Welcome to eZINE 63 and our special Christmas Draw

GillyanneKayesJeremyFisher2In this festive edition we announce the details of our Christmas draw, with all the great voice-related prizes you can get

There’s a reminder of our Webinars (we’re up to Webinar 15 now) and a heads-up about our Retreats coming up in February

And scroll down to find out who our surprise guest is for the prize draw…


Our Christmas prize draw

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The season of grumpiness and empty pockets is almost upon us.

So to cheer you up a bit, we’re launching our legendary (well, give us a few years) Christmas prize draw.


First of all, let’s look at the prizes we’ve collected. From our favourite voice-related American company, BlueTree Publishing, we’ve imported a few goodies for you:

Prize A

The two Posters include correct phonetic symbols and phrases to practise each sound. They’re excellent for helping students and clients improve articulation for clear speech and singing.
Why not use the phrases in a singing exercise? This set of two Speech Articulation Posters is a real aide memoire for where the sounds are made, the points of articulation and mouth shapes.

SpeechArticulation1 SpeechArticulation2

Prize B

Big exam coming up?

This set of Larynx Flip Cards is excellent for testing yourself on names of muscles and cartilages and the correct terminology for anatomical planes of the body.

These are also good, clear drawings to use in your studio or clinic. Comes complete with flip stand for easy display

Prize C

This double-sided laminated Vocal Parts Support Card shows a sagittal (side) view of the vocal tract with detailed labelling of the parts. It then focuses in on views of the larynx showing cartilages and muscles (front, side and back views), and there are close up images of the vocal folds in breathing and phonation.

On the reverse of the card you can see a simple 3-part schematic of vocal fold vibration, shown in relation to the whole larynx and windpipe.

This is a great resource for explaining the basics of where and how sound is made. It’s a useful visual aid for the lexicon of vocal parts for teachers new to vocal function

LarynxFlipCards VocalPartsSupportCard1


CrystalLarynxCloseupAnd we’re going to be drawing for two lucky first prize winners (can you have two first prizes?)

One winner will receive the superb Crystal Art model of a larynx from BlueTree Publishing.

You may know that we’ve offered a crystal larynx before, and we were inundated with responses. We have one ourselves and it really is a work of art.

We love the fact that you can see inside and through it – we think it’s probably the best way to understand in 3d how the laryngeal structures fit together

GiftCertificateGBPAnd another winner will receive £100 of Vocal Process gift vouchers, either for themselves or to give away to friends & lucky singing colleagues.

With these gift vouchers (in multiples of £5, £10 or £20) you can buy anything from the Vocal Process website. Put them towards Webinars, books, our technique training DVDs or even one of our Retreats (the Singing and the Actor Training Retreat AND the ADVANCED Retreat are coming up in February).

How to enter

Normally we’d want you to create a slogan, join in a punning competition or tell us your favourite voice-related joke. But as we’re in for a cold, hard winter we don’t have the heart to make you work that hard.

So for the next 12 days (it is Christmas, after all), anyone who buys anything from our website will get their name put into the hat. If you buy one product (and it could be as little as a £5 gift token) you’ll get your name in the hat once. If you buy two, you’ll appear twice, and so on.

Remember that for everything you buy you get Vocal Process Reward points (we’re offering a Reward Points rate that’s 10 times higher than Tesco). And if your account has enough Reward points in it, you can redeem them and it will still count as a purchase

You’ve only got 12 days, so click here now to enter


Continuing professional development from Gillyanne and Jeremy, whenever and wherever you want it.

VocalProcessWebinar6ExerciseEach of our Webinars focuses on an aspect of voice use, and each contains an overview, step-by-step techniques, vocal and performance tips and background information to guide you through the topic.

We have lots of visuals, images and valuable tips to share onscreen with you, and you’ll hear our detailed commentary on everything you see. Our Webinars are a combination of planned and spontaneous: they’re practical, thought-provoking and very inclusive.

“Fab….good confirmation for my teaching and well presented”

“Extremely informative and packed with information”

“Just what I’ve wanted. Distance learning at a reasonable price on indepth vocal subjects. This level of expertise is just not available in my area.”

When you order a Webinar Replay, you get immediate access to the extensive Handout we create for the live event, and repeated access to the streaming video version online. You can pause, rewind, close and open it, and return to it any time (even at 4am if you’re not sleepy) to absorb the information and techniques.

Click on this link for detailed descriptions of every Webinar we’ve done

It’s the best thing for your voice you can do in your pajamas!

And finally…

The Singing and the Actor Training Retreat

singingandtheactorbookJust a quick reminder that we’ve got not one but two Retreats coming up in February.

The Singing and the Actor Training Retreat happens at our country home on the Welsh Borders on February 15th to 17th 2014.

It’ll be the 22nd Retreat we’ve run since we arrived in Wales four years ago, and the feedback from these weekends has been incredible. You really seem to like the combination of high-level training, peaceful surroundings, and lashings of cake and local organic food. The cheeseboard is now famous in its own right.

We’ve only got 6 places left for this Retreat so…

Click here for more details of the Singing and the Actor Training Retreat

The ADVANCED Retreat

HouseRiverAnd the ADVANCED Retreat follows hot on its heels, on February 21st to 23rd. We usually plan just one of these a year, and already there are only 4 places left for 2014.

If you’ve done Singing and the Actor Training Retreat, or our old Core Training before, you’re eligible for the ADVANCED Retreat. In this Retreat we really focus on more advanced vocal techniques and concepts, including The Mix (we cover more than 20 different mixes that we use in our own coaching), breathing, communication and your gear changes, bridges, breaks or whatever you want to call them: dealing with them, hiding them or featuring them.

In addition, if you’ve completed Estill Levels 1 AND 2, we’d be happy to see you on the course to embed and expand on what you’ve learned.

Click here to learn more about the ADVANCED Retreat

We chose to program these two Retreats close together so that, if you’re excited by an injection of expert knowledge, techniques and performance application, you can get both course contents in one go.

Over the years we’ve had many people fly in from abroad specifically to do the Retreats (Spain, France, Dubai and even Australia and Brazil). Remember that February in the country can get pretty nippy, so pack your woollies!

We’ll see you there

PS We’ll be having a fairytale ending…

SophieMcShera1If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey you’ll recognise this face…

Sophie McShera plays Daisy below stairs in Downton Abbey, but will be emerging from the kitchen to turn the tables on her co-star Lily James (Lady Rose) next year in the new Disney film, Cinderella, which is being directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh.

Sophie will be playing Drizella, one of the ugly sisters to Lily’s Cinderella, alongside a starry cast that includes Helena Bonham Carter, Cate Blanchett and Derek Jacobi.

With such a great Christmas theme, we thought Sophie would be the perfect person to draw the winners of our Christmas Draw for us in 12 days’ time.