A selection of key news items from past years is listed below. Further news items are retained within our News Archive.

Sep 042013

Jeremy Fisher reviews the new Rockschool vocal syllabus.

Rhinegold Publishing approached Jeremy Fisher to give a review of the new Rockschool vocal syllabus, for publication in the September issue of the ‘Music Teacher’. In the 3-page article, Jeremy examines the pieces and exercises in Grades One and Two for both male and female voices. Teachers’ notes for 24 songs are provided, together with hints and tips for the vocal

Apr 052013

Jeremy Fisher contributes to an article in The Singer magazine on how singers find spaces for rehearsal

A new article in the Singer magazine by Emma Whale focuses this month on the problems of finding good places to rehearse. Together with contemporary repertoire soloist Sarah Leonard, tenor Scott Wellstead and mezzo Sarah Walker, Jeremy gives advice on the where, how and why of rehearsing. And why does Jeremy recommend

Mar 052013

Jeremy Fisher reviews the new ABRSM vocal syllabus.

This month’s edition sees performance coach Jeremy Fisher discussing some of the songs in the new ABRSM vocal syllabus Grade 5. Detailed teachers’ notes are provided for 30 songs, 10 from each list, from Boyce through Brahms to Weill and Gershwin. And who wrote the gentle comic dig? Mozart, in Die betrogene Welt