eZINE 69 – the November update


Our November eZINE features a brand new free report on Six of the Best iOS Apps for singing teachers. We’re announcing a new Webinar topic (and we need your help). There are details of the courses we’ve been doing around Europe and what’s coming up in the UK.

And Jeremy shares a new blog on an unusual technique to help dancers with their singing


Six of the best… apps for singing teachers

Vocal Process Accredited Teacher Anne Leatherland has been exploring the world of singing apps for us.

Free 16-page report on apps for singing teachers

Anne: “As a singing trainer who travels, I have had to be creative and find teaching resources which don’t add much to the luggage load. Also, teaching and/or learning new singing skills can sometimes be tricky, so anything that can help to make things more effective or adds a new dimension has got to be good, right? There are now programs and apps galore for PC/Mac and mobile devices which can help with everything from carrying a huge sheet music library to teaching/learning to sing in tune. In these blogs I’d like to share some of the useful things I have found (by necessity) and encourage even the most techno-phobic of you to explore what’s out there.”

For this report Anne is focusing on Apple’s iOS. We’ve put Anne’s full report on our shopping cart but it’s free to download so you don’t need your credit card!
Click here to collect your free report on six of the best iOS singing apps


Singing Retreats coming up

Singing star(ling)

We have new dates for you in 2015

Singing and the Actor Training Retreat

Our flagship course on vocal technique happens over the weekend of 14th to 16th February 2015.

It’s not just for actors though; it’s for anyone who wants to discover more about their voice, gain a more flexible technique or undo problems with their singing or speaking voice. This Retreat is especially suitable for performers, teachers and singing leaders who work in more than one music style.

If you’re not sure whether this Retreat will fit you, email Gillyanne or call us – we can help you decide. Click here for details

Singing Teacher’s Retreat

The next Singing Teacher’s Retreat happens the following weekend (20th to 22nd February 2015). Singing teachers who attended last time have reported noticeable improvement with students, and increased confidence in the workplace.

“I just wanted to say I have come back from the course feeling inspired and a happier teacher. I am much more confident in myself which makes me enjoy my job even more”

“Gillyanne and Jeremy are amazing masters of voice and performance. They can assess quickly where you are as a teacher, complimenting your strong points and giving you support by adjusting their discussions/presentations to include varying levels of knowledge within the group and making valid suggestions for future research/training”

The February Retreat is already half-full so if you want to join our network of singing teachers and the new private discussion forum we’ve set up for Singing Teacher Retreat graduates, book your place now. The description of the Retreat and booking link are here

The Performer’s Retreat

We will be holding our 6th version of this unique Performer’s Retreat over the weekend of 28th to 30th March 2015.

The Performer’s Retreat is entirely geared around the 5 people who attend – we build the timetable and the topics around the needs of the performers in the room. The Retreat is never the same twice, which makes it hard to describe!

But here are some of the things that we’ve included in the past:

  • Hearing you sing – we need to know where you are and what your strengths are as well as the areas in which we can help you develop
  • Videoing you, but in a way that allows you to see how you come over without thinking about ‘the voice’
  • Teaching you how to recognise and measure your ‘success’ in performance – and how you measure your own failure!

And we help you create an action plan with practice strategies, creative performance opportunities and goals for the future. Click here to find out more and to book a place


We need your help!

Professional Development for singers and teachers

We’re planning a new Professional Development Webinar for January and we need your help.

The topic will be Working with young voices. We’d like to hear what issues crop up for you in your lessons with children (4-10) and adolescents (11-18).

Are there any vocal technique topics that appear again and again? Breathy voice? Range issues? Male falsetto? Pitchiness? Singing inappropriate material? Dealing with different music styles?

Do you teach one-to-one or in groups? Is there a difference for you?

What repertoire are you using – and do you allow the students to choose their own? How successful is that?

We’d love you to share any thoughts on teaching, highs and lows, repertoire, and any problems that you face. Just drop us an email (newsletter@vocalprocess.co.uk) and we’ll do the rest.

