Anne Leatherland - Vocal Process Accredited Teacher

Anne Leatherland – Vocal Process Accredited Teacher

Anne Leatherland:
the first Vocal Process Accredited Teacher

Anne Leatherland is an experienced singing teacher, vocal educator and workshop leader based in the East Midlands and the North West. She has a deep knowledge of vocal function and is skilled in teaching multiple genres, Musical Theatre being a specialism.

Coming from a family of traditional singers and musicians, Anne sang and played guitar throughout her youth at events in and around Manchester. Originally opting for a Chemistry degree, she graduated from Lancaster University, following this with a PGCE at the University of East Anglia.

During eleven years as a secondary science teacher in Burton on Trent, Anne worked in her spare time to stage concerts and musicals with young people. This rekindled her interest in music and she undertook formal voice training (with Coral Gould), gaining diplomas in classical Singing Performance (ALCM) and Singing Teaching (LGSM).

In 2008, following thirteen years of successful singing teaching and performing, Anne sought advanced professional development with Vocal Process. This proved to be a turning point in her career. Upon the completion of a voice research project in 2012 she became the first fully accredited Vocal Process teacher.

Anne has since taught with Gillyanne and Jeremy on both the Singing and the Actor and the Advanced retreats. In 2013 she presented her research at the Pan European Voice Conference, Prague and has recently been short listed for the 2014 Van Lawrence Award by the British Voice Association.

In demand as a vocal technician, Anne now trains students for the musical theatre profession at LIPA and Liverpool Theatre School. She also maintains a diverse private practice and leads courses and workshops for teachers and singers. Current interests include cross-genre training, acoustic phonetics, computer voice training and vocal troubleshooting.

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