Thoughts from Vocal Process

Apr 152015
A great singing lesson has FORM

What makes a great singing lesson?   In the first of this three-part post, internationally renowned vocal coach and author Jeremy Fisher shares his top tips for a great singing lesson Whether you’re a singing teacher, a vocal coach or a singing student, a great singing lesson can really make your day. But what makes a […]

Apr 132015
Two octave slide with stroboscopy?

Have you ever sung a two octave slide? Have you ever sung a two octave slide with your tongue out? Have you ever sung a two octave slide in full voice with your tongue out as far as it will go being held by someone else, while a camera sits at the back of your […]

Mar 192015
Observing vocal technique in practice

Observing vocal technique in practice We asked Singing Teacher’s Retreat graduate Ronni Bailey to write a short report on her experience of the follow-up she received after the Retreat. Here’s her article Vocal pedagogy: Thoughts on observing vocal technique in practice “After attending the Vocal Process Singing Teachers Retreat in September 2014, I had a […]

Nov 172014
How dance language can change your singing

Helping a dancer find truth in singing I work with many dancers who sing and singers who dance. The triple threat in Musical theatre (actor, singer, dancer) is fast becoming the norm. My client this morning is a triple threat who thinks in dance terms. She’s a dancer through and through. So how could I […]

Jul 092014
My First Vocal Process Webinar Experience

My first Vocal Process Webinar Experience Frith Trezevant, British Voice Association member and Teacher-in-Residence with the National Youth Choirs of GB, tells us about her first experience of an online singing training Webinar “New learning experiences are always interesting, sometimes challenging. I’ve had one of these this month. I’ve discovered the Professional Development Webinar, and […]

May 102014
Belting the money note

Coaching for musicals – belting the money note I’m at the Jacques Samuel studios in London’s West End for my regular coaching sessions. Today seems to be troubleshooting day, and I thought I’d share one particular session on this blog. My client was having problems with belting the money note in a song (the song […]

May 082014
You've read "Singing and the Actor" and...

You’ve read Dr Gillyanne Kayes’ book Singing and the Actor and… You understand the descriptions of the sounds featured in Gillyanne’s book but you’re not sure if you’re doing them correctly You want to understand contemporary vocal techniques and how to use them or teach them You want to know Gillyanne’s methods for maximising confidence […]

May 082014
Singers need vocal technique AND performance skills

Jeremy’s thoughts on why singers need both their vocal technique AND performance skills to be successful Gillyanne and I were talking today about how singers learn. We’ve seen the difference between a singer or actor following a technical instruction, and actually knowing how to apply it to improve singing. This struck a chord with me […]

May 082014
Acting truth 8 shows a week for a year

Acting truth, being in the moment (whether you’re singing or speaking) and yet being able to repeat the piece for 400 performances, is a challenge. How do you stay faithful to the script yet keep the acting truth in your performance through wind, rain and illness 8 shows a week for a year? I came […]

May 082014
Lose the dead fish look, or how to sing the song intro

You sing well, you make great sounds and you can put a song across. Why do you look like a dead fish in the song intro? Song performance techniques from a West End vocal coach Most singers identify with melody, shape or lyrics, and many come alive when they are communicating through them. But the […]