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eZINE 68

  eZINE 68 - the October update This Autumnal edition features the first cartoon about our Professional Development Webinars, created online by Jeremy. And we report on our Back To School drive There is more great feedback arriving for our Singing Teacher's Retreat (check out the new dates), and we share details on our masterclasses in [...]

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eZINE 67

  eZINE 67 - The July Update Welcome to the July Update of the Vocal Process eZINE In this edition we reveal a webinar newbie's experience of her first Vocal Process online vocal training Webinar We announce the Retreats, masterclasses and coaching sessions coming up in the Wales, The Netherlands, Germany and in London over the [...]

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Vocal Process eZINE 66

  eZINE 66 - The June Update Welcome to the June Update of our eZINE In this edition we announce our newest Singing Teacher's Retreat Gillyanne has a new singing voice research post We share more articles on singing, acting and learning And we end with thoughts on budget operas  ________________________________ Teaching singers - the [...]

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35 MORE Budget Operas that didn’t make it

Budget opera titles: Here are 35 MORE budget operas that didn't quite make it past the finance committee. Budget operas: feeling the squeeze Die Entfuhrung aus dem St Ives DamnTheGuttering Le Petit Macabre Hansel Dix Minutes Espagnol Iphigenie in Torremolinos The Knot Windowbox Un giorno di Reginald The Brass Cockerel I Lombarddirecti (the loan [...]

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35 Budget opera titles that didn’t make it

  Budget opera titles: Here's a quick list of 35 Budget opera titles that didn't quite make it past the finance committee. Feeling the pinch - budget opera titles Noddycarmen Acis and Galaxy bar Adriana Recouvreur Bertie Sprat Un disco in papier maschera The Penny opera Bluebeard's maisonette Der Daisykavalier The apprentice of Seville [...]

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Build your own tilting larynx

When Jeremy created the free tilting larynx template, he had no idea it would be downloaded at a rate of 15 a day for more than 10 years! If you haven't already seen the paper larynx, it's one of the only larynx models that has a tilting thyroid and tilting/revolving arytenoids. It is as close [...]

eZINE 65 – Vocal Process articles on singing voice

  eZINE 65 - The Spring Update Welcome to the new look eZINE (to go with our new look website) In this edition we introduce our new blog and share our articles on singing voice Dr Gillyanne talks about the last seven years of study We highlight our Performer's Retreat And we reveal the final results [...]

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Musical Theatre development GCSE article

Jeremy Fisher and Gillyanne Kayes on the development of Musical Theatre Classroom Music is a bi-monthly magazine from the Rhinegold stable. In this edition Musical Theatre experts Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher write on Musical Theatre for the GCSE exam syllabus. Topics covered include Historical Roots and Influences, Subject matter, The Function of Song, Music and Text, Musical Style, Multi-character Songs and Vocal Styles. Exercises and classroom topics for

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Vocal Process Working Week – what we do every day

Working Week for Vocal Process Monday: "Understanding Head Voice" online training Webinar Looking forward to our 12th online training Webinar tomorrow. We've already done three on Taking Chest Voice Higher, so this month it's clarifying the confusion around “Head Voice”. We’re including a voice science moment to explain what really happens physically in different [...]

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eZINE 64

Welcome to eZINE 64 - The Christmas Draw Prize Results In this festive edition we announce the results of our Christmas draw - who won what and where! And there's an invitation for YOU to have a say in what Vocal Process creates in 2014, and earn yourself a £10 voucher as a thank-you from us [...]

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