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eZINE 78 – Voice Special

eZINE 78 - Voice special In our 78th edition of the Vocal Process eZINE we're backing a new documentary called Voice Messages (more about that below). Our book "This is a Voice: 99 exercises to train, project and harness the power of your voice" is now a bestseller, and we've been sharing techniques and concepts from the [...]

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eZINE 77 – World Voice Day Quiz Results

  eZINE 77 - World Voice Day Quiz Results Our World Voice Day Quiz was a huge success with participants in 30 different countries joining the fun. Here are the answers to the Quiz, comments from the people who took part, and the final results of the draw for 10 copies of our new book "This [...]

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eZINE 76 – This is a Voice!

  eZINE 76 - This is a Voice! Our new book is out on April 14th, just in time for World Voice Day. "This is a Voice: 99 exercises to train, project and harness the power of your voice" was commissioned by the Wellcome Trust to complement their exhibition in London (2016) and Sydney (2017). We're [...]

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eZINE 75 – The Competition Winners

  eZINE 75 - Competition winners Welcome to this, our 75th eZINE, in which we reveal the runners-up and the winners for our latest competition. We've been sharing information and promoting expertise since the last century - the Vocal Process eZINE (pronounced to rhyme with "magazine") is an electronic update of our old paper newsletters. In [...]

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eZINE 74 – Lesson plans and masterclasses

  eZINE 74 - Lesson plans and masterclasses This late summer edition of the eZINE contains updates on our teaching timetable. Gillyanne has written a new article on communicating with your students, and there's a new Lesson Plan on Exploring Range. There are dates for our masterclasses in The Netherlands, limited availability on our Advanced and [...]

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eZINE 73 – Vocal Process Freebies

   eZINE 73 - Vocal Process Freebies! This midsummer edition of the eZINE is packed with Vocal Process Freebies! We've been sharing our information for many years, and the Vocal Process website is crammed with interviews, articles, app reports, downloads and fun stuff. In this eZINE we're highlighting some of the things you've loved over the [...]

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eZINE 72 – singing and training

  eZINE 72 - Singing and training This late spring edition of the Vocal Process eZINE on singing and training contains news of our presentations in London, Barcelona and Riga, new dates for our Retreats, a workshop on speaking outdoors, testimonials galore, and a chance for you to get involved in our next resource ________________________________ Vocal [...]

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eZINE 71 – Inside The Singing Voice

  eZINE 71 - Inside the singing voice This Spring edition of the Vocal Process eZINE contains news of our brand new Retreat (the first date has already sold out). A report on our second Singing Teacher's Retreat and the follow-up mentoring we provide. Onsite training in 2015 and where we've been teaching. And a very [...]

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eZINE 70 – Once upon a time

  eZINE 70 - Once upon a time 2014 was the year that we really lived up to our "sharing information, promoting expertise" byline with articles, Webinars, blogs, masterclasses, Skype coaching, a vocal tech report, new training aids and the publication of our chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Singing. So into the woods without delay [...]

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eZINE 69

  eZINE 69 - the November update Our November eZINE features a brand new free report on Six of the Best iOS Apps for singing teachers. We're announcing a new Webinar topic (and we need your help). There are details of the courses we've been doing around Europe and what's coming up in the UK. And [...]

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