If you haven’t yet seen any of our Webinars, click on the link below to see the topics we’ve covered so far.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

All 18 of our Professional Development Training Webinars are still available for immediate download – read more about each of them here


Where have you been?

A snapshot of Utrecht on our visit

Utrecht is a beautiful city and we were made very welcome by Ineke Van Doorn and Jolande Geven who run the Nascholing Zangdocenten professional development series for teachers in the Netherlands.
Our ‘Teaching in Musical Theatre’ seminar and masterclass was attended by numerous teachers and young performers from different musical backgrounds.
Context is everything when considering different musical styles and we spoke about how this affects training for Musical Theatre singers. Gillyanne talked about how to apply findings from her research on ‘Comfort Zone’ in singer’s range and Jeremy shared his performance techniques on ‘landscaping’ and ‘front foot/back foot’. There were also private and joint lessons available. Here’s what the participants thought…

“I am inspired by this weekend working with you!! You inspired me with your skills and with helping me thinking “out of the box” and giving me more vocal freedom from the heart of the music and the text.Thank you for that!”

“Thank you very very much for this inspiring week-end, I feel I finally found the coaching and teaching I miss here in Holland. When will you be back? Thank you again, I’ve had a coming home but mind opening experience, what a relief!”

“Still walking around with little wings and a heart full of excitement, ready to explore what’s behind all the new doors you’ve opened up for me! Thank you SO much! Again, thank you both so much for sharing your passion and expertise the way you did and for creating such a safe and inviting atmosphere to explore.”

Watch out for Utrecht – The Return in March 2015


Gillyanne & Jeremy coaching a Dansforum Musical Theatre student

Gillyanne & Jeremy coaching a Dansforum Musical Theatre student

Goteborg was the setting for a return visit to Dansforum school in October. There we worked for 2 days with the final year students, helping them to prepare for the challenge of professional auditioning using techniques from our book Successful Singing Auditions.

Each student had to prepare 2 songs – one of which was cut down to 16 bars only – and performed in an audition situation: that means no applause, no feedback, and minimal interaction with the pianist. The morning was full-on for Jeremy, playing 46 songs in a row with 23 people he’d not met before!

The students were incredibly attentive, absorbing everything they could from the 2 days. As always this was an enriching experience, working with each student to find their best in the songs they had chosen and to also give the group key concepts and exercises that they could apply in future audition situations.


In-person and online coaching

Jeremy giving a Skype Masterclass

Skype Masterclass with Jeremy

We teach in London regularly giving private coaching and masterclasses at the studio near Marble Arch. We have a few spaces in December, and you can click on our Coaching Calendar link to find out when we’re available. Lessons are booking up fast so if you see a date and time you’d like, drop us an email asap!

And of course we offer Skype or Facetime coaching. Both Gillyanne and Jeremy are very experienced at coaching online, so if you’re curious about having a session with us from the comfort of your own home, contact us. Skype sessions can usually be arranged to fit busy schedules, and our clients are often surprised how effective online coaching is.

And if you want to go one better, Jeremy is offering Skype masterclasses to groups and colleges. Southampton Solent University are on their third Skype masterclass with Jeremy this month and their course leader has found the classes really beneficial:

“Really excellent feedback this end. All really positive. They felt it was perfect size of group. A definite fantastic addition to their work.”

Email or call us for more details


And finally

Dancer singer

How dance language can change your singing

There’s a new blog post on using an unusual audition technique to help dancers who need to sing better.

Jeremy: “I work with many dancers who sing and singers who dance. The triple threat in Musical Theatre (actor, singer, dancer) is fast becoming the norm.

My client this morning is a triple threat who thinks in dance terms. She’s a dancer through and through. So how could I as a vocal coach tap into a dancer’s wide and deep knowledge of their craft?”

Find out which of his audition techniques Jeremy modified to fit dancers, and why the result was ‘performance magic’.

Click here to read more

Jeremy and Dr Gillyanne
PS We’re about to launch some exciting new training resources – we don’t think there’s anything like them out there at the moment. We’ll keep you posted so keep an eye on your inbox for new developments!