Welcome to eZINE 64 – The Christmas Draw Prize Results

GillyanneKayesJeremyFisher2In this festive edition we announce the results of our Christmas draw – who won what and where!

And there’s an invitation for YOU to have a say in what Vocal Process creates in 2014, and earn yourself a £10 voucher as a thank-you from us

Our Christmas prize draw

The results are in! We sent the details of all the Christmas Prize Draw participants to Downton Abbey’s Daisy (Sophie McShera) and she took time out from filming the new Disney Cinderella to choose the winners.

We’re delighted that the winners come from five different countries on three continents, which reflects our global audience.


So here are the winners, in no particular order…


Prize A was this set of two Speech Articulation Posters, a real aide memoire for where the sounds are made, the points of articulation and mouth shapes.

Congratulations to Linda Cartwright for winning Prize A

“Oh wow! Thank you so much. They’ll be really useful and I’m very grateful. Wonderful to win these, especially as I’m a spoken word voice teacher, not a singing teacher. May your work continue for a long, long time!”

Linda is a very experienced voice coach in New Zealand. Her CV includes dialect coach on the Lord of the Rings film, and we hope she’ll find these posters useful for teaching prospective Hobbits

SpeechArticulation1 SpeechArticulation2

Prize B was the set of Larynx Flip Cards and a special display stand.

Congratulations to William Marshall in the north of England for winning Prize B

William’s immediate response to the news was “Woooo! That’s amazing, thank you. I was going to buy some of these for my own research and to help explain to students! Very happy to have won 🙂 Thank you very much”

Looks like William’s students are going to be tested on muscles and cartilages very soon…


Prize C was the double-sided Vocal Parts Support Card showing the sagittal (side) view of the whole vocal tract with detailed labelling, and close-ups of the larynx and the vocal folds in breathing and phonation.

And we had not one but THREE winners for Prize C

Jane Whitaker is a senior speech and language therapist in the UK
“How exciting it was the one thing I really wanted from your prizes- yippee”

Lana McCarthy is a voice trainer in Australia
“Thank you VERY much! That’s wonderful news. I really look forward to using the Vocal Parts Support Card with my clients. Sounds like a fabulous resource.”

Elizabeth Wright is a singer & singing teacher in South Africa
“Whooo hooo I am SOOOO excited and thrilled with this. Thanks a million times million – WOWIE :)”

A copy of the Vocal Parts Support Card is winging its way to each of them now

VocalPartsSupportCard1 VocalPartsSupportCard2

CrystalLarynxCloseupThe lucky winner of the beautiful Crystal Art model of a larynx from BlueTree Publishing was Sofi Kihlstrand.

“Thank you!! I can’t believe it! I am so happy!”

Sofi is a singer and singing teacher in Sweden. You only have to listen to Sofi’s singing on this recording of the Top Ten of Sweden’s Great Power Period to know that she has a beautiful larynx of her own already

The Crystal Art larynx is now flying across to Sweden to arrive with Sofi in time for Christmas

GiftCertificateGBPAnd the £100 of Vocal Process gift vouchers goes to singer and teacher Ruth Harry in the south of England

“Wow – I’m delighted with the win! Looking forward to spending them with you, thank you very much.”

Ruth has already done our ADVANCED Retreat, so we asked her how she’d like to use the vouchers:

“I already have most of the DVDs and books so will go for webinars or skype. Thanks again”

Excellent choice Ruth! That’s a great way to keep your professional development right on target.

A big thank you to everyone who entered the Prize Draw this year, and for liking and sharing our Facebook updates and tweets about it too.

Go on, it’s Christmas – tell us what you want (starting with a £10 gift voucher…)

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