eZINE 74 – Lesson plans and masterclasses

GillyanneKayesJeremyFisher2This late summer edition of the eZINE contains updates on our teaching timetable. Gillyanne has written a new article on communicating with your students, and there’s a new Lesson Plan on Exploring Range. There are dates for our masterclasses in The Netherlands, limited availability on our Advanced and Teacher’s Retreats in October, and writeups for two of our recent presentations.

And finally, there’s a new book and a big announcement on the horizon….


Dutch delights

ZangschoolRotterdam, the venue for our Dutch masterclasses
Zangschool Rotterdam, the venue for Vocal Process masterclasses with Gillyanne and Jeremy

We’re in The Netherlands in October for masterclasses and private lessons.

We’ll be at the Zangschool Rotterdam on October 17th and 18th, giving a series of masterclasses and lessons for our Dutch singing friends.

We’re grateful to Marga Zwirs, who we met on our last trip to The Netherlands, and again at Eurovox in Latvia, for inviting us.

Saturday 17th is a full-day masterclass on Taking Technique Into Song. It’s a favourite topic of ours – singing isn’t just about making appropriate noises in exercises. Or as one of our new clients put it, “I can do that sound on an EE, but how do I add it to my song phrases?”

We’ll be working with the singers on applying vocal technique to particular songs and music styles, and showing them how to find the best performance for their voice. We only have 20 places on this masterclass – 10 observer participants and 10 singer participants. We’ll be working with all 20 participants as a group, experimenting with technique and style choices, and we’ll be coaching the 10 singer participants individually in their own repertoire. You can find out more about it here http://store.vocalprocess.co.uk/SingingMasterclassRotterdam

Sunday 18th starts with an advanced masterclass on Musical Theatre In Performance. We’ll be showing you how we have helped leading performers in shows such as Wicked, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon find their version of the musical theatre repertoire. Again we have places for only 20 participants, and this time we’ll be working individually with just 6 advanced singer participants. Come along and find out what we tell our own West End clients. http://store.vocalprocess.co.uk/AdvancedSingingMasterclassRotterdam

The remainder of Sunday 18th is given over to private one-to-one sessions with either Gillyanne or Jeremy. Contact us directly to book a session on info@vocalprocess.co.uk


New resources

Communicate from your student's perspective

Communicate from your student’s perspective

We’ve just uploaded a new article from Gillyanne on How to communicate with your students.

It doesn’t matter how much you know, or how good a singer you are, if you don’t communicate in a way that your student understands, your lessons will be, at best, hit-and-miss, and at worst, frustrating and unproductive. Read Gillyanne’s article here for three ways to improve your communication skills.

And we have a new addition to our series of Lesson Plans. Anne Leatherland has written the first Lesson Plan on Exploring Range, showing you how to teach your students to explore and map their vocal range using different sounds.

All our Lesson Plans contain differentiated learning outcomes The Lesson Plan has several student Learning Objectives, including finding the transition points in their voice and understanding the relationship between personal pitch range and the music notes in a song.

Each Lesson Plan gives advice on how to teach the information, differentiated learning outcomes for students with different abilities, Watchpoints, discussion topics and ideas for future pacing.

All of our downloadable Lesson Plans are available on the Vocal Process website


Reviews of our presentations

Two reviews have appeared this month on our recent public presentations. Ronni Bailey reviewed our hour-long spot on the Rock The Stage day in the British Voice Association magazine Communicating Voice. Here’s an excerpt :

Communicating Voice, the British Voice Association Newsletter, with a review of Gillyanne and Jeremy's appearance at Rock the Stage

BVA Newsletter Summer 2015

“A musical issue was raised that the score in pop/rock is almost never sung in exactly the same way. I have come across this so many times and Jeremy gave a timely prepared example using a Beverly Knight score. Moving on and considering the signature features of this style in gigging rock and musical theatre rock, I was in agreement with Gillyanne and Jeremy’s observations that you share a rock gig directly with the audience. They described it as being about the feel, the groove and the atmosphere of the gig, whereas, in musical theatre (MT) you do not play to the audience; you must know your character and back-story, play the scene and move the action on in some way.”

And Sarah Algoet in her complete roundup of Eurovox 2015 in Latvia gave us the thumbs-up for our presentation and subsequent masterclass on multi-genre teaching:

Eurovox, the 2015 conference in Latvia


“Gillyanne and Jeremy gave us an introduction to their method Vocal Process. What I really like about their philosophy is their basic question: What does THIS singer need to sing THIS song in THIS style? They don’t judge whether what the singers wants to do is “good” or “bad”. It suits my own personal belief that the artistic preference of a voice teacher doesn’t matter. We are at service of what the singers wants and need. Our only job is to help them reach their goal in a healthy way.

The singer = Voice type & weight, energy, range, comfort zone, ‘defaults’,…
The song = Style, energy, sound, note articulation, phrasing, purpose,…”

Thanks to Ronni and Sarah for their welcome appraisals of our work.


Scientist in a white coat mixing in a testtube

The art of mixing

October Retreats

We have limited availability on our two training Retreats in October.

The ADVANCED Retreat takes place on October 24th to 26th, a Saturday to Monday long weekend. On this Retreat you get to understand Mixing and experience over 20 different vocal mixes. We also focus on what happens when you move across the range, breathing patterns, word articulation, and how your own personal voice use might be standing in your way. This intensive professional development weekend happens just once a year, and the 2015 run now only has 3 places left.

The Singing Teacher’s Retreat has another run on October 30th to November 1st. This popular Retreat has had phenomenal feedback, so we expect places to go fast. The Friday to Sunday long weekend focuses on supporting you as a singing teacher. We mentor you on your current teaching skills, give you new techniques and new understanding to teach more efficiently, and coach you in vocal diagnosis, how you fix problems, and how you communicate with your students.
Click here to find out more http://store.vocalprocess.co.uk/SingingTeachersRetreat


Something’s coming…

Stick figure on a cliff edge, watching what's approaching

Something’s coming…

We’ve been multitasking until our eyes crossed this month, working on four different projects at the same time. At the moment we can only tell you about the first one – we’re writing a new book!

The Wellcome Trust has commissioned us to write a book on voice for the Wellcome Collection and we’ve been slaving over hot keyboards creating exercises for it. The book will be published in March 2016, and we can confidently say there’s been nothing quite like this before.

And keep your eyes peeled for another email from us in the coming weeks. We’ve been working on something big for Vocal Process, and it’s almost done. We’ll give you more details very soon.


Jeremy and Dr Gillyanne