eZINE 68 – the October update


This Autumnal edition features the first cartoon about our Professional Development Webinars, created online by Jeremy. And we report on our Back To School drive

There is more great feedback arriving for our Singing Teacher’s Retreat (check out the new dates), and we share details on our masterclasses in The Netherlands, Sweden and Barcelona

And Jeremy has an announcement to make…


We’re getting quite animated

We’ve had many questions about our Professional Development Webinars over the years we’ve been creating them, so Jeremy thought it might be a good idea to upload a little cartoon about them

Jeremy: It was huge fun to make – I wrote and recorded the script then played with the animation programme, rewriting and rerecording as I discovered more about what types of animation I could use.

I ended up with a technique called “whiteboarding”. I’ve always loved simple line drawings and monochrome art, so the look works well for me. I added touches of colour here and there by hand, and ended up with what you see now.

If you haven’t seen Jeremy’s handiwork already, click here to watch the 2 minute Vocal Process cartoon.


Our Back To School report

Training Webinars for professional voice users

Thanks to everyone who took up our Back To School sale offers on the Professional Development Webinars.
Some teachers bought one training Webinar to give themselves specific ideas for lesson plans, and some invested in all 18!

The pattern for Webinar downloads was remarkably consistent, and it was fascinating for us to see which Webinars became the front runners

In sixth place was a three-way tie:
W16 – Troubleshooting Breathing;
W3 – What’s in a Warmup;
and the performance-related outsider W6 – Changing your Style without losing your “voice”

In fifth place was W8 – Taking Chest Voice Higher: Mixing

In fourth place was W7 – Taking Chest Voice Higher

In third place was W12 – Understanding Head Voice

In second place was W17 – Troubleshooting Range

And the winner (but only by one download) was W13 – Fine-Tuning Head Voice

It’s clear from this that you love our “how to” technique Webinars, so we’ll be doing more of those in the future

All 18 of our Professional Development Training Webinars are still available for immediate download – read more about each of them here


The Singing Teacher’s Retreat

The Singing Teacher’s Retreat

The feedback from our first Singing Teacher’s Retreat is still rolling in.

“THANK YOU for a great weekend”

“Even socialising after the course was fantastic, there we were able to network and discuss our experiences which I found was integral to how we gelled as a group”

“Thank you both for such a great retreat – as always I learnt so much from you and it was such a pleasure to be able to chat about all things to do with singing teaching/coaching with such a great, enthusiastic, curious and NICE group of people”

We covered so much that it’s difficult to know how to describe the Retreat, but three takeaway points shone out from the feedback – having practical techniques to use, finding more confidence in your ability, and realising that less is more!

“The feedback from my video I found was great and very useful it has given me some practical things to apply when I’m teaching”

“I found the lesson planning part also handy, as that’s where I struggle with in my teaching. I feel by planning better will help with my confidence and help to scale back my need to give the student too much information in one go”

“I now feel happier and more confident in knowing that any information I can note helps me to learn about the student and I don’t feel I need to solve everything straight away”


We’ve set a new date for the next Singing Teacher’s Retreat, and places are already disappearing. If you want to join us on October 31-November 2 2014 for a deeper exploration of your teaching, click here for more information and to book

Singing Teacher’s Retreat October 31-November 2 2014

“Don’t hesitate! Go and do it!! It’s a great medium to discuss and exchange teaching practice, as well as further develop your own knowledge and practice as a singer and teacher”


If it’s Saturday it must be…

The Netherlands

MusiekHuis in Utrecht - the site of the Vocal Process singing masterclass

MusiekHuis in Utrecht – the site of the Vocal Process singing masterclass

In October you’ll find us at the Muziekhuis Utrecht (http://www.muziekhuisutrecht.nl) giving a workshop hosted by Ineke van Doorn and Jolande Geven.

Our workshop on Saturday October 11th (10:00-16:30) at and focuses on singing and teaching in musical theatre. With practical exercises, concepts and live demonstrations, we’ll be answering these questions:

  • What is the difference between a classical singer, or a popular music singer and a musicals singer?
  • Are there aspects of vocal technique that overlap between these styles?
  • Is there a ‘musical theatre’ sound or is it a group of sounds, and how do we train singers to use them and make excellent performances?

Contact Ineke and Jolande on nascholing@professioneelzingen.nl for more information or visit this page and look for the link to “Gastworkshop Gillyanne Kayes” to book a place.

And on Sunday October 12th you can book in for a private coaching or teacher mentoring session the following day with Gillyanne, Jeremy or both of us. Contact us immediately if you want to book a private session on info@vocalprocess.co.uk

or Sweden

Dansforum students

Dansforum students

Then two weeks later we’re in Gothenburg, Sweden for our sixth return visit to Dansforum. Gothenburg is such a great city to work in – compact, friendly, lively and with GREAT food.

We prepare the third year students for the process of auditioning, running a two-day Successful Singing Auditions workshop where we put them through their singing and acting paces.

And on the third day we’ll be running a workshop on Singing, Style and Comfort, for singers and teachers who want to work in more than one music style.

Gillyanne will be sharing practical techniques on ‘comfort’ in singing based on her research findings, and Jeremy will show you how to recognise ‘signature’ features of different music styles. So you’ll be able to change style quickly AND stay comfortable and healthy!
We’ll be working with individual singers in the morning to demonstrate the techniques, and the masterclass will continue into the afternoon.

If you want to join the workshop either as a listener or a singer, contact Dansforum on 031-701 66 80 or office@dansforum.se

or Barcelona


Musical theatre classes in Barcelona

And we’re on our sixth visit to Barcelona, to give masterclasses and one-to-one coaching at Set D’Accio in the heart of the city. Sisters Maria and Marta Torras are in charge of the musical theatre courses at the school. Both have worked extensively with Jeremy on their own performance skills and are being mentored by Gillyanne on course curriculum development and best teaching practice.

This trip is part of an ongoing process of external validation for the Set D’Accio Musical Theatre students. We have been monitoring the students’ progress for two years and are looking forward to meeting the new intake of triple threats and seeing the progress of the current third year.

or London

And of course we teach in London regularly giving private coaching and masterclasses at the studio near Marble Arch. We’re full in October but have some spaces in November.

You can click on our Coaching Calendar link to find out when we’re available (lessons are booking up fast so if you see a date and time you’d like, drop us an email asap!).


Today I are wearing…

stick_figure_thinking_cap_10184my PhD hat

Jeremy: Having said to Gillyanne for many years “remind me what a PhD is for?” I’ve decided to eat my words and do one too.
My interest is Accompanists’ Telepathy, my focus is Audition Pianists, and my title is “Duetting With A Stranger”.

As a part-time mature student I’ll be splitting my time between Vocal Process and PhD for the next six years! I’m enrolled at Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal Northern College of Music (where I studied oboe, piano and accompaniment 29 years ago).

I’m excited to have three heads of department with different specialities as my supervision team – Professor Jane Ginsborg (Music and Psychology), Dr David Jones (Accompaniment) and Professor Paul Holmes (Sports Psychology and Psychophysiology). Pr Holmes is one of Team GB’s sports psychologists and is based at the Institute for Performance Research in Cheshire. I already work as a performance coach in music, so I’m looking forward to discovering sports performance coaching and psychophysiology which is a new but complementary field for me

I’ll be travelling between my concert and Vocal Process commitments and the three campuses in Manchester and Cheshire, so you can guess that my timetable is looking complicated already!
Jeremy and Dr Gillyanne
PS Look out for some new developments and new training aids coming soon – we’ll keep you posted