78th edition of the Vocal Process eZINE we’re backing a new documentary called Voice Messages (more about that below).

Our book “This is a Voice: 99 exercises to train, project and harness the power of your voice” is now a bestseller, and we’ve been sharing techniques and concepts from the book on singing, speaking and beatboxing around the country.

We’ve been accredited as vocal coaches by the nationally recognised CPD Standards Office.

And we’ll be giving you a headsup on where you can see us for the next five months.

And finally, there’s news about The Voice.


Support this voice documentary!

Images from the Voice Messages Documentary by Martin Zied, supported by Vocal Process

Voice Messages Documentary

We wanted to tell you about a new documentary on voice that we’re backing.

Six-times Emmy-award-winning film-maker Martin Zied is creating an intriguing documentary about the many ways we use our voices. Voice Messages shows how we use voices to entertain, seduce, sooth, manipulate, teach and conduct our everyday lives. Voice Messages combines singing, speaking, sociology, biology and history to reveal the mysteries and wonders of this often unappreciated communications tool.

Martin has already filmed sections of the documentary, including interviews with Grammy winners Take 6 and Lalah Hathaway, otolaryngologist Dr Robert Sataloff, and voiceover artist Billy West.

It features a rare appearance by rock/pop icon Linda Ronstadt, who remains in a daily struggle to maintain her voice, in the face of Parkinson’s Disease.  “It’s like I’ve been telling my voice to go to the fifth floor, but it stops at the third floor,” says Ronstadt. “For a long time I didn’t understand why it was happening… now I’m trying to cope.”

Martin and his team are running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, until the end of July raising funds to finish the film. Jeremy saw the original trailer and immediately contacted Martin to offer Vocal Process resources for the Indiegogo campaign.

The result is that everyone who donates $15 or more to the documentary team will receive a voucher for a Vocal Process Webinar of their choice, absolutely free. That Webinar is worth £27 (approximately $40), and we’ve set aside almost $40,000 worth of Webinars for this project. So if you’ve never had the Vocal Process Webinar experience before, use your money to donate to this great film idea and you’ll receive a Vocal Process Webinar into the bargain.

Martin emailed this morning saying: “I’m thrilled to be aligned with Vocal Process and see the two groups as basically pursuing a similar goal, to bring much needed attention to our most powerful human instrument… our voice.”

If you’re inspired by Martin’s project, click here to find out more about the documentary, to donate to the project and to get your free Vocal Process Webinar.


This is a Voice, the new book from Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher, published by the Wellcome Collection

This is a Voice

This Is A Voice

Our book of voice techniques and exercises is now a bestseller, with copies flying off the shelves at the Wellcome Trust, at Blackwell’s Books and here at Vocal Process.

We’ve already broadcast on the BBC and online on voice training, and now we’re going live. We gave the first of our “This is a Voice” interactive days on 26th June, and we’ll be travelling around the country giving seminars and masterclasses on using your voice for efficient speaking and effective singing whether you’re a classical singer, a choral singer or an upcoming commercial recording artist. And we might even throw a few beatboxing exercises in too. We’ll keep you posted on dates and places.


Cerys Matthews, Gillyanne & Jeremy

We’re back on Cerys Matthews’ amazingly eclectic radio show on Sunday July 10th at the BBC. We had such a ball last time that we didn’t actually get to play all the tracks we wanted you to hear. Cerys has promised us that there’ll be time to play tracks and talk more voice, and the plan is to have us on for almost an hour. Tune in live to BBC6 Music on Sunday morning. The replay should be available on the BBC6 Music website soon after we finish the broadcast. Looking forward to it!

And if you missed it, our 40 minute Guardian Science Podcast on voice is still available here https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/how-do-human-voices-work-podcast/id136697669?i=1000368149661&mt=2


We’re now certifiable!

Vocal Process Accredited by CPD Standards Office

We’re now an Accredited Centre for Continuing Professional Development

The nationally recognised CPD Standards Office has now accredited us for all our Retreats AND our Accreditation programme.

This means that when you join us on a singing Retreat, you can earn CPD points. Some employers will even pay for attendance at registered CPD training, and many schools and colleges have a budget set aside for staff development.

As an example, each of our Webinars comes with 1 CPD point, and our weekend vocal technique Retreat (Inside The Singing Voice: Vocal Technique Unpacked) has 18 CPD points.

All you have to do to collect your CPD points is to attend a Retreat or an online Webinar, then complete the online questionnaire about your experience. It’s that simple!

Even our 1-1 coaching sessions can now have 1 CPD point per hour allocated – just let us know when you book that you require CPD points.


If it’s Tuesday it must be…

Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher working together with a singer

Gillyanne & Jeremy co-teaching

Quite apart from the trips around the country for the book publicity, we’ll be giving masterclasses, training courses and 1-1 coaching sessions in various places over the coming months.


Next week we’re in London coaching the inhouse choir at the RAC Club on Pall Mall. We’re looking forward to working with everyone (and having a sumptuous dinner there too).

We’re also working with private clients flying in from South Africa, France and the Far East, and of course there’s our radio broadcast with Cerys Matthews. Really looking forward to that!

The following week we have two singers flying in from Gothenburg for an intensive coaching day in Presteigne, then it’s our Retreat Inside The Singing Voice: Vocal Technique Unpacked

The Association of Teachers of Singing

The Association of Teachers of Singing

On Sunday 24th July we’re appearing as special guest presenters at the annual conference of the Association of Teachers of Singing. We’re giving the masterclass to end the conference, where we’ll be working with singers in different genres and sharing our thoughts and decision-making processes on voice, sound, technique and energy.

August and September

We’ll be working in London at our studios and finalising the content of the Vocal Process Teacher Accreditation Module TWO in September (and taking a well-earned holiday because…)

October is absolutely packed!

On the 8th October we’re giving a “This Is A Voice” Choral Workshop in Oxford with our friend the conductor Janet Lincé.

On 9th October Jeremy will be working with young singers in Taunton at Fusion Young Performers.

Saturday 15th October sees us in Birmingham giving our first Meet The Teachers day. We’re sharing updated information on the techniques in our books, and hosting a discussion on teaching problems and solutions. And we’ll have our newly Accredited Vocal Process Teachers there to chat to. We’ll send you more details nearer the time, but put 15th October in your diaries now. The last time we did an event like this, we had over 200 people turn up!

We return to Presteigne for our ADVANCED Retreat (now eligible for 18 CPD Points) on 22nd – 24th.

Then our most popular course, the Singing Teacher’s Retreat, happens on the weekend of 28th to 30th October.


And in November we’ll be joining our European cousins in Sweden to work in Stockholm and Gothenburg.



And finally…The Voice!

The Voice ITV

The Voice ITV

This year we’re vocal coaches on The Voice in its new home on ITV. It’s a fascinating experience working with some of the new and hidden talent in the UK.

Gillyanne and I were in separate rooms judging the many singers who came through the building in Cardiff and Birmingham (there were queues around the block). We’re not allowed to tell you much about our side of the process, but the feedback from the participants across the board has been that it’s a positive and enjoyable experience for them.

We certainly found the ITV team to be supportive, efficient and welcoming, and it was great to meet and work with the A&R people from Polydor. Long may it continue!

At the time of writing this eZINE applications are still being accepted and there are still a few rounds to go, so check out The Voice Website and come and say hello.

And before you ask, no, we don’t get the buttons and the chairs. Maybe next time.


Jeremy and Dr Gillyanne