eZINE 73 – Vocal Process Freebies!

GillyanneKayesJeremyFisher2This midsummer edition of the eZINE is packed with Vocal Process Freebies!
We’ve been sharing our information for many years, and the Vocal Process website is crammed with interviews, articles, app reports, downloads and fun stuff. In this eZINE we’re highlighting some of the things you’ve loved over the years (and they’re all still available to read or download)


The Build-Your-Own-Tilting-Larynx Template

The moveable paper larynx that you can build at home, from Vocal Process

The famous Build-Your-Own-Tilting-Larynx Template

We couldn’t have an eZINE full of freebies without mentioning the most popular download on our website – the larynx template. You’ve been making and using this paper larynx at a rate of 16 downloads a day. That’s a lot of larynges!

Back in the last century (yes, really) Jeremy decided to create a moveable larynx that could be made by anyone. This tilting larynx model has been updated several times and is still the go-to model for thousands of you around the world

The pdf is a single page of instructions and a page of paper cartilages to cut out and assemble. You can glue it together for a static model, but for a moving larynx use four paper fasteners. The model can then mimic the tilting movement of the cricothyroid muscles, and the swivel/pivot movement of the arytenoids.

Build Your Own Tilting Larynx - The Movie!

Build Your Own Tilting Larynx – The Movie!

If you’re not great at following written instructions, Jeremy has uploaded a short silent movie to the Vocal Process YouTube channel showing you how to build it. The movie was filmed in one take, and he now has enormous respect for the Blue Peter presenters on television who used to make models every week on live tv. You have to work upside down and backwards for it to look good on camera!

If you use the paper larynx in your classroom, studio or anatomy lessons, drop us an email – we’d love to hear how it’s getting on



Six of the Best Vocal Anatomy Apps - a free Report

Six of the Best Vocal Anatomy Apps – a free Report

Six of the Best…

Our newest addition to the free resources, the Six of the Best… Reports series has proved massively popular with multiple downloads as far away as Brazil.

The first Report highlighted Six of the Best iOS Apps for Singing Teachers. Subsequently, one of the companies we’d reviewed contacted us to give us a headsup on their flash sale, which we were able to pass on to you.

In the second Report our accredited teacher Anne Leatherland chose Six of the Best Vocal Anatomy Apps. The Report was so good, that even as Jeremy was formatting it, he was motivated to buy the apps for himself!

The Reports are still available for download, and we’re planning to release another one shortly


The blog

Our blog has over 100 examples of interviews, articles, comments, book reviews and thoughts, all focused on singing & speaking, performing & teaching. Here are just a few of the highlights:

four stages of competence to help you reach your target

Four stages of competence to reach your target

Technique articles

The most visited page on the website for more than a year is Teacher Nose Best, the article that focuses on dealing with nasality.

More recently, Gillyanne wrote a very popular article on the joy of the neutral vowel in singing training (Er…how is that useful?), and shared her process for targeting technical problems that might arise in a song Four Stages of Competence in Singing.

We often receive emails asking us to clarify contemporary practice, and in response to many questions about vibrato, Jeremy offered three ways of finding vibrato – Pant, Wobble and Cry.

Belting is another popular (and misunderstood) topic, so in Belting the money note we show how to unpick the problems and then solve them in a song


The Confident Performer, by Dr David Roland


It’s not just about technique though – we’re interested in all aspects of performance. It’s fascinating to discover how different people deal with the various aspects of performance, so we’ve had conversations with people at the top of their (related) field on your behalf.

Sam Carner, the lyricist of the duo Carner and Gregor, chatted to Jeremy on the importance of lyric accuracy and writing contemporary musical theatre.

Dr David Roland shared his techniques on confidence and dealing with performance nerves.

And singer Craig Jennings told Jeremy the extraordinary route that led him to sing for Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai show, and demonstrated various ways to find overtone chanting during a phone conversation with Jeremy (the recordings are on the website!).


Published articles

Both Jeremy and Gillyanne are regular contributors to industry magazines, and we’re able to share some of these articles via the blog

Gillyanne was interviewed by Rena Cook for the Voice and Speech Teachers Association of America on breathing in singing – the interview runs to four pages.

Jeremy has written numerous articles on performing and teaching music including Learning and Memorising, and Style Conscious (on changing your singing style without changing your signature sound) for Music Teacher. For the Teaching Drama magazine he wrote an advice article/interview on Warmups for Drama Teachers.

And together Gillyanne and Jeremy wrote an advice guide on Musical Theatre for teachers of GCSE Music – the 14 page pdf contains historical roots and influences, subject matter, the function of song, music and vocal styles, and a number of practical exercises for teenagers to develop an understanding of musical theatre


House numbers for men from musicals to sing

Top 60 House Numbers for men


We’ve also written a number of articles that just don’t fit into the standard categories.

There are repertoire ideas such as the Top 60 House Numbers for Women and for Men (a house number is one that crosses the imaginary fourth wall of the theatre to engage with the audience directly).

And Jeremy helps a dancer find truth in singing in How dance language can change your singing


And finally… the fun stuff

Comedy or Tragedy - how will you do in the musicals quiz?

Comedy or Tragedy – how will you do in the musicals quiz?

If you’re an opera buff, check out the list of 120 Operas that never made it.

And our latest quiz, the “Maybe This Time I’ll Be Lucky” Musicals Quiz, has multiple choice alternative lines to famous songs for you to enjoy

These are just a few of the resources available on the Vocal Process website. Please have a wander around it, or use the built-in search engine to find your favourite topics

We’re looking forward to seeing you again

Jeremy and Dr Gillyanne