eZINE 71 – Inside the singing voice

GillyanneKayesJeremyFisher2This Spring edition of the Vocal Process eZINE contains news of our brand new Retreat (the first date has already sold out). A report on our second Singing Teacher’s Retreat and the follow-up mentoring we provide. Onsite training in 2015 and where we’ve been teaching. And a very special World Voice Day offer that’s going live for just one day


Inside The Singing Voice: Vocal Technique Unpacked

Inside the singing voice: vocal technique unpacked

What really goes on inside your singing voice

Our big news this month is the new Retreat for singers, teachers and singing leaders

“At last someone has understood the sounds I am making and can help me move forward from here” Christine, choral leader, UK

Word of mouth is a powerful thing – we mentioned this new Retreat on the Vocalprocess Facebook page and ALL the places for the first ‘Inside The Singing Voice: Vocal Technique Unpacked’ were snapped up immediately.

People are VERY excited about this Retreat. Here’s what we’ll be covering:

1. The secrets of breathing and singing – how and when you breathe in and what to do with it once you’ve got it

2. Making and controlling volume in singing – flow and resistance, boosting the sound, finding the voice-body connection

3. Finding and controlling range – pitching, 3 areas of range, gear changes and registers

4. Finding and changing resonance – “correct” vowels, nasality, and knowing where your tongue should go

5. Putting it together – why context is EVERYTHING, what’s your style, problems and solutions for singing words

The May Retreat sold out as soon as we created it, so we’re adding one more date in July. We only have 9 places available so click here now to read more and to book your place

Teaching the Teachers: The Singing Teacher’s Retreat

“I just want to say a massive THANK YOU for all the hard work you put in to providing such an excellent course. It has certainly opened my eyes. I actually felt like I could ask questions no matter how stupid”

The second run of our Singing Teacher’s Retreat was a roaring success. We had nine teachers from three different countries, with different performance backgrounds, methodologies, and different levels of experience. All of them wanting to clarify their own practice.

“I’ve felt for ages that there is a hole at the heart of my teaching and for the first time I know really where it is and how to target it. To say I’m delighted is an understatement”

The video footage of lessons that the teachers provided before the Retreat allowed us to target the specific areas needed to move the group on.

Lionel Richie joins us for tea

Lionel Richie joins us for tea

Thank you for the enlightenment. You are both my new gods, after Lionel of course”

“Jeremy’s trombone is possibly the best exercise I have come across recently. With the couple that I thought needed it the change was instant and huge. A real ‘wow’ moment for me”

The great group dynamic enabled us to share knowledge in a safe environment. It was an amazing weekend

Included in the Singing Teacher’s Retreat fee is a mentoring and follow-up session. Ronni Bailey’s mentoring involved shadowing Accredited Teacher Anne Leatherland as she taught her musical theatre students. Here’s an article written by Ronni on her experience

Join us on the next Singing Teacher’s Retreat in May – click here to read more

Onsite training: around Europe

We’ve been out and about in the UK and Europe offering onsite training and personal coaching

FINATS and the Sibelius Academy

Gillyanne's presentation for FINATS in Finland

Gillyanne’s presentation for FINATS in Finland

Gillyanne was invited to Finland to give a presentation and masterclass for the Finnish Association of Teachers of Singing. In 2008 the FINATS organisation made a conscious decision to cater for the genre-eclectic teachers in Finland, setting up a Popular and World Music section headed by Aija Puurtinen. Aija is herself a rock singer-bassist, working all over the world with her trio, as well as teaching the CCM singers at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Gillyanne was invited to present an education day for the lauluspedagogits (that’s singing teachers to you!) based on our Webinar ‘Taking Chest Voice Higher’. The lecture demonstration was followed by a masterclass showing the singers how to apply the techniques in musical theatre and jazz styles

The following day took place in one of the spacious concert halls of the Helsinki Music Centre. Gillyanne was the first teacher to be invited to give a masterclass to students of CCM styles at Sibelius academy – quite an honour. She worked with 9 students on repertoire ranging from Bon Jovi, Paloma Faith and Alicia Keyes, to Musical Theatre favourites such as Mulan and Wicked.
Thanks to Aija Puurtinen for all the hard work in organising the trip

Utrecht Utrecht and Hamburg
Both of us returned to gloriously sunny Utrecht to give 1-1 coaching to a group of Dutch singers, actors and teachers
“Thank you SO much again for a sweet mind- & vocalcord ‘choc’ing experience! You are wonderworkers!
And we travelled on to the Operettenhaus in Hamburg for more 1-1 lessons with the professional singers from across Germany. Gillyanne was booked up with technique lessons all day working on taking chest voice higher, articulation issues, and teaching a belter to sing legit. Jeremy coached a huge variety of repertoire (Superstar, Michael Jackson, Phantom, Carnival, Falsettos, and a couple of Rock and pop songs all covered in 3 hours)! We’ll be returning soon
“I learned so much in just 60 minutes and was super happy all day long”

Lesson plans

LessonPlanCo-ordinatingBreathAndToneOur newest resources, the Lesson Plans, are going like hot cakes.

“I just want to say a massive thank you for your latest offering…the Lesson Plans. I’m so ridiculously time poor and I really struggle to give lesson plans the time and attention they need and deserve. It’s as if my prayers have been answered!!”

We currently have three different Lesson Plans to use in your group teaching. Click on the links here for more details:

Co-ordinating Breath and Tone: 4 Different Tone Onsets

Breath Awareness 1

Taking Text Into Song

We have already had requests for more topics so if you would like us to create a Lesson Plan for you on a particular subject or technique, just let us know.


And finally…


For last year’s World Voice Day we launched a Quiz that attracted participants from 30 different countries, and gave away over £7,000 worth of prizes.

For World Voice Day 2015 we’ve created another Voice-Related Quiz. And we have three new Webinars worth £27.00 each to choose from.
Just answer the questions correctly and choose which Webinar you would like from the following:
The Vocal Process World Voice Day Quiz will ONLY be live for 1 day – April 16th 2015 is World Voice Day. We’ll email you nearer the time so keep a watch on your inbox if you want to win one of our latest professional development voice Webinars!


Jeremy and Dr Gillyanne