eZINE 72 – Singing and training

GillyanneKayesJeremyFisher2This late spring edition of the Vocal Process eZINE on singing and training contains news of our presentations in London, Barcelona and Riga, new dates for our Retreats, a workshop on speaking outdoors, testimonials galore, and a chance for you to get involved in our next resource


Vocal Process presentations

It’s been 20 years since we started team-teaching, and we love doing presentations together. We have three to tell you about, starting with our very first joint invitation to present for the British Voice Association

Rock The Stage

What happens in chest voice - a voice science explanation moment from Vocal Process

What happens in chest voice

We kicked off events at the Rock The Stage day with a 75 minute delve into the science of the singing voice. We covered chest voice mechanism, vocal fold vibration, breath, phrasing, on-and-offsets and signature style features. It was a great day and the feedback has been amazing:

“A fantastic presentation with very engaging resources and delivery”

“Systematic, well-researched and always clear. Great double act”

“Enjoyed the science-based elements combined with lively delivery and illustrations”

And most people loved the dynamic between us, except one person who said we were “a bit daytime telly”. Of course, we could have worn our mortarboards and given the dry facts of scientific research, but ultimately, that’s not the friendly face of voice science. So I’ll go with daytime telly over 1970s Open University any day!

“More please. Such a great and informative presentation”


Barcelona performance students

Barcelona performance students


We’re heading for Barcelona again in June to finish guiding the three-year musical theatre programme created by Maria Torras Pareja.

We’ve been coaching and assessing the students since the beginning of the course in 2012, and June is their final exam. We’ll be awarding the successful students the Vocal Process Performer Accreditation certificate.

While we’re there we’ll be giving private one-to-one coaching for singers of musical theatre, rock, pop, gospel and soul. We’re happy to be fostering the talent in Barcelona!


Eurovox 2015

Eurovox 2015 Congress


Also in June we’ll be travelling 1600 miles as the crow flies to Riga in Latvia.

We’re guest speakers for Eurovox, the congress organised by EVTA on all aspects of singing and performance. We’ll be giving a presentation and a workshop over two days, on Style and Comfort in Multi-Genre Teaching.

We’re presenting alongside Kristen Linklater, Pedro de Alcantara and our friend from our masterclasses in The Netherlands, Ineke van Doorn. We’re looking forward to it!


Using voices outdoors can be tiring

A tree with roots and fruit representing the roots of good vocal technique and the results

Spoken voice technique tree – from root to fruit

If your job depends on it, caring for your voice becomes vital.

Anne Leatherland, our Vocal Process Accredited Teacher, was recently invited to a forestry centre to give a workshop to the staff on how to use voices efficiently outdoors. We asked Anne to share what happened:

“The staff give talks to members of the public, including both adult and school groups, on a regular basis. These are frequently based outside, in all weathers, as the groups are guided around the centre. Not surprisingly, this had begun to take its toll on staff members’ voices and they were looking for solutions to vocal fatigue and hoarseness, as well as ways to improve confidence and projection.

As I had about an hour and a half to help them, I aimed to be very targeted. This was a forestry centre, so I modelled my presentation on the growth of a tree and suggested we look at the “roots” of healthy and efficient voice use. Just like a tree, if the roots are not looked after the whole will not thrive!”

To read the rest of Anne’s report and find out about the five “root” skills, click here


Retreats coming up

A sagital view of an anatomy model head, indicating the vocal folds. For the new Vocal Process Retreat Inside the Singing Voice - Vocal Technique Unpacked

Inside the singing voice: vocal technique unpacked

Inside The Singing Voice – Vocal Technique Unpacked

Our newest Retreat runs in a couple of weeks’ time. ‘Inside The Singing Voice – Vocal Technique Unpacked’ sold out very quickly and has singers, teachers and a number of choral trainers from different disciplines including Rock Choir and The Natural Voice Practitioners Network.

The unifying link between the participants is a desire to clarify their own practice and a willingness to find out how voices can be safe, colourful and flexible.

We’ll be covering exactly how you can control breathing, create sound, find resonance and support, access range, manage gear changes, and what styles and contexts you sing in. It’s gonna be packed!

And here’s a headsup for the summer – we’ve added a new run of this vocal technique Retreat in July (see the link below for more details)


The Singing Teacher’s Retreat

The singing teacher's retreat - singing and training support from Vocal ProcessAnd in the same week in May, we’re running the next Singing Teacher’s Retreat. We have teachers travelling from opposite ends of the UK, and flying in from The Netherlands and Germany to be with us.

We’ve had so many great comments about this Retreat – you’re saying that this level of care and personal mentoring is rare in singing teacher professional development.

We’ve added some of your feedback to our brand new “What You Say About Us” scrolling box on the website. We have almost 100 real testimonials so far from teachers who have been on the Retreat or have used our resources

Join us on the next Singing Teacher’s Retreat in May or the Inside The Singing Voice Retreat in July – click here to read more about each Retreat


And finally…

Q and A about belting for singers

Q&A about belting

We need your help!

This is your opportunity to be involved and become part of a new Vocal Process resource.

We’re planning to do a Belting Q&A to clear the confusion on belting, what it is, what it isn’t and what to do when you can’t or don’t want to!

As it’s a Q&A, we need to know what your questions are.

For example:

  • Where does belting start in my voice?
  • What’s happening inside?
  • Is there a difference between the US and UK understanding of belting?
  • Why does it sound different when I hear two people belting the same song?
  • How do I make my belt sound nicer?

Anything on or around the topic of belting is good, and remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question if you want to know the answer!

So drop us an email on belting@vocalprocess.co.uk and let us know.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you


Jeremy and Dr Gillyanne