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What is music anyway?

I've been thinking about music and what it is, how it's written and how we perform it. I first showed the following sequence in a workshop at Chichester University in 2018. Let me know what you think! What do you see? The image above contains a number of white dots. There is very little meaning in [...]

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What is pitch?

When Gillyanne and I were writing our book This Is A Voice, this question appeared in an email from our (non-musician) editor. And it got me thinking. What is pitch and how do we think of it? In the acoustic/scientific sense pitch is defined as something creating noise that has a regular number of vibrations per [...]

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eZINE 84 – Amazon #1 bestseller

eZINE 84 - Amazon #1 bestseller We excited to bring you the news from the last few months, including our Amazon #1 bestseller successes; updates on our current books; details of Gillyanne's new post as Visiting Professor at UWL's London College of Music; a conference on what it means to be a singing teacher; and a [...]

eZINE 83 – One Minute Voice Warmup

eZINE 83 -  The One Minute Voice WarmUp The One Minute Voice WarmUp, our first app for healthy voice, has hit the Apple top 3 paid music apps list* and has been featured in the UK's best-selling technology magazine as the only paid health-based app in their review worth getting! In this eZINE you can find [...]

eZINE 82 – Reddit, apps and workshops

eZINE 82 -  Reddit, apps and workshops The last six months has been packed with new things for Vocal Process including Reddit, apps development and several workshops around the country. We sent out the last eZINE in January and it's now August, so in this roundup of events we feature our first Reddit AskMeAnything, the new [...]

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eZINE 81 – a year of firsts

eZINE 81 -  A year of firsts 2016 has been a packed year with a new book, media appearances, television work, a new accreditation programme and a host of new events and resources. We're taking a moment in this eZINE to share some of our firsts in the last 12 months. We give you a headsup [...]

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eZINE 80 Vocal Process Accreditation

eZINE 80 - Vocal Process Accreditation When we started our eZINE we never thought we'd still be publishing at 80! In this special 80th edition we invite four graduates of the Vocal Process Accreditation programme to share their experience of our most advanced training for teachers. Ronni Bailey, Craig Faulkner and Kate Gavaghan talk about their professional lives before [...]

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eZINE 79 – Singers and Speakers

eZINE 79 - Singers and Speakers In this 79th edition of the Vocal Process eZINE we unveil two new day courses, one for singers & speakers and one for singing teachers. Gillyanne reviews voice colleague Ineke van Doorn's book Singing from the Inside Out, newly translated into English. We update you on what's been happening for the [...]

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Singing from the Inside Out – a book review

Book Review Singing from the Inside Out - Exploring the Voice, the Singer and the Song. A Practical Guide for the Expressive Singers Ineke van Doorn Singing from the Inside Out - by Ineke van Doorn "This rather lengthy title, which the author describes as ‘a mouthful’ nevertheless sets out the stall for the [...]

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